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Fridge / Carlota And Cal

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Fridge Brilliance

  • The three times that Cal rapes Carlota in her dreams are individual ways of rape.
    • The first dream goes for the direct approach of raping someone when they are in a helpless position.
    • The second dream features bestiality.
    • The third dream has a Forceful Kiss, a form of sexual harassment.

  • In a way, Carlota gaining some fear throughout the nightmares Cal puts her through does sort of actually make sense since the distressing situations in her dreams can be set-ups for being raped in real life.
    • Gaining weight can make you an easy target for rape because you'll be too out of shape to resist.
    • Dogs are creatures who lack any control of their hormones and enjoy humping things.
    • Underwater is basically a rapist's hunting ground, especially for naked people.

  • How is Cal able to bring down Carlota in her third dream when she was hypnotized by Dr. Clecker into being courageous against him in her mind? Simple, her courage was made artificial by Clecker and Cal managed to get rid of it with ease since he knows it's not real. The only reason Cal managed to get the best of her in the previous two tries was because Carlota was too scared to fight back and thus, became an easy target for her.
    • This becomes more meaningful when Carlota does manage to defeat Cal, she gained real courage when Cal brainwashes her into trying to kill her own family. She manages to find the courage to break free of him.

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