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Jan Böhmermann is a german comedian and host of Neo Magazin Royale. He grew up in Bremen Nord (Vegesack, to be exact) as the son of a police officer, which he frequently mentions in his material. He likes to refer to himself as "Blasser Dünner Junge" (pale thin boy) and cultivates a boyish charm and ne'erdowell attitude. While his show ranges from the downright silly (eel puns in "Galileo fish-story" segments) to the political (his Erdogan poem, which caused a diplomatic incident) he is not above making fun of even things and people he probably likes and supports. His sidekicks include William Cohn (a bald man with a weird taste in clothes and a low voice, some of which may be his public persona only) and Ralf Kabelka.


He is probably best known outside Germany for his song and video "BE DEUTSCH!", a parody of Rammstein challenging right wing authoritarian leaders.

He's got the police, you got your life ruined.

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