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They're a Crime Fighting Duo Du-du-du duo
Rooster: Damn it, why did it have to be Griffons?
Lyco: What's wrong with Griffons?
Rooster: They're killin' machines. We have to kill them before they rip out our innards, feast on them, and then kill us.
Lyco: Isn't that, the other way around?
Rooster: I meant wha' I said laddie!

Lycodrake is a sarcastic Necromancer, Rooster "The Rooster" Psychopants is a Xenocidal Dwarf with a gun. Tim is a loveable Zombie kid with his horse, that's also a Zombie. They Fight Crime Griffons, Dragons, and various other monsters thrown at them.

In loving memory of Tim may you find peace in Zombie Heaven

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