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  • The Riddler figuring out Cluemaster was the one behind everything as well as the mechanics of the plot seems a bit surprising given Batman had no idea the entire way through. Then you remember Cluemaster is a former henchmen of the Riddler's and suffers from an Inferiority Superiority Complex the same way Edward Nygma does. It's basically the kind of plan the Riddler would come up with himself. Except, of course, Edward knows exactly what sort of heat Brown is bringing down on himself.
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  • Cluemaster's role amongst his fellow C-listers doesn't make a lot of sense. The others have various duties to perform that will push Gotham to its breaking point, while Cluemaster's main job is dealing with Stephanie, a problem the group didn't even have when they set up shop. He'd even be a detriment to the operation, given he leaves clues behind. So what purpose does he serve? He's only involved because he's the mastermind.


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