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Fridge / Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

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Fridge Brilliance

  • Near the end when the circus animals discover the Zoosters are zoo animals, Stefano asks "Is your name even Alice?" to which Alex replies "No, but it never really was." Now, it's obvious by this point, Alex let that whole mispronunciation thing slide, but assuming he knew Stefano meant to say "Alex", it's also true that that was never really his name — in Escape 2 Africa, we learn he was born "Alakay."
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  • Vitaly just overcame his fear of failing and got his fiery hoop act done right, thanks to assistance from Alex's mane conditioner and claw trick, then the song playing during the colorful circus performance was "Firework" by Katy Perry, what do you think the song's message was? Those of you who did are pretty awesome in their own way... just like the song!
  • This exchange:
    Alex: What does a human say when he's passionate? He says 'I'm an animal'! Well we are animals!
  • It's established in the first film that humans can't understand the animals when they talk, so what's up with all the dialog that Alex has with DuBois in the third movie? But then you notice that DuBois never replies to Alex because she was too angry and tried to kill him.
  • When the chimps do their Totem Pole Trench thing, Mason is supporting Phil. Phil can read and communicates with sign languagenote . Therefore, he can communicate with the humans. Or, at least, with those who can read his sign language.
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  • During the climax, when it looked like Alex had escaped, why was DuBois so intent on taking down Stefano instead of going after her true quarry? Because Stefano is, as he proudly proclaimed before being shot from a cannon, a sea lion. DuBois may have considered him a reasonable substitute if Alex had escaped.
  • It might seem strange that the Penguins walk away with the circus animals, in spite of them also being zoo animals. Then you remember that, in the first movie, they had no intention of ever going back to the zoo. So they were never really zoo animals, were they?

Fridge Horror

  • The movie ends with Chantel and her goons bound and gagged inside crates being shipped to Madagascar. Given that they have taped mouths and no food or water in exactly are they going to survive the lengthy trip?

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