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Fridge Horror

  • The French Canadian government knows exactly what is going on at the end, but they can't warn English speaking countries.
  • Even though English is the only language affected, it's only a matter of time before the disorder spreads to speakers of non-English languages. Many languages have borrowed English vocabulary, so it's plausible that the disease could jump to other languages using English loan words as intermediaries.
    • Not to mention, English also borrows from other languages too, which does not help matters....
  • The disorder could eventually infect non-human species. For example, dogs understand basic verbal commands. Higher order primates and large parrots such as African greys can understand dozens of human words. Earth isn't just looking at a human holocaust, but a multi-species holocaust.
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  • The translated French announcement says to avoid terms of endearment such as "honey" and "sweetie." What does Sydney reflexively say often when she finally gets through to her kids? Note also that there's some indication her child on the other end of the phone call isn't completely talking sense.
  • As the infected son lay dying, he mimics a child's cry and "mommy" with eerie perfection. It's clear that the infected parrot the last sounds they hear, and also attack the source of that sound. So...either he murdered that baby, or was near whoever did. Furthermore, it's fair to say that every infant and toddler in Pontypool is dead, since they generally don't keep quiet unless physically restrained.
  • It's a small town, so everybody probably knows everybody else in some capacity. The obits that Grant reads are probably hard enough for Syd and Laurel-Ann to hear, but then Grant gets to a few Drummonds. Laurel-Ann doesn't seem to react to the fact that (likely) some of her close relatives are among the confirmed dead. Although, this is just before she starts to succumb to the infection herself, so it's she's already losing her grasp on sanity.
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  • And The Stinger during the credits - the BBC announcer gets stuck on the word "Pontypool", immediately after saying that it had been contained.
  • Humans don't start with an immune response to a virus, and repeating a single word is more of a response to curtail the spread of the virus or counteract the infection than anything. Since meaning is critical, repeating a word until it's meaningless would prevent it from affecting you. How do we already have an immune response to a "new" virus? This isn't the first outbreak, it must have happened before. We already know it can hop languages and lay dormant for thousands of years, and has overcome our own natural defense system against it.

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