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BJK, or Benjamin Joseph Kuniyoshi (or simply Ben) White is the tea-powered indie author of what he likes to call 'books'. Or what I like to call 'books', because I'm already sick of referring to myself in the third person. Let's get listy-listing! These are the books I've published (or will publish), by series:

Miya Black, Pirate Princess - The story of a girl who would do anything to protect her home.


I: Adventure Dawns

II: Freedom & Responsibility

III: Fractured Lives

IV: This Impossible World, This Impossible Girl

V: Every Glorious Tomorrow

Charlotte Powers - The diary of fifteen year-old would-be Greatest Superhero Charlotte Powers. (Alternately, "An odd combination of stream-of-conscious anxieties and high-flying save-the-world goals written by an overzealous, naïve teenaged girl in her wristwatch computer diary".)

1 - Power Down

2 - Power Play

3 - Hidden Power

4 - Rising Power

5 - Power Overwhelming

6 - One Girl Army

7 - Neon Bug City

Resonance - Dark fantasy ensemble thing about young people gaining powers in a vaguely post-apocalyptic world.

Book One: Birds Of Passage

Book Two: Against Darker Days

Book Three: Blood For Blood (TBR sometime maybe I don't know don't push me)

Other Books

The Boy & Little Witch - Two best friends journey across a lonely land in search of their stolen headwear.


Imogen Shroud - Gloomy girl fights depression; zombies.

Treasure Guardians - Amnesiac kids fight monsters for loot.

Bright Battle Story: Tactics Heart - In essence, the story of how one Obstinate Neutral dwarven rogue decides to Take On The System and put her team of seemingly useless, low-tier characters up against high-tier teams. Less of a parody of Role Playing Games and wargames, more of an underdog sports story except with an SRPG setting rather than baseball or whatever. I won't lie; I am in love with this story. You can read it on Royal Road:

Death Theory - Horrible grimdark sweary crunchy dark fantasy guro thing about a bunch of people who get trapped in some kind of death game.

Remember When Things Weren't Broken - Teenage monsters fight teenage monsters.


I have a website I don't update:

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