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Forte-Kham-617 is an author on Fan Fiction who writes stories namely for the Total Drama Fandom. He started participating on said site in the near ending of 2012. As stated, he does write for, and ships several TD couples, such as: Alejandro/Heather, Jo/Brick, Dawn/Scott, Gwen/Duncan, and Lightning/Anne Maria. He can be seen as a Nice Guy or Neutral Good as he treats the other active members of the site kindly and with respect. His stories are mostly known for throwing in alot of references to older, or newer, cartoons that he grew up with, has seen occasionally, or has taken a liking in over time. Because of that trait, his stories can be seen as Nostalgia Filter.


This Author invokes the following tropes:

  • Butt-Monkey - Noah and Zoey are definitely the characters who recieve the most abuse out of them all.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Jerk: ALL of those characters can qualify as Jerk with a Heart of Jerk. Ex: (In "Dare And Ask The Villains") Duncan and Lightning pulled a HORRIBLY CRUEL prank on Dawn at her Prom when she even WON PROM QUEEN!!! And, because of this, Dawn later goes insane and kills God knows how many animals and Beth! It's referencing the My Little Pony parody video, SHED.MOV, but still. Scott's reaction to this when Lightning confesses it to him? He just LAUGHS IT OFF!!! He even convinces Lightning, who was quitly about the whole incident, to LAUGH WITH HIM! And, as if that wasn't enough, no one even cares that Beth (save for Gwen) or Lindsay got killed! Granted, none of them know that Lindsay is dead - yet.
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  • Laughably Evil - While Zercrad can be funny and very enjoyable at times, he can also be a cunning villain who can get your whole team to vote you off for making just one tiny, little mistake or just being plain annoying to him (Examples include: Bridgette, Sam, Owen, Zoey, and Cameron.) Exact same goes for Alejandro and Scott.


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