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Drinking Game / Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

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WARNING: Don't try this with alcohol if you don't want to die. Thankfully, most story battles should last long enough to give you some recovery.

  • Take a sip everytime Killia's response to something is only silence.
  • Take a shot everytime Killia is eating onscreen.
  • Take a shot everytime The Other Killia reminds Killia that he "can destroy Void Dark in an instant".
  • Take a sip everytime Seraphina refers to a party member as a servant.
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  • Take a shot everytime Seraphina denies being in love in Killia.
  • Take a sip everytime Red Magnus says any of the following: "Super", "the Supreme One" or "Red Magnus". (Max 1 sip per dialogue box).
  • Take a shot everytime Red Magnus is knocked down.
  • Take a sip everytime Christo makes a comment on how a demon should act.
  • Take a shot everytime Christo denies being an angel or receives a phone call from Superior.
  • Take a sip everytime Usalia says "curry".
  • Take a shot everytime Usalia is actually eating curry.
  • Take a sip everytime Zeroken gets hit by someone.
  • Take a shot everytime Zeroken is knocked down.
  • Take a shot everytime Void Dark kills someone on screen.
  • Take a shot everytime a new secretary is introduced.
  • Take a sip every time Majorita says "Kill and Recycle".
  • Take a shot everytime Majorita blatantly lies.
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  • Take a sip everytime Bloodis attacks the party.
  • Take a shot everytime Bloodis jobs to the party.
  • Take a sip everytime anyone says "revenge".
  • Take a shot everytime everything is solved by having reliable allies.
  • Take a shot everytime anyone uses an Overload (in both cutscenes and gameplay).
  • Take a sip everytime anyone says "the Ultimate Demon Technique" in a cutscene.
    • Take a shot instead if it's "the Ultimate Demon Technique, Final Skill".
      • Take an additional shot if it's "the Ultimate Demon Technique, Final Skill: Avidya Holy Water".

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