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The creator of the tournament. He was penultimate in the first round but he is now in the second place of the second round. His teams are:

  • Team 1: Mackaw (Chesnaught), Excalibur (Aegislash), Dragonslayer (Gardevoir), sap (Goodra), Guidjit (Malamar) and Miss (Florges).
  • Team 2: Nightshade (Absol), Motorcycle (Gogoat), Nanchon (Hawlucha), Brun (Volcarona), Black Mage (Delphox), Lurky (Klefki).

  • Cluster F-Bomb: He averts it for most of the time, but on some battles, it shows he really likes to use F-Bombs.
  • Evolution Power-Up: Dragonslayer and Nightshade can Mega Evolve.
  • The Ace: Originally started as one, as he defeated everyone in his way, subverted, since he started to lose some battles after his first defeat on Round Two.


Round Two's newcomer and the current leader. His teams are:

  • Team 1: Goodra, Lucario, Greninja, Lilligant, Togekiss and Chandelure.
  • Team 2: Red Baroness (Scizor), Shiftry, Banter (Tyrantrum), Crouching Cupcake (Slurpuff), Ten Commandments (Aegislash), KyoryuGreen (Gallade) and Wave Motion Cannon (Magnezone).

  • The Ace: Out of 7 battles that he had, he only lost one. He is the current leader with 6 points. Oh, and he was the first one to defeat the previous leader (Locky), who had won six battles in a row.
  • Evolution Powerup: Red Baroness can Mega Evolve.
  • Wave Motion Gun: Wave Motion Cannon actually.


Round Two's newcomer and currently on last position. He quit the tournament after losing many times (14 times to be exact). His teams are:

  • Team 1: Blaze (Blaziken), Pika (Raichu), Doom (Swampert), Fatty (Hariyama), Beauty (Gardevoir) and OMG (Aggron).
  • Team 2: Charizard, Altaria, Gyarados, Dodrio, Rotom (Fan form) and Crobat.
  • Team 3: Bob (Swampert), Biel (Metagross), Fandro (Charizard), TNG (Aegislash), LMM (Gardevoir) and White (Serperior).

  • Loser Leaves Town: After losing 14 matches of 17, he decided to leave the tournament.

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