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Proof that the remaining 10% is worth grabbing an Infinity Stone for.

These are recommendations made by Tropers for Guardians of the Galaxy fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here.You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. Refrain from posting Conversation in the Main Page though; that goes in the discussion page.Status guide:

  • Complete: Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
  • Ongoing: The fic is being updated on a regular basis or has received an update after a significant absence.
  • Dormant: The fic has not been updated in a fairly long time (several months to a year or more) but the author has not pronounced it dead.
  • Dead: The fic has not been updated in several years, or the author has specifically said that it will not be updated.

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    General Fics 

Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

A Matter of Restraint by fayedartmouth

  • Recommended by MianPi
  • Pairings(s): None
  • Synopsis: Peter Quill acts as bait during a mission, which may not have been the best idea.
  • Status: Complete
  • Comments: Graphic depictions of violence (author's warning).

If I by Psilent (HereThereBeFic)

  • Recommended by: MianPi, VictoriaWrites, DeVos
  • Pairing(s): None
  • Synopsis: The sick feeling never really goes away. It spikes and it wanes and during the waning periods it becomes a background noise that you learn to live with. Rocket has OCD.
  • Status: Complete
  • Comments: Heart-wrenching and powerful without devolving into Wangst. Potentially triggering, particularly if you are familiar with OCD.

Diplomacy by turtle_paced

  • Recommended by: VictoriaWrites, Clipboard Fox 22
  • Pairing(s): None
  • Synopsis: In the aftermath of the attack on Xandar, there’s still the original problem of how a bunch of wanted criminals hand over a potentially universe-ending super-weapon (that they definitely aren't terrified of) to the authorities. Preferably without going back to jail. As the only one of the team with skills that can unironically be called “social,” Peter thinks this one might be on him.
  • Status: Complete

if home is where the heart is then we're all just fucked by egelantier

  • Recommended by: VictoriaWrites
  • Pairing(s): None
  • Synopsis: Build a house, call it home. Peter wants a lair. The others don't hate the idea.
  • Status: Complete

for a root, for a leaf, for a branch, for a tree by egelantier

  • Recommended by VictoriaWrites, Clipboard Fox 22
  • Pairing(s): None
  • Synopsis: They might be Guardians of the Galaxy, capital letters and all, but they're still, to quote Peter, losers - and therefore Gamora is completely unsurprised when Peter goes to a simple meeting with a contact to scout out a paying job, and doesn't come back on time. Irritated, grudgingly worried, yes - but unsurprised.
  • Status: Complete

Death by Terran by OneLastBird

  • Recommended by bookwormgal
  • Pairings: None
  • Synopsis: This is what happens when a crooked space pirate confuses 'abduct' with 'adopt.'
  • Status: Dormant

Last Time Pays For All by missbecky

  • Recommended by MianPi
  • Pairings: None
  • Synopsis: Peter realizes that leaving the Ravagers behind isn't exactly as easy as just flying away on the Milano. Understanding what it means to have friends, though, is sometimes surprisingly simple.
  • Status: Complete

Sharing the Night Together by LaylaBinx

  • Recommended by yosafbrige
  • Parings: None
  • Synopsis: Four times Peter slept with one of his teammates and one time they all slept with him.
  • Status: Complete
  • Comments: Not really something I thought I'd really enjoy off the basis of the synopsis, but its shockingly in character despite the 'sleep together' aspect of the storytelling (it's all platonic). Just a solid friendship fic all around.

Mission Report: Impossible by Peace Like a River

  • Recommended by MianPi, Clipboard Fox 22
  • Pairings: Peter/Gamora
  • Synopsis: "So... should we fire them?" "Probably." Nova Prime takes in the train wreck of colors, the haphazard editing marks, the blatant use of all-caps... and is that a stick figure of her in the margins? Team-fic, in which the Guardians write the best-worst mission report in the history of the Nova Corp. Established Starmora.
  • Status: Complete

A Bit of Both by BunnyRock

  • Recommended by DeVos, Bookworm Gal
  • Pairings(s): None
  • Synopsis: It would be easier to fight the bad guys if for one moment the team could stop fighting each other. A shifting focus story, focusing on one character or the relationship between two characters per chapter and shifting frequently. One suggested "Awesome mix tape 2" song per chapter.
  • Status: Ongoing

Panic Attack by NinjaDino721

  • Recommended by Wildpaw 1
  • Pairings: None
  • Synopsis: "He thinks I'm just some stupid thing, he does!" Rocket hates being seen as an animal, a monster. But when things go awry, he is thrown into a series of panic attacks revealing a side to the relentless trigger-happy raccoon he had never wanted the others to see. Things can only go downhill from there as Rocket's past is thrust upon him once again.
  • Status: Complete

I am Groot by sherlocksmyth

  • Recommended by Leaper, Clipboard Fox 22
  • Pairings: Has to be seen to be believed...
  • Synopsis: EXTREMELY NSFW fic told from the perspective of Groot.
  • Status: Complete
  • Comments: I had trouble categorizing this fic. Suffice it to say that you should pay close attention to the quoted synopsis. This thing is labeled E for a reason (if there were an EEE rating on Archive of Our Own, it'd probably use that!). Not safe for those who may be triggered by sex toys, llamas, or off label use of Pepto Bismol. After you read the fic, read the comments; there's a reason why this fic has more kudos than any other work on that site, and you'll agree with the vast majority: this is a modern classic.

In The Rays of a Beautiful Sun by xahra99

  • Recommended by caroline99
  • Pairings: None
  • Synopsis: "How're we meant to guard the galaxy if you're banned from half of it?"
  • Status: Complete

Where is My Grandson? by [1]

  • Recommended by Troper 12
  • Synopsis: The years that Peter's Grandfather went through after the death of his daughter and his grandson's abduction.
  • Status: Complete. Now with sequel.
  • Comments: Probably one of the best Peter's Grandfather fics out there. It combines his angst with the sense of a detective thriller, as he purses all leads on Earth. You really feel how distraught and confused he must be, thinking his grandson was abducted by a murderer, or out there alone and confused. This fills in gaps and is not a disappointment to anyone who wishes to read about what his family on Earth must be going through. A little sad and scary sometimes, but it all ends up worth it.

Growin' up Guardian by Molli3

  • Recommended by Dr Will Hatch 63
  • Synopsis: 26 years between Peter Quill's abduction and the start of the movie plot. Short stories of Peter being raised by Yondu within the Ravager crew. Starting when he's 8 and is first taken following through to the when the first movie starts, some contain nightmares, kidnapping, injury, learning, parental spanking of a minor, sickfic, cursing, lots of fluff PROMPT REQUESTS BEING TAKEN!
  • Status: Dormant; last updated August 2018
  • Commments: This story is oddly sweet, and does a good job at exploring Peter and Yondu's father-son relationship, and also does a good job as showing at how Peter evolves over time from a terrified young boy into the space jockey and legendary outlaw that we all know and love.

     Alternate Universe 

Stories where one fundamental aspect of the series is completely overhauled from its point of origin.

We're Jerry Springer Not Casablanca by judypoovey

  • Recommended by Hwarin
  • Synopsis: How exactly is Yondu supposed to keep a brood of kids out of trouble when he IS the trouble? (Yondu raising four teenagers, trying to avoid having a social life, and fending off Peter's piece of shit sperm-donor. An ordinary year in the life, he guesses.)
  • Status: Complete
  • Comments: This fic is both a well written slow burn (for Kraglin/Yondu), and a sweet and honest exploration of family relationships.

Star-Queen by TheBetterAngelsOfOurNature

  • Recommended by Enjoydamoment
  • Synopsis: What if the light had stayed with Meredith?
This work is the first part in a series answers that question. It reverses the timeline of the movies; Ego is dealt with in this work, and Ronan in the next. I always thought it was a little lame that Meredith's function in the movies (and comics, actually) is just to give birth to Peter and then die. I think Peter would agree; his mother was more than that. This is a fic to illuminate what might have happened if Meredith Quill had followed her son to space. Expect fierce mothering, Meredith Quill sass, bewildered Ravagers, and lullabies. Meredith Quill, Mother of the Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Status: Complete
  • Comments: This fic takes yet another tragically fridged mother figure and makes her into the caring, whips smart lowkey (or high-key) badass you'd expect to mother Star-lord, if not a whole damn Ravenger clan. With beautiful characterization very in line with the movies and interesting story as we get to watch Yondu fight the pointless internal battle against letting the Terran's invade his life/heart. Slow burn for Yondu/Meredith Quill.


  • Recommended by Saltminer
  • Synopsis: Nebula sticks around after Yondu dies, and the Guardians get a new member to help with the emotional turmoil the Guardians face. You are that member.
  • Status: Complete
  • Comments: the update schedule of this fic is astounding, with a new chapter being added almost every day. It is incredibly slow burn, and was made for the small clique of Nebula lovers to be able to fall in love with her. The author’s self-insert is well crafted, and thankfully does not fall into Mary Sue territory. The character, Alex, is a natural part of the team that faces hardships of this new responsibility, as well as awkwardness in transitioning into a life among the stars with her new crush. It is a fic that deserves more love, and the author is even accepting requests.

Astronautical, first installment in the Astronautical series by OfMonstersAndMe

  • Recommended by rioludoodle
  • Synopsis: "Time is a funny thing. From the perspective of most mortals it was an inescapable part of reality; Imperceptible, uncontrollable, marching on endlessly. Trying to hold back time was much like dipping your hand into a river in hope of halting the flow. No. Stopping time was the pipedream of madmen. It could be diverted, though." When Thanos finds himself losing ground in his war he steps outside of the timestream and rewrites himself a better universe. Somehow Peter seems to be the only one who recognizes the wrongness and he's determined to find his friends and set it right again, all while dodging bounties on his head and trying to avoid being strangled by Nebula, the closest thing he has to an ally right now.
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Comments: This story is the purest distillation of AU that I've seen in a long time. It pulls no punches with the premise that Thanos has rewritten the entire MCU timeline to suit himself. With the circumstances surrounding each of the Guardians drastically altered, we see familiar characters meet in different situations and grow in unexpected directions. The usual group dynamics are turned on their head. Astronautical and its direct sequel Luciferous also adopt the cosmic developments of Vol. 2 and Marvel comics lore to expand the stakes and the plot in fascinating ways. The entire series is an extremely rewarding read.

    Shipping Fics 

Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

The Whole Goddamn Universe, and Maybe More To Me by Monobear

  • Recommended by: Superchristiana, DeVos
  • Pairing: Peter Quill/Rocket
  • Synopsis: While Peter is in a coma in the hosptial, Rocket reminisces about the wonderful times they had together.
  • Status: Complete

Press Your Space Face Close To Mine, Love by grocketinmypocket

  • Recommended by MianPi
  • Pairing: Peter Quill/Rocket
  • Synopsis: The Epic Bromance of Peter Quill and Rocket Raccoon. Peter Quill's life is not a sitcom. If it was, Rocket would be the foul-mouthed barefoot-funny-animal sidekick, and there would be a laugh track to let you know when it's safe to laugh along. This is not a sitcom, and the funny raccoon sidekick somehow first becomes Peter's "prison rapist," then his partner in crime — and now Peter isn't sure just what Rocket is to him. It should be funny, but Peter still doesn't know when it's safe to laugh.
  • Status: Dormant

    Crossover Fics 

Fanfiction that combines elements, characters, etc. from two or more different franchises.

It's A Small Universe After All by Moczo the First

  • Recommended by Masked And Dangerous
  • Crossover: Guardians of the Galaxy and Metroid
  • Synopsis: When the Guardians decide to break into Odin's Treasure Vault for kicks, they are thrown into an alternate universe. And they're not the only intruders in this particular catacomb of horrors.
  • Status: Complete
  • Comments: This is pure Crackfic, with a Samus who is way too done with this and spot on characterization for the Vapor for Brain science team. Good for a quick read and a laugh.

Choosing Fate by Llwydyn

  • Recommended by Kalaong
  • Crossover: Guardians of the Galaxy and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Synopsis: Having bidden farewell to Sif and Vin-Tak, May and Coulson discover that Sif wasn't the only one tracking the Kree. They invite the rag-tag group of heroes they meet back to the Playground, where the teams get to know each other, and Gamora has some words of wisdom to share with Skye. Set post-Ao S 2x12.
  • Status: Complete
  • Comments: A fun little romp where Quill gets to be cool, Rocket gets to be smart, Groot gets to be cute, Drax gets to be literal, Gamora gets to be awesome, and Coulson's team gets to nonchalantly index the whole thing.

Spy vs Spy by Melika Elena

  • Recommended by Kalaong
  • Crossover: Guardians of the Galaxy and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Synopsis: Guardians of the Galaxy meets Agents of SHIELD, because why the hell not. Skye continues the tradition of mocking "Space-Lord"; Fitz and Groot have a dance-off; Jemma can't decide which alien blood to study first; May wishes Coulson would stop bringing home strays. And Rocket and Hunter are in... confinement!
  • Status: Complete
  • Comments: "Choosing Fate" with more crack. A fun way to burn a few minutes of your time.

Of Course He Remembers Meredith by Wandering_Swain

  • Recommended by Clipboard Fox 22
  • Crossover: Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers
  • Synopsis: You don't forget the woman with space age daydreams who broke into your father's press conferences in leopard skin pants and Blue Swede t-shirts throughout the early 1980's. Or at least Tony Stark doesn't. Or: Meredith Quill had a mission, Tony Stark made a human connection, and it's a small world after all.
  • Status: Complete
  • Comments: Great fic that gives Tony and Meredith a connection.

Rabbit by Bunny Rock.

  • Recommend by: De Vos
  • Crossover: Guardians of the Galaxy and Infinity War, set immediately post Infinity war.
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Pairings: None/ platonic Rocket and Thor friendship
  • Synopsis: They call me Rabbit... In the wake of the events of Infinity War and the loss of Groot, Rocket Racoon has a mental breakdown. But Thor has a plan to help. If you can't get well: get even. After all, rage and vengeance, anger... Loss, regret: they're all tremendous motivators. They really do clear the mind. And you're never too small or too big for revenge...
  • Comment: Rocket is depressed and giving up, but Thor suggests that perhaps vengeance on Thanos might just give him something to live for.


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