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Fanfic / I'm Scared Too

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I'm Scared Too by Magic Flying Spud is a Kim Possible fic themed around Kim turning to the dark side as she becomes more and more obsessed with saving the world and being heroic.

Set just after the series finished, Earth is still recovering from the alien invasion the month prior. Kim and Ron are now under Global Justice's protection and, in exchange, they go on assignments for them. Kim is currently training Ron now that it's clear he's destined for something great.


Kim and Ron are chasing after Shego and Drakken again. It turns out that their stint at going straight had only lasted a few weeks. This deeply troubles Kim as she was certain that Shego had given up her life of villainy. After their latest mission ends on a messy foot, Kim admits that being a part of Team Possible is too stressful. She wants to stop being a Teen Hero for now. The two split up, with Kim postponing her career while Ron goes to college.


This fic provides examples of:

  • Continuation: The story begins a month after the series ended.
  • Dark Fic: I'm Scared Too is themed about a darker version of Kim. It also deals with more mature themes than the show, such as depression.
  • Height Angst: Dementor gets upset about his height when Kim calls him "kid".
  • Mentor in Queerness: Shego outright offers to be Kim's "role model" as an out queer woman.
  • Named by the Adaptation: Shego's real name is given as "Sheilah Go".
  • Sweet Polly Oliver: Kim goes undercover as a "bad guy" at the Bermuda Triangle. When Motor Ed questions her on her voice, he wonders if she's a trans man, which Kim goes with. He later gets offended upon learning she was pretending to be trans.
  • Transgender: Played for drama and Body Horror when Kim ends up forced into a surgery that disguises her as a teenage boy. She resists the brainwashing and realizes that her gender identity is still female, which leads her to transition.
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