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These are recommendations made by Tropers for Fan Fics, all of which have been signed. After a few samples, you will be able to judge whether you might be interested in the 'fic, based on who recommended it. No-name recommendations will be zapped. Nobody would back up the rec. Discussion of the recommendation is welcome on the discussion page. As such discussion is important, do remember to add the discussion page to the watchlist, if need be.


Authors and Sites
_digital cairn (Schemilix)
  • Recommended by: Yahya
  • Comments: A quality author who manages to convey the ambiguous, mysterious and uncertain atmosphere of the game in text form. Focuses especially on the character of Royce Bracket.

Shipping Fics
Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

river always finds the sea by Rhiannon 87

  • Recommended by: Mandichaos
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: You know you only could have met her in Cloudbank. Another city, a static city, one that didn't rewrite itself every other week, and your paths never would have crossed. So no matter what else happens, you'll always love the city for that. (Pre-canon leading up to that last concert; how the man in the Transistor and Red met and fell in love.)
  • Pairing(s): Red/"Mr. Nobody"
  • Comments: This is second person POV, and entirely in "Mr. Nobody's" POV (so we don't get Red's perspective), but it's second-person POV done right. The point of view works because it comes from a character who's deliberately undefined in canon, and it's one of my favorite pre-canon how-they-met stories for these two.

Stranded by Pash N

  • Recommended by: Sean Devine
  • Vanished from the internet. Please post a link if found.
  • Synopsis: Of all the possible outcomes she imagined for their battle, this is not one of them.
  • Pairing(s): Red/Royce
  • Tags: Adventure, Eventual Romance, Slow Build, endgame spoilers, You've been warned

Start() by pseudocitrus

  • Recommended by: Mike Shogun Lee
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis::Later, he asks about it. His voice thrums with static, with a slight laugh. [How did a nobody like me ever stand out to someone like you?] It seems like a hypothetical question. Even if it isn't, she's far past the ability to answer. (Red & Blue/Subject/Boxer/etc.)
  • Pairing(s): Red/Mr. Nobody
  • Comments: Takes place before the game, standard shipping stuff, along with "How did we end up here" type of deal. Basicly how Red and Nobody ended up together, and how they ended up on the Camaradas hit list.

General Fics
Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

preprocess() by pseudocitrus

  • Recommended by: Mandichaos, TypeProton
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: It's okay, she told herself. It takes a couple days to find your Selection."Maybe even weeks," the Instructor told her, when Sybil next asked. And then, later: "Or even a month or two." (Sybil Reisz, school, sandboxes, and Selections.)
  • Pairing(s): None
  • Comments: The first part of the author's compile() trilogy, but surprisingly (for me) the most compelling. I read it out of curiosity and was immediately sucked in; it takes a side character with almost no (intelligble) dialogue in-game and fully develops her background and coming of age, and does some incredible world-building on top of that, delving into the perceived importance of Selections and how it shapes the attitudes and behaviors of the students. It also gives a lot insight into Sybil, why she wound up with "Supervision" and "Organization" as her selections (but instead of a bureaucrat wound up as a socialite), explains why she had that beach sandbox, and foreshadows how she was pulled into the Camerata. I only realized after reading it that the story was mostly original characters - only two are actual canon characters. That's how well all the original characters fit into the world of Cloudbank. The subsequent stories, link() and start() are also great and lead into the actual game, but preprocess() deserves special mention for how much it does with so little character canon and makes me wish there were more for Sybil in the game itself.

Crossover Fics
Fanfiction that combines elements, characters, etc. from two or more different franchises.

None Yet

Dark Fiction
Stories focused on making the series darker, and/or exploring the darker aspects of the series.

None Yet

Stories where one fundamental aspect of the series is completely overhauled from its point of origin.

None Yet

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