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'Dreamsmith' is the internet handle of an author who writes both original fiction and also fanfiction (the latter set mainly in the Buffyverse, or at least featuring Buffy characters in crossover roles).

Fanfiction by Dreamsmith with their own pages on this wiki include:

  • "All Your Base Are Belong To Her" Dawn is thrown into the Stargate SG:1 setting, and must deal with strange new abilities and the relentless pursuit of the military, who seek to capture and control this alien invader.

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  • "An Average Everyday Supergoddess"

  • "Heroes & Villains" Buffy's first day at her new school in Sunnydale is somewhat surreal, since this story takes place in an alternate world which conflates the Buffy Universe with that of Marvel's X-Men. Buffy's High School is a newly-built school for 'Gifted' students (ie: Mutants), and everyone she meets there has superpowers. Along with her new roommate, Faith, Buffy begins her quest to rule the school, and discover the hidden agenda behind the various odd situations she discovers there.


Original Stories (Published under the pseudonym A.J. Kalliver)

Tropes Common in his work:

  • Vanity Is Feminine: The female leads tend to be beautiful, and despite being brave, powerful, and determined, they're quite open about the importance they place on their looks, feeling absolutely zero shame for their love of clothes, shoes, makeup, and all things girly-girl.

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