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LHP Arkham (Not necessary the final name) is a web comic created by Nomic. Currently it exists only in the author's mind, as well as some character designs and test comics on his hard drive (in a folder labeled LHP-Arkham, hence the name). The comic is a fantasy/slice of life comic that is mostly episode-based with occasional short strips and longer story arcs. The story takes place in an universe similar to our own, with some other fantastic elements thrown in (namely the existance of magic and supernatural beings, including demons and Lovecraftian Eldritch Abominations), and contains a lot of shout outs to Lovecraft's work (name of the city it takes place on and the names of two of the main characters being the most obvious). It stars two mostly ordinary guys who end up coming in posesson of a tome of magic spells (through a black magic mail order cataloque that got accidentally delivered to the wrong address). After messing around with it they end up meeting, and getting stuck with, the third main cast member, a demon. Together the three must face the challenges of everyday life! Oh, and the occasional supernatural beings and evil cults.


The main cast consists of:

Philip K. Derby: An university student and self-admitted geek. Somewhat of a Cloud Cuckoolander with a habit of searching the internet for instructions on how to build complex machinery from household parts. Every now and then he manages to build something that actually works, too. Has an extensive knowlege on mostly-useless stuff and high amounts of Genre Savviness.

Howard Waite: Philip's roommate and friend. Works as a clerk in a record store, with hopes of making his big break as a guitarist of a rock band. So far his band has not been very succesful, tho. He also has an interest in paranormal stuff, which is why he ordered the above-mentioned tome of magic. To his surprise the spells in the book actually worked, so now he's studying the book in order to lear how to cast spells properly. If he can master both the art of playing a guirar and casting magic, he could potentially become a powerful rock'n'roll wizard or something equally awesome.


Zarangora il Ered'nash (Zaran): A demon that came to live with our heroes after their first attempt in casting a spell failed spectacularly. Luckily for them, she's not Always Chaotic Evil (she's Chaotic Neutral instead, which is actually the most common aligment for individual demons in the setting. Their society is clearly evil, tho). She rather enjoys the mortal world, but often finds it quite confusing. Being a creature of Chaos she's quite impulsive and, as a result of her unfamiliarity with the mortal world, somewhat naive, but is occasionally shows to posess great insight (she's also apparently really good as math). Being a demon she also has various unusual powers, such as heightened senses, increased strenght (not quite superhuman, but higher than that of average human) and an innate ability to use demonic magic.


Some seconday characters of importance include:

Overlord Maladath il Ered'nash: Zaran's father, who is quite dissapointed with her nor acting like a proper demon, but still loves his daughter. Also, he has a huge flaming sword and the ability to summon city-destroying fireballs.

Victor Nephrenka: Our heroes' landlord, aswell as a successful realestate owner. Always immaculately dressed, well spoken and able to remain calm even in the face of various paranormal threaths (tenants repeatedly calling him to complain about a rat infestation get on his nerves, tho). Also owns a large collection of strange and unusual artefacts. He occasionally helps our heroes, but he's not quite as benevolent as might seem, or quite as human for the matter...

Zaran's Unknown Rival: A girl who after losing to Zaran in a contest desides to take revenge on her by utterly humiliating her. Her attempts are not very succesful, as she doesn't notice them most of the time and when she does, considers it friendly rivalry (when you come from a plane of existance where you'r enemies generally don't try anythign more subtle than chopping you'r head off and setting you on fire, most people come off as rather friendly).

Phil's and Howard's friends: The main cast has several friends that occasionally make an appearance, including Howard's fellow band members and Phil's fellow students, aswell as the guys he occasionally plays D&D with.

The Herald of the Outer Gods: An evil being from beyond the Void who has some nefarious plans which in one way or another involve our heroes. He mostly works behind the scenes, manipulating events to suit his plans, but he's no less fearsome in direct combat, being Nigh Invulnerable and able to effortlessly vield devastating magic. His ultimate goal is to release the EldritchAbominations that ruled the world in the distant past so that they may reclaim the world and destroy mankind. Why? Well, mostly because he can.


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