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Valvatorez is a Netherheart Overlord....and doesn't know it.

Petta's evility "Bad Ass Daughter" works on Valvatorez despite him not being an Overlord. Most Netherheart Overlords (like Goldion) are significantly more powerful than a common overlord.

Void Dark is just a tool of another
  • It fits the pattern. At the least, despite appearing to be the Big Bad...there's no way he's the True Final Boss.
    • Wasn't the same said for the fake Overlord Zenon? Look how that turned out.
    • Disgaea 5's True Final Boss is actually Liezerota under Void Dark's influence, therefore I'd say she is the tool here.

Christo is a young Seraph Lamington
  • It is revealed that "Christo" is a codename, and his true name is never revealed. Throughout the story of Disgaea 5, Christo begins to care for his demonic companions and in his ending states he wants to eliminate conflicts and prejudices between angels and demons, much like the Seraph. He is also mentioned to have eventually become appointed Seraph and was a significant person during an incident that shook the Three Worlds, possibly Disgaea 1 which involved the Netherworld, Celestia, and the Human World. There are some differences in appearance, though the pointy ears could be part of the demon disguise as well. One counterpoint may be that Laharl and his gang can be met though the DLC of the game, though DLC characters are of dubious canonicity i.e. Frog Tink even after he was restored
    • To add to this, Christo shares his JP VA with Lamington! It's also worth noting one of his alt color schemes is very similar to Lamington's.
    • Further evidence includes Christo's initial belief that demons are Always Chaotic Evil, which was what angels (such as Vulcanus) believed before the events of Disgaea 1. Lamington was a rare exception, suggesting he went through the same Character Development as Christo. He also foresees a time when an angel and demon working together will become important, which has come to pass by Disgaea 1. And his contact on the phone says he'd be a shoe-in for Archangel if he returned to Celestia, but in the current timeline that position is occupied by Flonne. Christo's clairvoyance would also explain how Lamington always seems aware of everything that's happening.
      • It gets better. The weaknesses of Christo's Overload Skill actually explain some of the plot points of 1 and D2.

Disgaea 5 is a prequel
  • This theory is a suppliment to the WMG directly above it and is required for it to be true.
    • Corollary to this theory is that the DLC episodes are supposed to take place during a Time Skip after the end of the game. After all, Killia is the only character from the main cast who actively takes part in the DLC episodes; perhaps he'd made a lot of friends between the fall of Void Dark and the reunion of the Rebel Army.

Seraph Lamington manipulated things behind the scenes to groom Christo into his successor.
  • My theory is that Lamington recognized Christo's tactical abilities, but was concerned that he'd end up a zealot just like Vulcanus. Thus, Lamington started the rumor of Christo being a spy for Void Dark and allowed it to spread, knowing that Christo (arrogant as he was) would never trust Celestia's Department of Internal Investigations to vindicate him, and would thus insist on trying to take out Void Dark himself. Lamington also knew that Christo would eventually try to enlist the aid of demons in order to do so (since he'd never be able to beat Void Dark by himself) and would end up meeting honorable Noble Demons, since all of the cowardly, backstabbing demons either signed up with Void Dark already or are trying to hide from him. Thus, Christo would realize that not all demons are evil, and gain a few levels of humility in the process. Chisto will show up again in Disgaea 6, filling the role of Big Good during the "Incident that Shook the Three Worlds".

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  • Also, Christo's superior was in on the whole thing. He was only acting stupid to reinforce the idea that Christo couldn't rely on Celestia for help, and his claims about the plan to launch Armageddon was a Secret Test of Character. And he may or may not have been Mid-Boss.

True Zenon was the previous Overlord of Cryo Blood
  • In chapter 7, it is revealed that Killia was actually the overlord of a netherworld called Cryo Blood. He described it as a savage land where demons constantly betrayed and killed one another. A place where one could only trust oneself. Sounds like the perfect place for True Zenon, a demon who was constantly surrounded by bloodshed, to hail from. This theory is helped by the many similarities shared between True Zenon and Overlord Killidia: both happened to be red-eyed black-scleraed psychotic, paranoid, omnicidal ice wielders. If Killia had stayed an Ineffectual Loner, he would have probably became the same kind of monster as she had been.
    • This is also supported by the fact that Rozalin's Overload (as a DLC character) temporarily turns her back into Overlord Zenon, just like how Killia's Overload turns him back into Tyrant Killidia.
    • One potential flaw exists, the game's possible placement in the time line. However, the theory could be amended to Zenon became an overlord of Cryo Blood AFTER Killia.

Disgaea 5 is the first "real" appearance of Asagi.
  • The first stage of the postgame reveals the existence of a netherworld full of Asagi clones, all of whom were arguing over who the real Asagi was, but then the real Asagi shows up to help finish off one of the fakes. Unlike all of the other times Asagi appeared, this Asagi is cool, collected, and not obsessed over fame and glory. Assuming that this is the real Asagi, it's possible that the other Asagi's we've seen in other games were her clones, especially since some of Asagis appear to have undergone Clone Degeneration (such as the SD Asagi in Disgaea 4, or the chibi-Asagi in Disgaea 2 who used sprites from Makai Kingdom).

Majorita could possibly be truly trying to reform.
  • Though Majorita is bound to Usalia under the threat of death from her own spell by the post-game, she seems to be trying to go out of her way to make Usalia happy despite knowing how much Usalia hates her. Considering the fact that she put her own life on the line fighting the demon possessed by Void Dark's evil heart, her battle quotes saying how she does everything for Usalia, her team attack where she actually protects her despite getting hurt herself, and the fact that Usalia spared her life during their confrontation against Void where she told her to live and make up for what she had done, it's possible that Usalia had a huge effect on Majorita in terms of change. She even states that she would come to her aid in a second if Usalia ever needed her, so it's possible that Majorita found someone else to turn to in Usalia after being betrayed and killed by Void Dark, despite her insistence that she didn't want to act friendly at the start. Not to mention that she seemed hopeful after Usalia said that she hadn't accepted her "yet" after the fight with the malice-possessed demon, claiming hope for the future. Considering how the ending states that Usalia turned Toto Bunny into a paradise similar to the Utopia Majorita was fighting for under Void Dark's name, it could be argued that the person to make that dream a reality could have been Usalia to Majorita all along, hence why she wants to help her so much and try to make up with her.
  • Even her own k.o. quote upon joining the team is stating that she is just doing what she is to make Usalia happy.
  • It's possible, but given her very peculiar sense of morals it seems unlikely. For one, she hasn't taken the first and most basic step to atoning for her misdeeds: apologizing to Usalia.

Fear the Great came from the aftermath of this game's 2nd half
  • Note the commonality involving the use of malice. This assumes the prequel theory is correct. This gives Lamington a motive for getting involved with the 4th game.

Mr. Champloo from Disgaea 3 is a student of Zeroken/Killa
  • As with many of the theories above, this one assumes Disgaea 5 is a prequel. At the end of the game, Zeroken starts his own dojo to spread the Ultimate Demon Technique, which emphasizes strength of heart and being a decent person compared to most demons, in addition to being a powerful form of martial arts. Zeroken also asks Killia to occasionally serve as a guest teacher, and Killia is a Supreme Chef who believes in consuming sumptuous meals before a fight to fuel his abilities (and to suppress his Superpowered Evil Side, but he keeps up the habit afterward). It makes sense that Champloo was once a student of this dojo, and received lessons from both Zeroken and Killia, explaining why he is a top-notch martial artist, a big-hearted nice guy, and obsessed with the power of cooking.
  • The epilogue also states that the Ultimate Demon technique became the basis for many other NEW styles as well as Zeroken continued to pass it on. Perhaps Mr. Champloo's Fire Chaos Style had the Ultimate Demon Technique serve as its base?

The Plenair of previous games (1-4) is the daughter/granddaughter of this game's Plenair.
  • Like many theories above, this one assumes Disgaea 5 is a prequel. The posted age of Christo is about 2100, which would place the game about 7500 years before the 1st one. Therefore, for the Plenair of the previous games to still look a woman in her late teens or early twenties even for the typical 100 chronological years = 1 biological year ratio, it becomes neccesary for more than one Plenair to exist. Since this game's Plenair's last name is Alloprima just like the one from previous games, it was the eventual husband who changed their last name. Also of note: this game's Plenair is significantly more vocal than previous incarnations.

The DLC episodes take place LONG after Disgaea 5
Granted, it requires everyone to forget that you can recruit everyone during the main game and that Killia did not age in the 5000+ or so years after Disgaea 5 (Based on Christo and Lamington's ages), but otherwise, it makes some sense. The Pocket Netherworld is seemingly empty with the exception of the Prinnies and at no point does any of the other Rebel Army members make an appearance. Why? Because they're tending to their respective Netherworlds (Dojo and Celestia in Zeroken and Christo's case) and don't have the time to visit anymore. As for why Killia is wandering again, perhaps he's actually doing errands for Lieze that required long treks across the universe. After all, he has to get those exotic ingredients for their cooking from some place.
  • This is actually quite plausible. Makai Kingdom via Zetta implies Overlords are basically immortal. To further support this theory, gameplay wise is just simple Rule of Fun to let doods play with their new toys. In fact, one could place DLC for the most part at "one year after the 3rd game" and it would work.
    • Actually, it would probably be after the fourth game since everyone in the Hades Party knows Artina. As for why Flonne isn't in her Archangel outfit, Lamington might've given her a vacation so she could celebrate Laharl's birthday so she reverted to her Fallen Angel form. And upon learning that Killia attended Laharl's birthday, Lamington might've allowed Flonne a longer leave so she could get to know his friend.

Void never had the power to steal Overlord skills initially.
In Killia's flashback, Void tells Killia how he has obtained the power beyond hate. However, there was nothing stating he had the power to steal abilities in the past making this trooper believe that only when Void left Goldion's side did he obtain the power to steal from other demons and if this is the case, it was only temporarily. In the post-game, while he would have no more reason to use it, it would be easy to assume too that he didn't have it naturally. Removing the darkness from his heart made the ability go straight to his corrupted heart instead.

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