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Freudian Trio / Professional Wrestling

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  • Team Xtreme, when they existed.
    • Superego: Matt Hardy, usually coming up with the plans and trying to keep the other two safe and under control.
    • Id: Definitely Jeff Hardy, the daredevil who went for the pleasure and excitement of the moment consequences be damned.
    • Ego: Lita, Action Girl who was almost in the exact middle of the brothers so far as personality, and more than once had to break up a fight between them.

  • Legacy

  • The Brood
    • Gangrel (Superego), Edge (Ego), and Christian (Id).

  • The Fabulous Freebirds
    • Id: Terry "Bamm Bamm" Gordy — "290 lbs. of walking, talking, romping stomping graveyard destruction." The guy who couldn't get beat up.
    • Superego: Michael "P.S. (Purely Sexy)" Hayes — Mouthpiece, heat magnet, the guy who the fans wanted to see get beat up.
    • Ego: Buddy "Jack" Roberts — the Fall Guy, weasel, the guy who did get beat up.

  • The Shield

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