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  • A minor one for Pavel during your escape from the Reich prison. Artyom misjudges a distance and cracks his head while attempting an Indy Hat Roll. Pavel manages to rip a Saiga out of a Reich mook's hand before using said mook as a human shield against a close-range burst of gunfire from another Nazi, then drags a half-conscious Artyom out of the station.
  • Artyom's Heroic Sacrifice, where he blows up D6, killing the Big Bad and his army, denying them access to the weapons within. The only thing that would have made this more awesome would be if Artyom did a Title Drop of the achievement you get for this ending: "C'est la vie". It's all the better because the Big Bad was literally two feet away from you when you did it, and got to see exactly what you were about to do.
  • The last stand at D6, at the end of the game. Gunning down Red troops, whilst constantly falling back to more fortified lines, eventually going to town on them with a home made gatling gun. Even a squadron of Reds with riot shields and a Heavily Armored Mook with a flamethrower couldn't get through. Granted, you get your ass kicked in the end, but it's still very awesome. And the only get your ass kicked because they hit you with a train.
  • Going after the baby Dark One on the Circus train. Khan drives you after the train at high speed on a railcar, all the while you're attacked by Red Line units on parallel tracks. Then Khan pulls out an Ashot and one-shots a railcar coming in the opposite direction. After that, it's more traded fire until you can pull off Khan's plan of jumping aboard from the railcar that's speeding alongside it, and then you fight your way through over a dozen Red troops in some of the most cramped quarters in either game. All the while frantic action music plays in the background.
  • Fighting the giant bear near Red Square. It's the only non-human boss in the game that you don't have to kill, and easily one of the toughest fights in the game.
  • The Shadow Ranger achievement is obtained by never killing a human enemy unless absolutely necessary. There are three situations where you're allowed lethal force: the train chase after the River of Fate, the ambush at the Red Square, and the D6 defense. Even then, you can go further beyond the achievement and complete the former two situations without killing anyone and making the flamethrower squad at the very end the only technically needed human kills, though it takes intimate knowledge of the game's workings, a lot of medkits and no small amount of luck.
  • The Nazis holding off a MASSIVE Red Zerg Rush in the Faction Pack DLC. Moral merits aside, they stand their ground against insurmountable odds without losing a man.
  • Artyom and Pavel's escape from the Nazi concentration camp. Not only do they sneak past maybe a dozen armed guards, most of them without being spotted, but Artyom is also given the option to save all the other prisoners with a single press of a button. The best part, though, is right at the beginning of the level. You wake up to find yourself in a cell with three other men as two Nazis walk in to interrogate/kill you all. They execute the first two and the third, Pavel, seems willing to cooperate and the officer moves on to Artyom. While both of them have their backs turned, Pavel unbinds his hands and, with help from Artyom that's basically improv, they kill both Nazis and take their weapons, with which they escape. Even being handcuffed doesn't stop Artyom: he grabs the Nazi officer by the neck and keeps him from shooting Pavel until he can bury a knife in his gut. And this is just minutes after waking up from being rendered unconscious by the little Dark One and kicked in the face by a different Nazi at the Botanical Gardens!