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  • Fridge Horror: From the lobster episode, after the lobsters have been in the freezer to numb them into oblivion, Alton quickly shoves the lobsters into a steaming pot and shuts the lid, telling you to hold down the lid and count to ten. After ten is counted to:
    Alton: "Your lobsters are already dead."
    • Generally speaking, you ARE going to kill them yourself and he is doing his best give you the means to kill them as humanely as possible. This is an alternative to ramming you knife into their still living brains and bifurcating the head in a clean swipe. Though, I'm sure a few Fist of the North Star fans imagine the lobsters exploding... And to clarify, I'm not arguing that this is not Fridge Horror, as if you were not aware of that little tidbit (you kill the lobsters yourself, making the old meat = murder argument arguably true), it will kick you in the guts.
      • And he does point out that Lobsters are closer to cockroaches and other insects then they are to any other animal. How many of you have stepped on a bug, swatted a fly, or killed a spider (not an insect, but the analogy stands) without any thought? It's the same thing except you don't eat the spider.


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