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Awesome / Fantendo Pokemon Showdown

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Because of the nature of battling, several Awesome Moments have happened.

Round 1

Round 2

  • In his match with Fandro, Pablo was getting beaten pretty badly... until Red Baroness comes in, Mega Evolves, and manages to take down the rest of Fandro's team with ease.
  • In his rematch with Qyzxf (and his infamous Shuckle) Fandro has trouble chipping away at Shuckle, up until he uses Sacred Swordnote . Cue Fandro and the observers dubbing Sacred Sword 'the beast breaker' while Qyxzf gets increasingly worried. It didn't seal the match, but seeing Shuckle's weak point for once was amazing and caused a lot of Aegislashs to show up.

Pre-Round 3

  • During his match against Seer, Locky uses his Vileplume, named Nuptup after Beeware is defeated. Seer's Gallade (named Zoro) uses Ice Punch, a super-effective move against Grass types. Nuptup manages to survive with 1% HP left and managed to recover some health by using Draining Punch against Seer's Aurorus. Too bad it didn't managed to survive on the next turn, but that was amazing.
  • Seer won two battles in less than 15 turns. During the second battle, Seer managed to knock out almost all of Fandro's Pokémon (with the exception of Wut the Metagross, who defeated his Medicham, but was quickly defeated by his Slaking) only using one Pokémon.
  • After being defeated by Seer, Locky curb stomped him in a battle that lasted less than 12 turns.
  • Sora x Locky. [ Second try]. Locky curb-stomped Sora in a short time because Sora created a team full of Pokémon that have weakness against Fire. And Locky had a Noivern with a item that increasd the power of fire. Sure Noivern was defeated, but Locky still won because he had a Zygrade with the Hidden Power Fire.

Round 3


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