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Time & Universe: Up to 10 Years is a work-in-progress Spanish-language Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic. Written by the same author of C.I.A.: Agents, is serves as a sort of prequel for the latter, focusing on twelve protagonists in three different phases of their life together within 10 years.

The story starts with 15-year-old Sonic (Spring Sonic), running across Green Hill Zone until a Black Hole appears out of nowhere in front of him, and absorbs him. When he can open his eyes again, realizes that also all of his friends where absorbed along with him by those mysterious Black Holes.


They soon realize that they traveled 5 years in the future, and Möbius is not how they know it: Magic has dominated the planet as the principal kind of energy. Meeting with themselves helps little to nothing with their confusion, since all they say is that they were forced to become mages to survive the changes of the world.


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