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CP Studios is a non-profit, fan-run audio production group, mainly focused on Doctor Who. Billed as "Producers of Aural Mystery and Wonder", their mission is to create compelling, engaging audio drama, usually aimed at fans.

Programs include:

  • CP Studios Doctor Who
  • The Doctor Who Fan Stories (Page Forthcoming)
  • World's Greatest Detective (Upcoming)

Common tropes include:

  • Cast Full of Writers: And producers, directors, script editors...
  • The Nth Doctor: Well, seeing as they primarily deal in Doctor Who...
  • Source Music: Used in The Wooden Planet (the Abbess's organ music), Everything Stops for Tea (the titular song), The East India Incident ("Nille Nille Kaveri" and "Yeno Yeno Aghide"), The Ride of the Headless Horseman ("Les Poissons"), and Flux Time ("Somewhere Over the Rainbow") in the Main Series and The Private Bounty (the piano piece is "The Roost" theme from the Animal Crossing series) in The Doctor Who Fan Stories.
  • Stock Scream: The famous Wilhelm Scream appears roughly once a story.
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