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Hazebent will be a web comic based off homestuck that follows a group of 12 trolls and 1 human take on sburb after one of them finds the disc in a well. Many problems and drama ensue

This work contains examples of these tropes

  • A God Am I: Clem later on in the story becomes this
  • Affably Evil: Ghost!Theyos is still a kind person who thinks every life has value and he is still polite, it's just he's trying to kill everybody
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  • Antagonist Abilities: Clem, the main villain is first a first guardian giving her far more powers than any of the trolls have and then later on they go god tier and happen to be a lord of space, one of the master classes of sburb!
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Ghost!Theyos at first comes off as a helpful friendly person who wants to help the main session, till he realizes that he could have his group take it over so that they could all live some sort of life, Then he becomes rather dark and willing to kill
  • Cast Full of Crazy: Almost half the trolls have some kind of PTSD from their up brings and then the other half has; Avurit who has been abused and has some PTSD from that, Borhan who has BPD, Dalaus who seems like he'll fall into the trap most high bloods do, eta. Only about 2-3 characters aren't crazy in any way
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  • Cast Full of Gay: None of the characters are heterosexual
  • Screw Destiny: One of Borhan's powers as a prince of doom is this

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