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Headscratchers / Metro: Last Light

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     Changing Memory Perspective 
  • When Artyom experienced Lesnitsky and Pavel's memories, we saw things from their perspectives, which would make since. Why then did he experience Moskvin's from the perspective of someone who wasn't even there?
    • The Dark Ones are odd beings, not to mention its a child doing this stuff. Anything could happen.

  • The entire Spider DLC would be a moot issue if the people jury rigged their suits to have lights to shine from all around, and carried portable lamps. Why does no one think of keeping lots of lights on their person?
    • It's an issue of weight mainly. Adding additional lights while keeping the same generator we see Artyom and others use means a shorter life for the lights (which is already short to begin with). The only way to increase the life of the lights would be a bigger battery pack and generator to power them, which means even more weight. The increase in light coverage just isn't worth the extra weight.
    • Plus, they may not have been familiar with the Spiderbugs.
    • Once you've got a flamethrower that's as huge as the one in the mission, you tend to feel like you're well-prepared. Not to mention that lightbulbs seem to be an increasing rarity in the Metro, considering that there don't seem to be many ways to get more of them. Further, they may not have known what was going to be in there, and lights just piss off Lurkers and Nosalises. The spiderbugs seem to be a relatively new addition to the Metro, possibly woken up by the missiles launched at the end of 2033. It's entirely possible people just don't know about them, or how they can be burned with light. Besides, it's unclear how the group got there, but transporting all those bulbs overland or through critter-infested tunnels seems impractical at best.

    Bad end 

  • In the bad ending, with the Ranger Order decimated and with the hundreds if not thousands of Red Line soldiers that were killed in the failed assault on D6, two of the three factions that could oppose the Nazis have been wiped out and crippled respectively. Not to mention with the Red Line's weakened military, a Nazi invasion of the Communist stations seems likely.
    • Not really. The Dark Ones promised to return to the Metro after some time has passed, so they'd be more than able to deal with the Nazis after their leadership has fallen into disarray at the loss most of their labor camps (Not to mention D6), the ensuing political chaos of the red stations, internal power struggles and revolutions, etc etc...That and the cutscene involving Anna implies she lived in a prosperous free station.
    • But that day is when the little dark one grows up (20 Years probs), the Nazi's already had an upperhand against the Reds. With the failed assault on D6 and loss of the Red Leadership the Reds are bound to lose the war. In fact an entire DLC is about a Nazi invasion. and the Nazi's hold the line while the Reds lose hundreds more.
    • Item placement suggests she lives in Artyom's room in the ruins of D6. There is no power, but the barracks seem to be mostly intact.
    • The Reds don't seem to be hurting for manpower, considering they build up through conscripting everyone in the stations they take over. With the Nazis only using humans defined as "pure" through standards that seem to be constantly changing, it's entirely possible that the Nazis just don't have the numbers to take on the Reds, even with their losses at D6. Also, there are other factions - Hansa, who brings a lot of economic power to the table, and the free stations like Exhibition.


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