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Drinking Game / 24

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  • Drink:
    • whenever the digital clock comes up.
    • whenever any character says, "Dammit!"
    • whenever any character says, "I/We don't have time for this"
    • whenever Jack Bauer repeats himself
    • whenever Jack Bauer kills someone
    • whenever Jack puts someone in a chokehold and tells them "Don't fight it"
    • whenever Jack goes rogue.
  • Sip (or risk alcohol poisoning):
    • whenever someone "copies that"
    • whenever someone ends a phone call by saying they’ll “get back to you”
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    • whenever Jack Bauer identifies himself as a federal agent
    • whenever someone appears to be a mole
  • Finish your drink:
    • whenever Jack says "We can cut you a deal!"
    • whenever the President pardons or otherwise grants amnesty to someone to get them to cooperate.

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