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We are the Altered

Over Written (written in the Title as (Over)Written), is a concept for an anime series by Troper Lockon Lockon in the nearish future some people are born with the power to use magical leylines to access superhuman powers. These people are commonly referred to as 'The Altered'. Feeling threatened by the Altered some people started discriminating against them. As history often happens with discrimination the Altered were soon given protection against discrimination by the World Government. However, a group of Altered did not forget this discrimination and swore vengeance against the 'Normals'. Not long after the formation of this group the discovery of a special variety of Altered called (Over)s were discovered, (Over)s had a superior degree of power compared to most Altered. However in order to use this boost of power the (Over)s had to let a split personality called an (Over)side take over their body. worse yet, (Over)sides have the tendency to be a little, unstable. The group of Altered, now calling themselves L'sauveurs began recruiting (Over)s and using them for their agenda. The World Government saw that this needed to be stopped and formed a force to stop L'sauveurs from achieving their goal of the Genocide of the entire human race. Our story is told from the prespective of Zack an American Altered recruited by the World Government to replace a member of the force who was KIA.


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