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Fridge Brilliance

  • In the 300th episode, "Frame By Frame", Sara comments that Gwen might still be alive if they had solved the Darcy Blaine case fourteen years earlier. It later turns out she's right, but not for the reason she thinks. If they had solved the Darcy Blaine case, they would have discovered she had faked her death, negating the need for Gerry hiring Gwen and Emily to break into Jack's mansion to steal the evidence of such. Gwen and Emily might have worked out their boyfriend issues more peacefully in another environment.
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  • Throughout the franchise, the tech and techniques that the CSI teams use seem rather...out there in terms of things (like how high tech the labs look, the powerful camera filtering software, etc). It makes a tad more sense when you realize that they could easily all just be getting good tech because how well the teams are. These are people with 90% perfect records in terms of who they arrest and how they do it. They are likely being rewarded with a better budget in some cases.
  • While Ecklie was never that friendly in the early seasons, he strangely Took a Level in Jerkass in Season 5, when he sabotages Grissom's team and splits everyone up. Seasons later, his daughter Morgan becomes a regular character and it's stated that some years before, when Ecklie got divorced, there was a major falling out between Ecklie and his daughter. The timeline that's given would actually synch up perfectly with Season 5, and, while it doesn't excuse his behavior then, it adds a possible explanation for why he was acting out then.

Fridge Horror

  • Let's take a look at the Las Vegas street racing scenes as shown in "Revenge Is Best Served Cold" as they're really not depicted as all that nice when you think about it:
    • Jace is involved in a fatal accident and no one says anything to the police. The victim's son is able to find out he was responsible within an hour of starting his own investigation.
    • After Tony (said victim's son) kills Jace during a race, no one reports the crime. In fact, his body is left in the desert and his car is taken to a junkyard.
    • Granted, they might not go to the police because street racing is illegal, but these are human lives we're talking about.