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Pheromosa (dubbed UB-02 Beauty by the Aether Foundation Science Team)

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Pheromosa [#795]

Physical Description

Prior to the Aether Incident, Pheromosa was considered an urban legend.

After the Aether incident, video footage was released of Pheromosa. It has been described as a slender-built, insectoid Pokémon that is primarily white in colour. Varying accounts of its height have been described, but the most consistent and common places it between half an inch and a full inch shy of 6 feet tall, or roughly 180 centimeters. One captive specimen, visually no distinct from other Pheromosa, weighed in at 25 kilograms, this being its supposed maximum weight. Its body area is composed of five, thin, slightly drooping discs. The widest of these discs makes up its shoulders, the second widest makes up its hips, and the two narrowest make up its chest and waist. There is a small gold ring at the base of its long, thin neck. Its arms and legs are also long and thin with gold joints. Its hands and feet are both composed of two golden claws. Pheromosa has a small, semi-flattened head with a yellow structure that somewhat resembles a tiara. The tiara-like structure has five points, with the three middle points being very small compared to the two outer points. Attached to these outer points are two thin antennae that are longer than Pheromosa is tall. These antennae curve outward and droop downwards. A small portion of each antenna's base is transparent, but appears to be invisible to the naked eye without the right lighting conditions, making it appear that the antennae are floating slightly above its head. The tips of the antennae end in yellow, thin, ovoid structures. The back of its head flows into its white, translucent carapace, which resembles a long and flowing feminine hairstyle. While many Ultra Beasts have been reported lacking facial features, Pheromosa is an exception, as it suppports a rather striking pair of slender eyes with purple scleras, blue pupils, and black eyelashes, in addition to an incredibly small mouth.

It has been reported that some Pheromosa have a light gray waist disc, dark gray hips disc, and black legs. It is not known how common this supposed mutation is.

Notable Biology

As an Ultra Beast, it is not currently known if it can be classified properly as a Pokémon. However, its biology matches up with Bug-type Pokémon and Fighting-type Pokémon, so it is classified under both.

According to one Wicke **** from the Aether Foundation, Pheromosa's lithe, elegant body is capable of sudden feats of acceleration, able to twitch its limbs at an estimated 120 mph (200 km/h) instantaneously, a speed previously unseen in the world. It also produces a sort of disarming pheromone, described as "previously unknown to science" that causes those nearby to become awestruck by its presence. It displays a considerable reluctance towards touching anything, as if it interprets this world as being unclean somehow.

Sightings and Habitat

Upon investigation during the Aether incident, it was found that the home of Pheromosa appears to be some sort of desert covered in turquoise crystals, with stone monoliths and structures abundant around the landscape, and a few dozen shrubs scattered about. Multiple areas of this description have been explored, with varying layouts. It is not known if this is one area which re-arranges itself every so often, or if these are separate areas. Additionally, whether these areas are part of the same world or are separate worlds is up for dispute, as the "Ultra Desert", as dubbed by scientists, has only ever been reached via Ultra Wormholes. However, most seem to support the former.

Four sightings of Pheromosa in Alola have been confirmed, with the specimens found to be roaming around Melemele Island's Verdant Cavern.


Pheromosa's diet has not been well observed by humans, but its bodily structure and biology suggest it may not be carnivorous. One captive specimen has been observed enjoying Poké Puffs, but most appear to be very fickle towards food offered by humans.


As an Ultra Beast, its temperament in general is poorly understood, aside from its aversion to touching anything. Its lithe build and reported speed make it a very fast and hard-to-hit foe, and it has clocked in as the second-fastest Bug-type known, only beaten out by Ninjask. It appears to lack strong musculature, so sharp, swift kicks are its primary method of attack. However, some specimens have been observed utilising ranged techniques with equal proficiency. It is one of the least durable Bug-types, but in general, engaging it in combat is considered unwise without a Pokémon that can match its speed, or, like the aforementioned Ninjask, outspeed it. Its pheromones are also capable of throwing off the concentration of humans and other Pokémon, so gas masks are recommended for those dealing with Pheromosa.

Courting and Childrearing

Pheromosa's courting behaviours have not undergone proper studies. As mentioned before, it is capable of releasing powerful pheromones, but whether these are related to courtship is not yet known. It has not even been determined if Pheromosa produce offspring in a traditional way, and thus it is classified as genderless.

Social Structure

The Pheromosa observed in Verdant Cavern appeared to mostly stay at opposing corners of the cavern, suggesting that Pheromosa may be a solitary species. This is further supported by findings of one trainer who wishes to remain anonymous. They noted that upon each visit, the small desert-like area had only ever been inhabited by a single Pheromosa, with seemingly no other life-forms to be found.

In Human Culture

While Pheromosa was still an urban legend, it inspired an author to write about a creature whose beauty could control the minds of any people it encountered, and steal away their free will, causing them to do its bidding.

Additional Notes

During the Aether Incident, a task force, split into two, was sent to tackle a case of strange sightings. Two separate accounts of insectoid creatures from beyond this world had been described. One was quite tall, athletic, and primarily black and red, while the other was slender, about the height of an average human female, and primarily white, with some gold spots.

Upon release of the footage, the former was later classified as UB-02 Absorption, with the common name of "Buzzwole", and the latter became known as "Pheromosa," designated UB-02 Beauty. This case was the second case and involved both Buzzwole and Pheromosa, which is the reason that both are numbered as UB-02.

As reported by one trainer who owns a Pheromosa, once a captive Pheromosa gets over its aversion to touching things, their trainer may pet it, provided that they are sufficiently clean and hygienic. However, due to their frail bodily structure, the trainer is advised to be gentle. It has shown preference for the top of its head being touched, but has disliked the antennae being touched. Captive specimens may also eventually be able to be trained out of the pheromone-releasing behaviour, but this has not been observed under controlled conditions.

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