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Freudian Trio / Tabletop Games

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Warhammer 40,000: Gaunt's Ghosts has a few:

  • Ego: Colonel-Commissar Gaunt, leader and tries to balance the needs of discipline with the needs of his men.
  • Superego: Major Rawne, calculatingly ruthless and pragmatic.
  • Id: Chief Dorden, cares about the men under his care rather than notions of discipline.
    • Also, a few supporting trios:
      • Agun Soric (Ego), Corporal Meryn (Superego), and Gol Kolea (Id).
      • Commissar Hark (Ego), Sergeant Feygor (Superego), and Colonel Corbec (Id).

Magic: The Gathering has this as a major part of its setting.

  • From the color wheel we have:
    • Id: The color red, and characters/races within Red. Red is the color of emotion, passion, and impulsive action.
    • Superego: The color blue, and characters/races within Blue. Blue is the color of logic, reason, and cautious planning.
    • Ego: Black. Black is allied with Red and Blue, and is the color of ambition and power. Black does what it wants, but isn't impulsive like Red, and is also less ethically-inclined than Blue.
    • A second trio could be formed with Blue as ego (acts with consideration of many positions and possibilities), Black as id (does what it wants), and White as superego (very concerned with what is proper and what others think of it).
    • Green does not enter into any of these, since attempting to apply psychoanalysis to a charging rhinoceros is a bit silly.
  • The three main villain forces are following this pattern. New Phyrexia is the Superego (cold, draconian and placing society above the individual), the Eldrazi are the Id (chaotic and reality-bending) and Nicol Bolas couldn't be a bigger Ego even if he tried.
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