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  • As the one trained in the ways of the Fist, Steve is the only one able to permanently kill people. Anyone killed by the rest of the team is either revived without comment, or a one-off character. The only exception would be Womp in Beat the House, because he is subsequently revived by a vampire and killed again. This is why the deaths of Panda and Mime affect the plot and are not glossed over.
  • There are multiple hints that even in-universe Steve is just an angry jerk who is bending a philosophy to suit him.
    • He considers Medieval Recreationists inherently Weak when living as a warrior in the middle ages could easily fit his definitions of Fistworthy.
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    • During the attack by the local council, Steve doesn't lift a finger while everyone else fights off the attackers.
    • After ridding himself of Weakness, e almost gives up on his plan in the very next episode, and is later turned into a blubbering mess when he loses his glasses, implying he hasn't gotten stronger at all.
    • Steve cannot overpower the Monks of the Fist, and only succeeds with a graceful attack they didn't see coming.
    • Ultimately, he only succeeds in defeating Mephisto by manipulating Womp into helping him.

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