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Drinking Game / DMX

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Oh yes, a fun game to get yourself quickly plastered from Mr. Dog Man X. Enjoy:

  • Take a shot for every "What!", "ugh!", or "c'mon!"
  • Take a shot for every dog barks or growls.
  • Take two shots every time either DMX tells you to suck his dick, or any variations of, um, him receiving oral sex. Good luck making it through "Party Up".
  • Take a shot every time he mentions smacking someone. Take two if it's with his dick.
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  • For every use of the word "blood," take a shot.
  • For every shout-out to all the ladies, take two shots.
  • For every shout-out to the Ruff Ryders, take a shot. (Feel free to make "Ruff Ryders' Anthem" an exception to this single rule if you're feeling lenient)
  • Take a shot every time he preaches. Finish your glass if it's a full-on skit (i.e. a whole track).
  • Take a shot every time X says "your/my mans'n'em"
  • Take a shot the words "Ya'll Niggaz" is shouted.
  • Take a shot for every time he wears Timberland boots, army fatigues, sunglasses, wife beater, hood, and/or no shirt in his videos or interviews.
  • Take a shot every time his videos features a.) Flashy cars, b.) Japanese Bikes, c.) Quads, d.) black motorcycle club, e.) pit-bulls, f.) all of the above (in that case, finish your drink).
  • He's dissing Drake again in an interview? Take a shot.
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  • Did he get arrested again? Take one shot if petty, two if misdemeanor, finish if felony.


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