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"Sorry for the delay, but I have been busy with other stuff."
A somewhat common apology whenever Auro has been away due to Real Life.

Auro Vee, whom goes by the username auraRilou on Fan Fiction Dot Net, TheLegendaryOrreTrio on DeviantArt, ah2190 - his original username - on Archive of Our Own, and by the username AuroVee on both FurAffinity and, is a fanfiction author whom is currently more well known for the number of ideas he starts rather than the number of Fanfictions he actually completes.


Auro Vee's works include examples of:

  • Alternate Universe: The basic premise for most, if not all of his fics.
  • Author Avatar: Arguably, any time you see a character named Auro in one of his works, chances are that they are an Author Avatar of him.
  • Crossover: Most of said Alternative Universes are crossovers, normally with Pokémon being one of them.
  • Dead Fic: Most of his works. Some of them he loses interest in, like Galactic Assault, while others he doesn't have the script which he had for them, like Voids from Beyond. Auro admits that this can be due to his lack of motivation to work on his writing.
  • Magic A Is Magic A: In his Undertale / Pokémon Quest Roleplay crossover, Undermon, the introduction explains about the different strengths which exist in the world: SOUL, MIND and BODY. The Protagonist, due to being a human was was cursed into becoming a Riolu, has both the powers of SOUL and BODY, and both have their own level system which increases HP. The rub is that EXP, which is connected to the SOUL, actually has a negative effect on AP, which is connected to the BODY.
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  • Omake: Occasionally, he may throw in an Omake to a fic which he is working on. And then there's Undermon where the Omakes written by others has an effect on the actual plot...
  • The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You: Played with. For an April Fools gag, Auro faked that Chara had taken control of the Undermon thread, and when her name was said, She took over the protagonist's body and proceeded to do a Genocide Run, even though all the readers could see was how it ended with a wall of 9s. Thankfully, it was just a prank, and the next day events continued as if the events never happened.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Played with in Undermon. Here, Toriel is actually spelt Torial. While at first it was actually a misspelling on Auro's behalf, one of the readers noted that if the misspelling was actually intentional, then she'd possibly have the Aura of a Latias. Guess which Legendary Auro eventually made her have the Aura, and therefore abilities, of?


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