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Buzzwole (dubbed UB-02 Absorption by the Aether Foundation Science Team)

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Buzzwole [#794]

Physical Description

Prior to the Aether Incident, Buzzwole was considered an urban legend.

After the Aether incident, video footage was released of Buzzwole. It has been described as a tall, muscular, insectoid Pokémon that is primarily red and black in colour. Varying accounts of its height and weight have been described, although one captive specimen was measured and weighed. It was around 240 centimeters tall and weighed nearly 334 kilograms. If the measurements are accurate and Buzzwole is counted as a Pokémon, this puts Buzzwole as the heaviest Bug-type, plus the tallest and heaviest Fighting-type currently known. What appear to be bulging muscles covering its body are actually sacs with red fluid inside. There are three on each arm, two on each of its four pointed legs, two on its chest area, and a few on its abdominal area and shoulders. There are also some unusual grayish lines on some of these sacs which resemble tendons. Its head is a small, flat dome comprised of two large, red compound eyes separated by a black ridge, which holds two long, straight red and black striped antennae, each on top of a black orb structure, as well as a proboscis. This mouthpart bears some resemblance to a spearhead, and it is long, silver in colour, and extremely sharp. The head ends at a black ring with three spikes around the back, the middle one being slightly longer than the other two. The black colouration also extends to its shoulders and down its chest and abdomen, ending just before the legs. There are also two spikes on each shoulder, one on each forearm, and on on each of the four legs. Dark red colouration makes up its legs and arms, with its arms ending in five-fingered hands with a black colouration resembling fingerless gloves. There are also four bright orange translucent wings on its back which give it the ability to fly.

It has been reported that some Buzzwole have bright green coloration on their bodies where the dark red areas usually are. It is not known how common this supposed mutation is.

Notable Biology

As an Ultra Beast, it is not currently known if it can be classified properly as a Pokémon. However, its biology matches up with Bug-type Pokémon and Fighting-type Pokémon, so it is classified under both.

Buzzwole is an incredibly strong beast, according to reports. It has been described as pulverising a dump truck in a single punch. According to one Wicke *** from the Aether Foundation, its most notable feature is its ability to strengthen itself. By stabbing its proboscis into a foe, it absorbs the foe's energy. This in turn triggers a chemical reaction within its body fluids that causes its muscles to grow at explosive rates, further augmenting its already considerable strength. It has been witnessed draining a Snorlax completely dry. Its main form of communication seems to be a series of gestures, with raising its arms to flex them being the most commonly seen. However, it is currently undetermined as to whether this displaying of its athletic limbs is a form of boasting, or a threat. Its language is poorly understood.

Sightings and Habitat

Upon investigation during the Aether incident, it was found that the home of Buzzwole is a large and expansive jungle containing both regular trees as well as several larger trees in the shape of muscular beings flexing their upper torso and arms. Some of these trees were interconnected by large thick vines, which can allow for a visitor to walk across them, according to one anonymous person who explored this area. A winding river appears to weave between the trees, and a large active volcano has been seen, with the trainer reporting that a Buzzwole had emerged from the volcano upon its eruption. This seems to indicate that Buzzwole train themselves in climates of extreme heat. Multiple areas of this description have been explored, with varying layouts. It is not known if these areas are part of the same world or are separate worlds, since the "Ultra Jungle", as dubbed by scientists, has only ever been reached via Ultra Wormholes.

Two known sightings of Buzzwole in Alola were reported and later confirmed, with them being located at the Melemele Island meadow.


Buzzwole's biology heavily implies that it stabs its prey with its mouthpart and drains the prey of its bodily fluids. What Buzzwole's natural prey may be has not been observed, but it is likely an opportunistic predator, if the above reported Snorlax case is anything to go by. Similarly to Pheromosa, however, one captive specimen seemed to enjoy being given Poké Beans, where it stabbed them with its proboscis and drained all the juice out of them. This is most likely not part of its natural diet, however.


As an Ultra Beast, its temperament in general is poorly understood, and as such, care must be taken when dealing with one. As detailed above, its behaviour of flexing is still misunderstood. Flexing in return may be seen as a challenge to Buzzwole, though it may also be a friendly greeting, but a trainer's best bet is to err on the side of caution. Buzzwole's incredible strength and ability to fly mean that if one is angered, escaping it is nigh impossible without an equally strong Pokémon to defend oneself. It has the capability to hold down even a fairly athletic human and drain them dry. As reported by the trainer who explored Buzzwole's natural environment, Buzzwole appears to have very good durability in sharp contrast to the other insectoid Ultra Beast, though allegedly, it has some weakness to ranged techniques. Therefore, it is recommended that a trainer deal with it from a distance.

Courting and Childrearing

Buzzwole, despite its very masculine body structure, has been classified as genderless. It is not known if it can produce offspring in a traditional way.

Social Structure

It is not fully understood how multiple Buzzwole interact with each other, but they are likely competitive in a similar manner to human bodybuilders. They may be naturally solitary as a result, or they may congregate in one spot for body training and only one Buzzwole may leave the area at any one time. In support of this, during the multiple visits to the Ultra Jungle(s), each visit saw only a single Buzzwole make an appearance, and each time, it emerged from the active volcano described as existing in the center of Buzzwole's homeworld.

In Human Culture

While Buzzwole was still an urban legend, it inspired an author to write about a creature who terrified nations by flying across the globe and absorbing the energy of as many people and Pokémon as it could, until it became a hulking behemoth surpassing the power of a Legendary Pokémon.

Additional Notes

During the Aether Incident, a task force, split into two, was sent to tackle two cases of strange sightings. Two separate accounts of insectoid creatures from beyond this world had been described. One was quite tall, athletic, and primarily black and red, while the other was slender, about the height of an average human female, and primarily white, with some gold spots.

Upon release of the footage, the former was later known as "Buzzwole", and designated UB-02 Absorption, and the latter was classified as "Pheromosa," designated UB-02 Beauty. This case was the second case and involved both Buzzwole and Pheromosa, which is the reason that both are numbered as UB-02.

It appears that like Pheromosa, Buzzwole may be tameable to a certain degree. The owner of the measured captive Buzzwole reported that the creature seemed to enjoy being petted, with a preference for the abdomen area, though reacting negatively to its shoulder sacs being touched.

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