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Fanfic / After Ganon

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After Ganon is a The Legend of Zelda fanfic by Shinzui Naru. It tells a take of what happened to the Hero of Time after Zelda sent him back in time seven years.

After Link arrives back in the past, he finds his memories of the events to be little more than foggy dream-like recollections. Princess Zelda, however, remembers it all vividly. Link is told that his task hasn't ended. In fact, it's just begun. Link's true quest is only now slowly unfolding.

After Ganon is the oldest Zelda fanfic on FanFiction.Net. It's a 17k+ oneshot told in the span of 19 chapters. The fic predates even The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and, as a result, deviates heavily from what is shown about the Hero of Time in future titles.

After Ganon provides examples of: