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Drinking Game / The Animals of Farthing Wood

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Take a sip every time...

  • Fox sounds sarcastic.
    • Or Adder
    • Or Owl
  • Kestrel repeats something she said.
  • Toad calls one or more of the group 'Mateys'.
  • Weasel calls Measley names or accuses him of something.
    • Take a big sip if she does both at the same time.
    • And another one if she says exactly "I blame you, you measley twerp!"
  • An animal dies, on or off screen.
    • And once every time you see an already dead animal.
  • Mole snivels.
  • Owl quotes a saying or famous citation.
  • Someone tells someone to remember the Oath.
  • Mr. Vole seconds something.
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  • A gun is fired.
  • Whistler fumbles a landing.
  • Hurkel uses the word "kind".
  • Bully says "who am I?" and no one answers.
  • An animal that would not snarl or roar in real life does so.
  • An animal wants to stay behind for good (season 1) or leaves the park (seasons 2 and 3).
  • Old Fox is shown sleeping at the mouth of his earth.
  • Adder tries to eat someone. Two chugs if she says she was only kidding. Finish the bottle if she actually eats anything.
  • An animal says that they are old.
  • Mrs Rabbit says "Don't panic!"


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