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Heartwarming / Batman Eternal

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  • Tim, Barbara, and Jason get together to save Bruce from the trap Hush set for him.
  • Julia begins crying Tears of Joy when she finds out that Alfred has recovered.
    • When he gets home she hugs him, which is a complete 180 from how she had been since getting there.
  • In issue #18, Batwoman and Batgirl clear the air between them, since there was some existing tension; a few months earlier, Batwoman had beaten up Batgirl in an example of Working the Same Case, and more recently another case of it happened, with Batgirl arriving at a person of interest's location only to find Batwoman kicking the crap out of him. Batgirl responds that as long as Batwoman is willing to help her exonerate her father, then all is cool between them.
  • Crystal Brown hires an assassin to bring her daughter home safely, and makes it clear that she wasn't trying to kill her after all.
    • In a Fridge sort of way, there's also the fact that the assassin chose to take that contract, rather than cash in the much more profitable contract to just kill her. It may have been less money, but he still chose to save and protect Steph rather than kill her, even when he had the chance.
  • After butting heads earlier, Harper and Steph managing to share a nice moment, gushing together about how awesome Catwoman is.
    • At the end, with her dad dead and her mom gone Steph ends up moving in with Harper, who ends up warming up to Steph after being so dismissive and disbarring to her...while still finding her to be something of an annoying sister of sorts. It ends with her introducing Steph to Tim for the first time, with the two having a Meet Cute moment that Harper promptly teases Tim about.

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