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Drinking Game / Devo

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In the past this information has been suppressed, but now it can be told. Every man, woman, and mutant on this planet shall know how to drink along to Devo.

  • Take a drink whenever one of the band members uses a German accent.
  • Take a drink whenever there's a namedrop.
    • You'd probably have alcohol poisoning by the end of "Jocko Homo".
  • Take a drink when a song has "Baby" in the lyrics
    • Be sure to make a will before trying this while listening to "Satisfaction".
  • Take a drink whenever there's Product Placement, which is rare.
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  • Chug your drink during "Whip It". Make sure you have an ambulance on speed dial.
  • Take a drink for every love song by the band.
  • Take a drink when the pirate laughs in "Speed Racer".
  • Take a drink whenever you hear "Yeah!" in "Uncontrollable Urge".


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