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Fridge Brilliance

  • Listen to "Maybe" again. Pay attention to the lyrics. They could possibly be interpreted as being about The Overseer forcing you to leave Vault 13. "I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire" was the first choice for the music in Fallout 1. However, Interplay couldn't afford the rights to that song, and the developers settled on "Maybe."
  • Access to later game maps has revealed that Stupidity Is the Only Option. The Vault Dweller in Fallout 1 went in the only direction that did not have fresh water. If they went north, they would have hit Vault City with its hundreds of spare water chips: if they went east, they would have hit the Mojave and Lake Mead, which was untouched by the nukes. Instead they went south.
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  • Rhombus, despite given a voice and talking head, seems to be a pretty minor character in the first Fallout. He has little to say outside of effectively telling you to shut up and leave, and contributes to no quests. It's generally better to not speak to him at all, lest you anger him. However, he is the one factor in the game that determines the future of the Brotherhood of Steel. If he dies, then the ending reveals that the Brotherhood goes on to conquer the wasteland. But if he lives, he takes over as the next High Elder, and continues the organization's isolationism. Therefore, we can credit Rhombus for being the one most responsible for making the Brotherhood's isolationist policy as extreme as it was by the time Fallout: New Vegas rolls around.

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