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Drinking Game / The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

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Take a sip of Sujamma every time whenever one of the following happens.

  • You hear any of the following lines:
    • "Speak quickly, outlander or go away!"
    • "We're watching you...scum."
    • "Wealth beyond measure outlander."
    • "Why walk when you can ride?"
    • "Quickly, outlander, I don't have much time..."
  • You encounter a Cliff Racer or two.
  • Dunmer NPCs call you a N'Wah, Fetcher, or Swit.
  • Combat music plays when there is no enemy on sight.
  • You encounter a naked barbarian in the middle of the road.
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  • A npc gets stuck in a door or tree.
  • Your follower ends up running in circles or in the opposite direction.
  • An ash-storm happens in Ald'Ruhn.

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