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Fridge / Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure

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Fridge Brilliance

  • Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure's second episode spends a good third of the entire episode with the Rara Army battle trailer and Mitsuki's recitation of The Call's message seem jumbled and contradictory, especially for those that can't focus on both conversations at once. The Call sounds dedicated and life-and-death, while the Rara Army practically scream Terrible Trio at first. It isn't until half-way through the anime that this sequence suddenly makes sense: the villain is supposed to sound like a crouching moron, as he's a physics professor that stumbled onto tier 10 technology in a tier 1 society. The Rara Army's spokeswoman is Mitsuki, and both of them are literally calling the hero to battle. - Gattsuru


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