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Likes Webcomics, cartoons, film, comics, books, computer games and all the usual geek stuff wiki contributors like. Maintains that Richard and Douglas Adams were the two best authors ever to share a surname, that presence or voices of John Hurt, Richard E. Grant and Alan Rickman make everything better, that the 90's were awesome, that they don't make kids cartoons and books like they used to, and that Dutch and English are the coolest languages on the planet, but welsh is the prettiest and German the best for swearing in. Borderline furry, if by "borderline" you mean "I'm going to insert the word borderline into this sentence because I know some of my friends are tropers, they have horrible misconceptions on what the term "Furry" means, in that their definition differs from my own, and so I'm putting the word borderline in front of it so they don’t freak out if they ever read my contributor page."


Has been stalking the TV Tropes page for Digger for well over a year and is trying not to get too Papa Wolf over that page. Spends his free time writing and creating Poison Oak Epileptic Trees.

Also likes Genre Savvy ...

" I do not want my evil plans overheard. Thus, if I MUST talk to myself, I will do so in a language that is not widely spoken and that has no closely related languages, like Basque. And it will be grammatically incorrect to confuse true Basque speakers. Ez naiz nahi izan nire gaitz azpijokoa lhnp. Beraz, banu duzu hizketa nire burua nion, ez dudala hizkuntza hil oso aditzaren lhnp eta aditzaren ezezko biribil ri dagokion atzerriko hizkuntza antzeko Euskara. Erabiltzen da gramatikaren aldetik ikuspegia nahasi Euskara."


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