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Fan Fic / Sore ga Ai, Deshou?

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Sore ga Ai, Deshou? is a The King of Fighters Fan Fic written by RenkonNairu, which can be read here.

The fic serves as a prequel to the events of the first Fatal Fury, detailing Andy Bogard's training with the Shiranui family over the ten years between Jeff's death and the game.

Sore ga Ai, Deshou? contains examples of the following tropes (Beware of unmarked spoilers):

  • But Not Too Foreign: Mai's mother was American according to this fic.
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  • Concussions Get You High: Averted; after Mai brains him during their first informal meeting, her father warns Andy not to fall asleep or he might die.
  • Gratuitous Japanese: Right there in the title.
  • Hates Being Touched: A minor example in chapter 3; when Mai gives him a hug in an attempt to comfort him over Jeff's death, all she really succeeds in doing is making Andy uncomfortable because he only likes getting hugged when he wants to be hugged.
  • Never Be Hurt Again: As a result of constantly being shunted through different foster homes, Andy has difficulty opening up to people and forming real attachments; his personal motto is "Don't get attached, don't get hurt."
  • Surprisingly Good English: When they first meet, Andy is surprised that Kazutaka speaks "really good" English. Kazutaka explains that he studied in Boston for a semester before getting an associate's degree.
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  • Wouldn't Hit a Girl: Jeff always told Andy never to hit girls, stating that real men don't use such force against them and to do so is despicable. As a result, Andy is initially reluctant to fight back against Mai during their sparring sessions.

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