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Drinking Game / Metro: Last Light

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Drinking Game for Metro: Last Light.

Take a sip:

  • Every time you find a stash of military-grade rounds
  • Every time you find a ghost
  • Every time you knock out a guard hand-to-hand instead of killing him.
  • Every time you gain or lose a morality point
  • Every time you change your filter
  • Whenever you loot a body for ammo, filters, or medkits. My condolences to your liver.

Take a shot:

  • Every time you find a breaker box that turns off lights you've already deactivated
  • Every time you pick up a new weapon

Finish your drink:

  • Whenever you encounter a new type of creature
  • Every time you're forced to switch to MGR to make it through a firefight
  • Whenever you fall into a hallucination
  • Whenever you're given a blatant moral choice