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  • Midway through the ABC's first commercial, the show is cut off and replaced with the completley unrelated Town & Country.
  • Mephisto battles Terrorism by getting on with his life instead of worrying about it.
  • In a DVD exclusive episode, Steve reads a letter complaining about the overuse of bad special effects for anything exciting on the show. He then proceeds to reveal that crappy special effects are used for EVERYTHING on the show.
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  • Mephisto. In. Wonderland.
◦To survive falling off a cliff, Mephisto builds himself a batsuit. His numerous attempts to make it fly slowly degrade into him running around hissing at people.
  • Mephisto needs to get money for a ferry in a local fountain. After chewing out the audience for putting in money he can't use, he pushes a random woman into the fountain and steals her wallet.
  • Rod rescues a baby from a lizard man posing as a Mayor in Season Two. When said lizard man requests it back, Steve tells him that "Eating babies is Un-Australian!" He is then told that dingoes do it all the time. He shoots back with "Dingoes are the least Australian Australian Animal!"
  • After learning of the Lizard Man incident, Mephisto casually explains that lizard men have been infiltrating the government for years. The others stare at him confused, causing him to reply, "What? Don't you people have the internet?"
  • In Series Two, the Medieval Recreationists are all very serious about pretending they are still in the Middle Ages. Except for two or three Imperial Stormtroopers.
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  • In Fear Factory, Mephisto is possessed by an Aztec Demigod, which proceeds to kill off Mephisto's partner and successfully escape the factory. Steve applauds this tactic until the Demigod steals his car.
  • In Fear Factory, Rod and his teammate enter a room with Furniture floating around ominously. His partener suggests it the work of a Poltergeist. Steve then mocks her for being so narrow minded. It is in fact Evil Flying Furniture.
  • "Mephisto, why are you dressed like a baked potato?"
  • I have no idea why, but there is something oddly funny about Womp saying "Oh Yeah, Pretty Good" while dressed in his Peter Fisher disguise.
  • In Fistathalon, each of the team has to successfully cross over a small portal in time. Mephisto arrives and decides to test it out by dropping in a glove he used earlier, a tactic which Steve congratulates him on. Steve becomes somewhat confused as Mephisto seemingly forgets the race and proceeds to obsessively throw objects into the portal.
    • And the best part? Everything he throws hits a man in a nearby cafe in the head. Mephisto eventually starts dropping large bricks into the portal.
  • In a behind the scenes moment, filming Mephisto in Wonderland's final segment, Doug had to cover himself in what we can assume is black paint, and walk out into public, naked. He then put his shirt back on as if nothing happened.
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  • In the last episode, Steve is convinced to wait for Mephisto's entire army to arrive before attacking partly out pride, but also out of respect for Carol, who has been prepping the army's feast all week.

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