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Proof that the remaining ten percent is worth regenerating for. These are fanfic recommendations made by tropers for the Twelfth Doctor, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here.

You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. Refrain from posting Conversation in the Main Page though; that goes in the discussion page.


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    General Fics 
A Spirit of Adventure by pjcrazy
  • Recommended by: hpfan4ever
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: "It started out as mild curiosity in a junkyard, but now it has turned out to be quite a great spirit of adventure." During the Caretaker the Doctor bumps into an old friend.
  • Comments: Heartwarming for anyone who wishes to see the Doctor with his first companions after all these years.

A Teacher & A Reporter by HartnellTroughton

  • Recommended by: Mr Thorfan 64
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: 51st anniversary special. The Doctor has teamed up with two of his old companions to fight another threat from one of the Doctor's oldest enemies.
  • Comments: An enjoyable story for 51 years. Not big and epic, but small and fun.
  • YMMV - Immature, slipshod command of language mechanics, particularly grammar, and an abundance of tell not show in writing style. The idea was fine, but the execution went somewhat awry. - Mac Shimi

Melt Like This by foreverwriting9

  • Recommended by: hpfan4ever
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A collection of Twelve and Clara's adventures.
  • Comments: A wonderful collection of some happier moments between Twelve and Clara. Shows the wonder of adventures with the Doctor. Could be seen as shipping but it's open to interpretation.
  • Warning: Character death.

Insomnia by samchandler1986

  • Recommended by: Kendrix
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: It was meant to be a simple site-seeing trip to a space station. Instead, the Doctor and Clara find themselves drawn into the search for the kidnapped ward of a criminal faction. Set between Flatline and In the Forest of the Night, canon-compliant.
  • Comments: Mostly a plot-driven fic, like an actual episode - Interesting, fleshed-out setting, intriguing secondary characters, but the main highlight is the author's very strong grasp on the characters of Twelve and Clara, whom he writes in a very authentic, lifelike manner. Definitely worth reading for any fan of the two.

You're the puppy by Hollow Shadow Wolf

  • Recommended by beeruckzII
  • Status: Complete (oneshot)
  • Pairing: Missy/Clara (implied)
  • Synopsis: "Oh poppet. When I said you were the puppy, I didn't mean it quite so literally."
  • Comments: I really enjoyed this story! It's cute, funny and epic. And the Missy/Clara isn't overly obvious and is more implied. And also, Clara being a dog is freaking awesome!

Travels in the Tardis: A companion's guide to Time Lords & Ladies by ss9

  • Recommended by beeruckzII
  • Also found on Fanfiction here, here, here, here and here.
  • Status: Five completed works out of five so far.
  • Pairings: Osgood/Missy (briefly), Osgood/OC (in Blue Christmas and Deadlock drabbles) and Missy/Twelve (main)
  • Synopsis: Deadlock-What if someone else got to The Master before The Brigadier? The Doctor has a murder mystery on his hands and only the garbled dying thoughts of The Master to help him solve it. Can The Doctor make sense from the mind of a lunatic? Can he find a way to save them all? Mindwipe-Being a companion is tougher than Osgood had suspected. Concerned about the morally questionable situations she might find herself in whilst travelling with The Mistress, Osgood had braced herself for everything from murder to mayhem, everything but not boredom and tea, knitting or hideous tea cosies. So a side trip to Aquila and its famous baths should surely be a welcome change? Right? Wrong! The Forgotten-It's been six months of silence, six months of rebuilding, six months of hoping. Yet both Osgood and The Doctor knew it was only a matter of time before the wait was over. Missy is back, yet this time is she bringing more than chaos and destruction in her wake? Blue Christmas-It's been six months since Missy and The Doctor left with the time tots but things haven't gone the way either of them expected. Could a surprise call from Mrs Who actually be the catalyst for setting these two star crossed time lords back on track or will it all combust in time to make it a memorable first Christmas for more than just the twins? Deadlock drabbles-Series of Deadlock Universe inspired drabbles.
  • Comments: If you're a fan of Missy, Osgood or Twelve; read these stories. Just read them. Everyone is PERFECTLY in character and the plot is so interesting! You should definitely give it a shot!

This is Yesterday by thisismyplayground (Link)

  • Recommended by: skidoo23
  • Status: Ongoingnote 
  • Synopsis: Some time after the Twelfth Doctor wiped his memory of Clara, fate brings them back together again. But when Clara discovers that the neuroblock is destroying the Doctor's mind, she's faced with some tough decisions, and uncomfortable alliances.
  • Comments: Although the story contains romantic/shipping elements (Clara and Twelve, of course), it has a complex storyline and a bunch of strong supporting characters, with the romantic elements ultimately incidental to the main storyline, much as they would likely be in a TV episode, and so is applicable to general more than the shipping folder (some minor innuendo aside there's no sexual content). This work is novel-quality and also features (so far) Missy (I won't spoil but so far the story has featured a milestone moment for her worthy of the TV series), Ashildr, and in this story the Doctor's current companion is Anahson, the girl Clara befriends in "Face the Raven".
    • To expand on my comments, this is BBC Books quality work. Right now it's well over 250 printed pages long as of Chapter 12 and has featured twists and turns worthy of Moffat. Currently ranks as not only the best fan fic I have ever read of any fandom, it actually stands as one of the best Doctor Who novels, period, that I have ever read and I've been reading them for decades. (Edit: the story is nearly complete and continues to be fantastic, with some genuinely touching shippy moments, but again the story itself is more in-depth than that. Edit: The writer has decided to take more time (and chapters) to fully tell the story, which in this case is a very good thing.)

The Man Who Fell to Earth by Jontinf

  • Recommended by: skidoo23
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Twelve/Clara (but mostly Twelve/Bors - no not that way!)
  • Synopsis: Primarily a prequel to the prequel "The Doctor's Meditation" expanding on the Doctor's friendship with Bors and his family. Along the way, the Doctor teaches someone how to dance, comes up with an idea for wearable technology, and finds himself missing a certain schoolteacher.
  • Comments: Although there is a strong shipping element to it, the story as a whole works more as an expansion to the "Doctor's Meditation" prequel and so I'm putting it in General. This story is hilarious and just as funny as the prequel. There is no explicitness or violence. The F-word makes one appearance that will make you laugh and it totally works.

When the Clock Strikes Twelve by The Saddleman

  • Recommended by: skidoo23
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Twelve/Clara
  • Synopsis: The Meddling Monk has returned to plague the Doctor. This time he threatens to derail the birth of rock and roll. It's up to the Doctor and Clara to make sure "Rock Around the Clock" is recorded on time.
  • Comments: A fun multi-chapter historical featuring the Doctor and Clara interacting with rock and roll pioneer Bill Haley. Some strong shipping moments, but nothing you wouldn't see on TV. The story takes an unexpected left turn midway through.

    Shipping Fics 
My Clara by Tory Tigress 92
  • Recommended by: beeruckzII
  • Status: Hasn't been updated since October 29th, 2015.
  • Pairing: Missy/Clara
  • Synopsis: Clara thought she was finally rid of Missy, after the incident on Skaro. But their short-lived partnership has intrigued the Mistress of all Evil, and Clara is about to find out how dangerous, and potentially mind-blowing, it is to be intriguing to Missy.
  • Comments: Despite it only having three chapters and not being updated in a while, what's there is definitely worth reading if you're a Missfle fan! Their relationship is portrayed in a realistic light and everyone's personalities are true to canon. Not to mention Clara has a telepathic dog in this story.

The Time That we Love Best by Nehszriah

  • Recommended by: Kendrix
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Twelve/Clara
  • Synopsis: Clydebank, Scotland, 1940. John Smith is just trying to get through the war while making himself useful, trading in his paintbrushes for a rivet gun. After a bad day at work, he meets a young English girl at the pub who reads him a bit too well and lingers on his mind a bit too much. [Lots of fluff, slice-of-life, currently post-war]
  • Comments: 40ies AU, with cameos from numerous other canon characters. The numerous reviews and favs speak for themselves.

When We Travel by Golden Ender Hawk

  • Recommended by: beeruckzII
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Twelve/Clara
  • Synopsis: Basically, this is a Whouffaldi fanfic set in Series 9 that mostly follows canon, but has minor and major changes in the mix.
  • Comments: This story is AMAZING! Although it's technically not the best written, the best paced or the best plotted, the Danny bashing might be a bit much for some people and some aspects of it (like Missy being a "main" character and how copped-out some parts are), the fact that this story has almost 150 reviews despite all that already says more than enough of how awesome it is and how Twelve/Clara shippers should give it a chance! It's adorable and fluffy in some parts, funny in others and still sad in some other parts as well. And so if you decide to check it out, you shouldn't be disappointed!

Time Bomb by The Saddleman

  • Recommended by: skidoo23, beeruckzII
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Twelve/Clara
  • Synopsis: Fifty years after losing the Doctor, Clara Oswald finds herself on a countdown to the destruction of the universe unless she returns to face the raven. But does she really want to face it alone?
  • Comments: Although I've put this in the shipping section, there is so much in this 7-chapter story that it could go into General. The romantic elements are front and centre (but PG-rated) as the Doctor and Clara are reunited, but the story is also a treasure trove of detail bringing together plot elements from novels, comics, audios, the classic series, and of course the Clara era. The writer even manages to fill some major plot holes (such as giving a plausible explanation for Orson Pink). At the same time, the Doctor and Clara's reunion is emotional, funny, at times downright tearjerking (watch out for Chapter 4) ... and takes both characters in unexpected directions.
    • ...It made me cry. Read it. Now.

Looking For Something Dumb To Do by Universe on her Shoulders

  • Recommended by: beeruckzII, skidoo23
  • Status: Completed (as of August 2016)
  • Sequel: Every Ounce of Light and Fury
  • Pairing: Twelve/Clara/River
  • Synopsis: Clara's plan was brilliant, of course. Completely foolproof. If her father wanted to walk her down the aisle before he died, that could be accomplished. The only slight issue was the lack of available suitors for her to wed... except for the one choice she really shouldn't go with. She asks him anyway, and the Doctor is more surprised than Clara when he actually agrees to her crackpot scheme. It's not until later that they find out that getting married is only the beginning of things...
  • Comments: This is a great story that is both angsty and fluffy at the same time. The pairing sounds strange but the author really makes it work! But be warned. This story contains swearing, cursing, sexual innuendo's and references and the angst can get pretty heartbreaking at times.
    • The story gets a bit more explicit as it goes on, and it takes some weird and unexpected turns. In the later chapters it rather meanders away from the original concept, but in a good way in that it gives the piece the feel of a freeform, improvisational work in progress.
    • A sequel, Every Ounce of Light and Fury, is now under way and it is, in some respects, even better than the original story. It's less freeform and has more of a direct plot throughline.
  • You should also check out her series Can I Call You Mine? It's a radio show AU once again focused on Clara and Twelve (who's human in this AU and goes by his common alias, "John Smith") and as of March 2018, both works are completed, plus a one-shot. Tuning In On You is the first work and Like We Could Fly is the second one.

once upon a time in nazi-occupied france by yonderdarling

  • Recommended by: beeruckzII
  • Status: Complete
  • Pairing: Twelve/Missy
  • Synopsis: "He's sitting in a cafe in Vichy France (he was aiming for 2042) and waiting for his lunch when Missy plops down in the chair opposite him." This is an idea they've had before, it's just the first time they've both been able to consider it. The Doctor and Missy try travelling together.
  • Comments: Wonderful story. It's funny, sexy, sweet, angsty and rather unexpected at times. Definitely give it a read. Also, keep in mind that this story contains sex scenes and swearing.


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