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Fridge Brilliance

The Ghosts of Maple Creek

  • The detective is Properly Paranoid about the fact that someone has been watching her through windows. Playing the game a second time helps make it clear that this is almost certainly Hamilton. The rest of the townspeople are in the church and the Priest is injured and trapped in his underground cavern, so Hamilton is the only logical possibility. This also explains how he knows so much about her investigation - he's probably been watching her since she got to town, and is keeping an eye on her now to make sure she doesn't get hurt or captured again.

The Shadow of Karkhala

  • When the detective first meets Britney and Fang, Britney is having no luck at all coaxing the little girl down from the roof of a hut. Playing the game a second time, especially after playing the bonus chapter, the player realizes that Fang probably knew that "Britney" wasn't really Britney at all. The Priest could magically adopt her appearance, but not her personality. The detective would have no way of knowing that "Britney's" behavior was Out of Character, but Fang would; she just couldn't share that information with the detective while "Britney" was right there. The fever didn't help either, since by the time she was alone with the detective it had knocked the child unconscious.

Fridge Horror
  • The entire series has this overlapping with Tear Jerker when you consider how many victims both Maple Creek and Ravenwood Park have claimed over the years. They have both been around for a long time, and many people have died in each, of which you yourself see the evidence. Think about how many loved ones each individual has likely left behind - people who never knew what became of their child/parent/sibling/friend/etc. and got no closure.

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