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    Grand Theft Auto III 
  • "Get your hands off my arse!" Marty's banker.
  • "Easy there, partner!" One of the thieves.
  • "Hey...stop!" Mrs. Chonks
  • "Carl, hi! I uh, I need more time to get your money, but if you just step into my office..." Marty Chonks
  • "It's far too late for that, Marty. You had your chance, but now I'm taking over the business! Loser! / Alright!" Carl, if you choose to kill him.
  • "Salvatore is becoming dangerous and paranoid. He suspects everybody and everything!" Curly Bob
  • "Get this thing airborne!!" Catalina
  • "But look at me now and my hair is ruined, I mean can you believe it, this one cost me fifty dollars!" Maria Latore (her supposed last words, as a gunshot is heard after she said that, though whether Claude killed her or shut her up with a gunshot sound is up to debate.)

    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 
  • "I think we have a deal my friend!" Vic Vance
  • "Hey, make me, you prick!" Leo Teal
  • "I'll pay you double, Tommy! Double!" Gonzalez
  • "You American idiot! They followed you here!" Pierre La Ponce
  • "Oh, my God!" Mrs. Dawson
  • "You're on my turf, asshole! I'm taking you down!" The Sharks/Streetwannabes leader.
  • "I trusted you, Tommy! I woulda had you made..." Ricardo Diaz
  • "Tommy! The vault's open!" Cam Jones, if you choose to kill him.
  • "Hey guys! Get in! I got you covered!" Hilary King
  • "I said, I had enough of that at school!" Lance Vance
  • "Get him boys, he never understood a thing!" Sonny Forelli
  • "Tim, don't leave me! You taught me baseball, Tim, and how to laugh!" Ho Chi from Exploder: Evacuator Part 2

    Grand Theft Auto Advance 
  • "Man, this is my turf! I'm taking you down!" Federico
  • "Well, I decided to keep the cash after all. Get him, guys!" Freddy, if you choose to wait for his money.
  • "Poochie? My poor Poochie!!! Raphael, Tomas, Georgie. Lend me your hands. Animal cruelty will not be tolerated!" Pat
  • "Mike, don't do this! You take me out and every two-bit thug with an eye for quick cash will still come after you! You think you can get away with my money? You'll be dead before you reach the city limits!" Vinnie

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 
  • "He's broken my heart! Get him, boys!" Freddy
  • "Chinga tu madre, pendejo!" ("Fuck your mother, asshole!") Jose
  • "Holy fuck!" Alan "Scipio" Crawford
  • "Fuck you, Americansky! I'm gone! Doing business in America is dangerous!" Andre
  • "Tenpenny set me up!" Little Weasel
  • "You wreckin' my ride!" Jizzy B.
  • "I'm a motherfuckin' genius!" Lance "Ryder" Wilson
  • "We're hit! We're going down! Brace for impact!" Little Lion
  • "Enough! We settle this here!" The Snakehead
  • "Yeah...can I fuck your sister?" Officer Eddie Pulaski
  • "It's fucking him! It's him! Oh, my God! Oh,'s him! My heart! My heart..." Johnny Sindacco
  • "I'm a' fuck with you!" Big Poppa
  • "I had no choice, I had to do it..I just see the opportunity. When I'm gone, everyone gonna remember my name...Big Smoke!" Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris
  • "Come on, assholes! I'll take you all! You're mine! MINE! I run this town! Hey, over here, HEY! Officer down! COME ON, HEY! Assholes! You never understood what I did! Fifty of me, and this town would be okay! I took the trash out! I DID! And I'd do it all again..." Officer Frank Tenpenny
  • "You had me scared there for a minute. I-I-I-I crapped myself..." Billy Dexter from Entertaining America

    Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories 
  • "Can't we be civilized about this, Toni?" Giovanni Casa
  • "Come on, tough guy!" Cedric "Wayne" Fotheringay
  • "Hey, someone dropped a dollar!" Sindacco thug who gets run over by the Leones.
  • "Hey, are we there? Where's Salvatore? Toni, the first drink's on me!" Joseph Daniel "J.D." O'Toole
  • "You son of a bitch! Why can't you just die already? You should have never come back, Toni. I worked my fingers to the bone for Salvatore, and you just come wandering back to town and he's all 'Toni this', and 'Toni that'! This is my town, Toni! MY TOWN! You ain't taking it away from me! I'm gonna enjoy this!" Vincenzo "Lucky" Cilli
  • "Hey Toni! Why don't you swim over here and kiss my ass?" Paulie Sindacco
  • "My men dishonor me, but it is fitting that I kill you myself. You two! Leave us! I am going to enjoy thrusting my sword into you!" Kazuki Kasen
  • "I don't think I'm ready for a beach holiday, Mister Toni. I've lost everything, and I have done so deliberately. I've been granted everything I asked for. Now, I just ask to be truly free. Goodbye, Toni-san." Toshiko Kasen
  • "Here they are. Take them. I didn't get them processed yet." Ned Burner
  • "Salvatore, Sicily never wanted questo schifo di citta (this lousy town). But when tribute dried up, what could we do? It was nothing personal." Massimo Torini

    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories 
  • "You're gonna earn your keep girl! And you're gonna like it!" Marty Jay Williams
  • "Me? Gimme a break, I'm your best buddy." Bryan Forbes (he isn't actually killed until later, but he would've had no one to talk to between then.)
  • "Senor, I assure you they didn't feel a thing. Unfortunately, the same will not be said of you." Armando Mendez
  • "Make sure Mary-Jo takes care of my baby..." Louise Cassidy-Williams
  • "Veta ala mierda!" ("Go wing shit!") Diego Mendez
  • "You first!" Jerry Martinez

    Grand Theft Auto IV 
  • "Shit, there he is! Keep on fatboy here, and I'll talk to him! Our problem's with your cousin!" Bledar Morina
  • "I will beat you like I beat your cousin!" Kalem Vulaj
  • "You broke my arm already, man!" Dardan Petrela
  • "Please! Vlad told you to kill me, right? I wasn't stealing nothing from your cousin's place! Vlad told me to go there! Let me go and I'll lay low! No one's going to know that I'm alive! Not even my mother! I'll stay out of Hove Beach! I'll be a ghost, I promise! Please!" Ivan Bytchkov, if you choose to kill him.
  • "Hove Beach is a small place. My friends will find you." Vlad Glebov
  • "He is...his cousin." Andrei
  • "My father's Kenny Petrovic!" Lenny Petrovic
  • "Hey, let's mess this commie asshole up! He fucked with me, he fucked with all the Lost!" Jason Michaels
  • "BETRAYED! Betrayed by Dimitri and by you! TOO KIND! That's what I was, too kind! I led the snakes into the nest, and they destroyed EVERYTHING! I gave them everything, and they took everything from me! Now they've sent YOU to take the only thing I have left! You have cut the corners! There's nowhere for me to go!" Mikhail Faustin
  • "Brucie? I thought he was fuckin' joking! Shit!" Lyle Rivas
  • "I wouldn't fuck a scummy immigrant like you, anyway!" "French" Tom Rivas
  • "LCPD! Freeze, motherfucker! I said freeze!" Charlie
  • "Rolling! Rolling!" Jay Hamilton
  • "Yo Niko, what are you doing here?" Manny Escuela
  • "Shit, they're on my desk! I never hurt anyone!" Tom Goldberg
  • "Yo, it's that rat cop Mcreary. Ain't it? He don't like a younger brother with ambition. Tell you what, I'll reform. I'll get out of the game. Get a GED or some shit. Make something of my life. Mcreary is going to think I'm dead. Word. Come on, boss. Don't kill me, boss. I'm too young to die. Please. Please!" Clarence Little
  • "Peace out, cousins!" Marlon Bridges
  • "Don't kill me! I know I fucked Dwayne over real bad but he wouldn't want me dead. He too much of a gentleman for that. He ain't like that Playboy X punk, he's only chasing paper. You do right by Dwayne, he gonna stick to you for life. I didn't mean it. Girl get lonely when her man's inside for a long time. I thought Playboy was gonna look out for me but he didn't answer my calls. Punk didn't wanna know me. I did what I did to survive. Please. I don't wanna die. Come on! Dwayne wouldn't ever hurt no one he loved, even if they screwed him like I did. Please. I'm only human! Come on!" Cherise Glover, if you kill her.
  • "Mira, I'm trying to count back here! There ain't no refunds on lap dances! I got a piece back here! It ain't worth it!" Jose Trunchez
  • "I won't have no bitches calling me bitch, bitch!" Javier Trunchez
  • "Fuck you, man! You a fucking snake like the rest of them!" Dwayne Forge, if you kill him.
  • "People respected me! I made a difference!" Trey "Playboy X" Stewart, if you kill him.
  • "Please don't kill me! I did not mean what I was saying. They were just ideas. It was not meant to be taken literally. I meant no harm to this great country, (in Russian) nor to Russia if that is who sent you. Please!" Oleg Minkov
  • "I should never have thought I could beat you people! At least I am not being sent back to the homeland. I do not wish to think what they would do to me. Be staying away from me! This democracy you people speak of is all illusion! This country is not free, your constitution is all lies! The government is all powerful, there is no beating you!" Adam Dimayev
  • "None of you's is gonna get a medal for playing hero! All you's gonna get is a bullet to the heart!" Michael Keane
  • "Motherfucker!" Eugene Reaper
  • "Oh, I just did...a little jogger down by the water. But you know what, handsome? I've got a hunger tonight that can't be sated. Come here!" Eddie Low
  • "Goddamn you! You're just like all the rest!" Jeff Harlingford
  • "Hey, big Tone. Did you kick some ass or what?" Sal
  • "The Albanians know they got us over a barrel, Sal. At least it's better than dealing with those fucking drunken Irish bastards, though. Forget about it." Anthony "Tony Black" Spoleto
  • "Fucking sneaky scumbag! Tony Black didn't do nothing to nobody who didn't deserve it! What the fuck? We're going to the mattresses for sure!" Frankie Garone
  • "Fuck!" Bucky Sligo
  • "Hey buddy! We're gonna need you to move this thing!" Mitch
  • "Why? Why? Why, in God's name, why? Shit, I thought I was out. I thought I was liberated. He's a rat, Derrick Mcreary. Always has been, always will be. Derrick fucking set me up in the first place. Fucking Derrick Mc-fucking-Reary! I don't want to die, I've been rotting in prison for years! I don't want to die. Please, I just want to be free!" Aiden O'Malley
  • "Those putos too old! They finished, fool! This city don't belong to them no more. I wouldn't pay them shit! Fuck off, maricon!" Teddy Benavidez
  • "Ray ain't gonna give you shit for helping him out, Nicky! You gotta make a play for yourself! Jesus! You can have Tuna and Johnny's cut! Come on! We'll split the ice! You'll be a rich man, Nicky! You and me can go to Venturas, no one's ever gonna find us!" Luca Silvestri
  • "Isaac, these are great!" Mori Green
  • "Fuck you!" One of Isaac's men.
  • "You ain't never gonna outride the Lost biker gang!" Jim Fitzgerald
  • "This was Isaac's deal! he should pay for the screw up! Not I. Show mercy. Is that not what your life has taught you? Let me leave here alive. Don't you kill me, you bastard. Don't you dare. You shmuck, you harbringer of death, don't you kill me. I told Isaac not to trouble you crazy scumbags. He wouldn't listen. Always the same. Kill the others, spare me! Let an old man live out his last years. Isaac's life is enough. Take that and the debt should be paid. You don't need me, too. I have seen your face! I know what it is to look evil in the eye. Let me live!" One of the Jewish diamond dealers.
  • "You pieces of shit! First you kill Mori and now me. This was all Mori's doing, he wanted those diamonds so bad! Veh is mir! Those diamonds were fucking beautiful! I'm screwed. We should never have done business with you scum. This is a matter of principle, I will not be done over by a bunch of nebishes! How do you murdering scum sleep at night? I wasn't going to let you take the diamonds and the money and get away with it!" Isaac Roth
  • "This heroin is cursed! You don't fucking want it!" One of the Triad drivers.
  • "Everyone on the Commission is gonna want Jimmy P. clipped after this!" "Chubby" Charlie Matteo
  • "Tell Peg I'm sorry..." Anthony Corrado
  • "Weren't you the one who helped me get into this country?" Kim Young-Guk
  • "Thank you..." Darko Brevic, if Niko chooses to kill him.
  • "You're the one who's gonna learn a lesson. People won't be happy if I die." Dimitri Rascalov, who is executed by Niko on the Platypus in the "Revenge" ending
    • (In Russian) "Fuck you, you dick!" Dimitri Rascalov, in the "Deal" ending
  • "I'm Irish, Niko. We're a people known for strong whiskey, mystics and Catholicism. Rational blood doesn't flow through these veins./You don't need to say anything else." Kate McReary, in the "Revenge" ending
  • "Whatever..." Jimmy Pegorino, in the "Revenge" ending
    • "Hey, Dimitri, what's the problem? You and me is partners now! We're back on top!" Jimmy Pegorino, in the "Deal" ending.
  • "Alright! Yes! Thank you! Thank you all for coming! Yes! Okay!" Roman Bellic, in the "Deal" ending
  • "A gift from Dimitri Rascalov." Dimitri's assassin, who kills Roman in the "Deal" ending

    Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and The Damned 
  • "I'm sorry. You enjoy your little party. I take it, the good times are over. No problem, old man." Angels of Death lieutenant.
  • "Always plant a gun. Always! What did I tell you?" Ed Mccornish
  • "I know, I know, it's just always so many you can carry. Who'd think there'd be five of 'em?" Jimmy Matthews
  • "I'm sorry! Please!" Brian Jeremy
  • "I'm a bodybuilder, you know!" Evan Moss
  • "Nah." Gangster torturing Jim.
  • "What? You waiting for a speech or something? Come on!" Billy Grey

    Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony 
  • "You're a fucking dead man. I'm gonna burn that bitch mom of yours, too." Mr. Santo, if you win the LC Cage Fighters fight.
  • "Yo, fuck that, you fucking amateurs! I'm outta here, man!" Papi
  • "Hey, Vic!" Maurice
  • "You put your cock in my woman's mouth and you think it's cool? Asshole!" Vic Manzano
  • "No!!" Tahir Saeed
  • "Look here, I have a parachute! Take it! We were hoping to get Yusuf on wiretap! They don't know shit about you! Believe me!" Ahmed Khalil
  • "If it was the little Latin girl, I thought she was of age. She looked old for her age, okay? We all have our weaknesses. What is it? Did the Kremlin send you? You fucking piece of shit! Tell me who you are!" Marki Ashvilli
  • "You!" One of Bulgarin's goons.
  • "Fucking pop him already!" "Uncle" Vince Pelosi
  • "You think he will forget about you? You and all your friends are dead!" Timur
  • "I have grenade. You kill me, we all die. You're too much of a pussy to do anything. We got a stale mate, asshole. Lack of balls was always a problem. You want to die, be my guest. You can't shoot me. You will blow whole plane up." Ray Bulgarin

    Grand Theft Auto V 
  • "Jeez, I think they're gonna..." Driver for the Ludendorff job.
  • "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I'm gonna check around back!" Brad Snider
  • "Oh, we just saw you trying to creep up in here, man." Vago at the lockup.
  • "Fuck you!" D
  • "Huh. Hold on a second. I think someone's trying to dock with me. Hello?" Jay Norris
  • "I messed up." Johnny Klebitz
  • "Bullshit!" Terry Thorpe
  • "This better be bullshit!" Clay Simons
  • "They're gonna green light you after this!" Ortega
  • "No, I don't think so, pal!" Ralph Ostrowski, if you kill him.
  • "Stay the hell away from me!" Larry Tupper, if you kill him.
  • "Enjoy the slipstream, buddy!" Glenn Scoville, if you kill him.
  • "Goddamn bounty hunter! I knew it!" Curtis Weaver, if you kill him.
  • "Keep your eye out for anything unusual. Let's see if we can get through one day without some wannabe hippie waving an anti-globalization sign in my face." Brett Lowrey
  • "Only losers are the chumps who gotta cut him open to rule cause of death." One of the orderlies.
  • "Here's a signed photo of Frank. He was a lovely person. You would've been great friends, he loved his fans! I've gotta get going, to the FIB, I mean." Abigail Mathers
  • "No, I just threw mayonaise all over you. Of course I finished! Now get the hell out of the car! I'm not paying you shit after the way you disrespected me!" Jackson Skinner
  • "Fare hike! Foreget about it! Spendthrifts!" Isaac Penny
  • "Zondar! Good work! Good work! Load it up, people! This is Paradigm sensitive! We've got to be offshore in two Earth hours! Zondar! Follow me. Walk and talk. Be a thesis!" Jesse/Zildor, if you betray the Epsilonists.
  • "Hey, we crashed! I'm an important guy, you gotta help me out! Call the cops, I'm working with the government!" Javier Medrazo
  • "Shit! Shit!" Al Di Napoli, if Trevor drives him all the way to the railroad
  • (In Russian) "I defend this nation from multiculturalism!" Josef
  • "Stay out of this, you dumb Canadian!" Joe
  • "Will somebody kill that fucking asshole?" Enzo Bonelli
  • "You going down, you asshole! I'll be back to revenge myself!" Elwood O'Neil
  • "Sweet mother of shit!" Sheriff of Blaine County, who, along with many of his men, gets gunned down by you
  • "I could give a fuck what your fucking name is! I'm not afraid to use this! I'm not! Bob taught me!" Debra
  • "Fuck Bob!" Floyd Hebert
  • "Ciao, ciao, babies!" Beverly Felton
  • "'s your call!" Dom Beasley
  • "Please! I've got too much left to give!" Peter Dreyfuss
  • "He's...he's ruined my life! He's...he's a...he's a stalker! He's...he's an Epsilonist! Yeah! Get him!" Josh Bernstein
  • "We don't take that! We have a deal with him!" Rocco Pelosi
  • "Move! A madman's coming!" Molly Schultz
  • "With me!" Andreas Sanchez
  • "Put the weapons down!" The ULP contact.
  • "You don't understand nothing! I'm all you got! You made the wrong call!" Michael De Santa, in the "Kill Michael" ending.
  • "Yah, Michael! Ah, fuck! I thought I was with the one Judas! I'm surrounded by them! You fake motherfuckers! You wanna piece of me? Fuckin' come get me! You wanna kill me? Take a fucking shot!" Trevor Philips, in the "Kill Trevor" ending.
  • (In Chinese) "Enough talk! I will take care of this private business in a private place." Wei Cheng, in the "Deathwish" ending.
  • "Uh-huh. Yeah, boom!" Harold "Stretch" Joseph, in the "Deathwish" ending.
  • "Where's that girl, man? Where's that hot little girl with the clipboard? I just saw her down there somewhere. What? Hold on...I don't care that she's an intern! Now just get this thing going, alright? I wanna get out of here! Boom! Vinewood!" Steve Haines, in the "Deathwish" ending.
  • "Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!" Devin Weston, in the "Deathwish" ending (he's rather muffled when he yells this out, however).

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