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Characters page for Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia, with characters from Final Fantasy VIII through Final Fantasy XV.

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Beware: Late Arrival Spoilers are untagged for their respective games.

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Introduced in Final Fantasy VIII

    Squall Leonhart 

Squall Leonhart
A SeeD cadet training to be a mercenary at Balamb Garden. He was a lone wolf, who shunned away others, until his encounter with Rinoa helped him gradually open up and ultimately embark on a journey to defeat the evil sorceress.
Voiced by: Hideo Ishikawa

Recruited in his event. The party finds Squall clearing out monsters on his own, having been hired by the Returners. He's initially skeptical about trusting Mog, but joins the party regardless since he was hired to do so.

Squall is capable of dealing high BRV+HP damage on his own with Solid Barrel and Renzokuken, with his skills improving into even better + versions if used while Squall's BRV is under a certain level. His EX Ability, Assault Trigger, does massive damage to a single enemy, while granting Squall a unique framed buff called Lion's Heart that increases his Attack and Max BRV, making it stack-able with other buffs.
LD: Rough Divide
Burst: Blasting Zone
  • Area of Effect: All of his skills except his EX, including his BRV+ and HP+ attacks, either hit all enemies or deal partial or full HP damage to other targets.
  • Balance Buff: Squall gains a brand new framed buff that automatically causes his skills to remain at their + versions with enhanced BRV and HP Attacks, allowing him to work better with BRV batteries (since his abilities have a conditional normally that requires him to be at low BRV).
  • Birds of a Feather: With Paine, pointed out by Zell. Both Squall and Paine try to deny this (Squall internally, and Paine out loud) but Squall realizes they really are similar and keeps his mouth shut about it.
  • Blade Spam: Every one of Squall's attacks, Solid Barrel, Renzokuken, and his EX Ability Assault Trigger, all hit the enemy several times, with the fully upgraded EX+ dealing an additional 6 BRV hits followed by an HP attack before the normal 8 BRV hits ending in a HP attack. Hell, Renzokuken literally means "Continuous Sword" in Japanese.
  • Demoted to Extra: At first, like Tidus, since they were the only main characters from previous Dissidia games to be recruited in an event (and Squall has the honor of being the first event character). However, starting with Chapter 8 which is when his Lost Chapter is available, he starts making appearances in the main story - even becoming the main hero focus of Chapter 10.
  • Desperation Attack: When Squall has low BRV at right below 250% of his current Initial BRV amount, his Solid Barrel and Renzokuken will become their plus versions, striking an enemy several more times than normal. His rework fixes this by making his new Solid Barrel Extend give him a new unique buff called Solitary Lion, a framed buff that increases his Attack, Initial BRV and Max BRV while negating the Initial BRV requirements for both his plus version abilities as long as it's active (and likewise, no longer having BRV batteries interfere with his gimmick).
  • How Do I Shot Web?: Squall tries his hand at opening a Torsion to pursue Ultimecia in Chapter 10. It winds up taking them in a loop back to where they'd started.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: Squall explains his reluctance to join the party by saying that it's ridiculous to risk his life solely based on the words of a moogle.
  • Mighty Glacier: While Squall hits many times and hits very hard, before his awakening one of his biggest weaknesses was his average 3/5 speed giving him a low turn rate. That, and he has high base attack and Max BRV at 5/5, but average Initial BRV (important considering his gimmick) while also suffering from poor defense (also making him a Glass Cannon). However, he becomes a Lightning Bruiser once buffed due to his crystal level 58 passive giving him a invisible huge speed boost compared to other 54/58 speed boosts.
  • Save the Villain: Squall does this for Seifer at the end of Chapter 10, shouting for him to wake up before he gets sucked into the Torsion.
  • Simple, yet Awesome: Squall's attacks are all just variations on the same "hit the enemy over and over again" strategy, yet he is one of the most used characters in the Meta. However, the biggest weakness tends to be his longevity in long waves of enemies due to easily running out of firepower. His later Lv. 70 awakening fixes this somewhat with each usage of his Lv. 65 Additional Ability (Added Ability Attack Up) recovering a single skill use for both.

    Laguna Loire 

Laguna Loire
An aspiring journalist and former Galbadian soldier who is traveling the world in search of a girl who was kidnapped by a sorceress. He may not think things through all the time, but there's something about his easy-going, genuine demeanor that draws people to him.
Voiced by: Hiroaki Hirata

Recruited in Chapter 5 of the main story. When the party first finds him, he's hunting monsters on his own, but joins up with them even though he's not quite following what's going on. As the party meets more of the FFVIII cast, he gets more and more bewildered when they recognize him from their dreams or his movies, but they keep him in the dark, because this version of Laguna is from the past, not Squall's present day.

Laguna specializes as an area of effect debuffer with Grenade and Shotgun. His EX Ability is Ragnarok Buster, an overflowing ranged BRV+HP Attack that grants him the unique framed buff known as Manly Charm, which both increases his Max BRV and damage potencies on a debuffed target (based on the number of debuffs they have).
  • BFG: His EX ability, Ragnarok Buster, has him wielding one to assault his enemies with a laser beam.
  • Daddy Had a Good Reason for Abandoning You: Laguna argues at one point that sometimes this is necessary in order to protect their loved ones. Yuri and Krile vehemently disagree, saying that they would rather fight alongside their parents instead of being left behind.
  • Having a Blast: Using a Grenade, Laguna can hit every enemy with an explosion packed with a defense and speed down debuff.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: Squall and the rest of the FFVIII cast (and even some outside of it) keep Laguna from knowing about the origin of his "fairies" and that they're all from his future.
  • Mighty Glacier: Has a slow turn rate until his Lv. 60 Awakening with a subpar 2/5 in base Speed, Defense and Initial BRV (leading him to be BRV broken easily in most circumstances). Even then, he has solid self buffs on top of above average Attack and Max BRV at base via 4/5, along with his HP being a 5/5. His crystal level 54 passive also helps in the speed department, along with his much-needed HP Attack+ gained from max limit breaking his EX weapon which both offers low action delay/high turn rate and helps solve his longevity issues of burning through his skills too fast.
  • No Sense of Direction: Laguna gets lost from the party on more than one occasion, sometimes also with Bartz.
  • One of the Kids: He is frequently shown playing around and goofing off with the children of the party.
  • Shotguns Are Just Better: His second ability is Shotgun, which also hits every enemy in a spread shot. With his 35CP passive introduced in Zack's event, it becomes one of the earliest AoE BRV+HP Attacks that only ends in single target HP damage, with the reworked version finally having an extra hit and overflow.
  • Standard Status Effects: Specializes in this as one of the game's earliest AoE debuffers in its lifespan, with his Extend passives of his abilities even pushing the debuffs landed on a target up by 2 turns.
  • Team Dad: Though this version of Laguna is younger than most of the other dads of the party (and he's not actually a father yet) he is often one of the ones who takes on this role.
  • Wave-Motion Gun: His EX ability, likely akin to how his EX Burst worked back in 012 on PSP. Despite the initial shots fired from the cannon's bottom barrel during the start of the animation, it's only the laser itself that deals the damage.

    Zell Dincht 

Zell Dincht
A SeeD cadet at Balamb Garden who fights alongside his classmate Squall to stop the sorceress. While his antsy and impulsive nature earned him a reputation as the school troublemaker, he is also an avid learner which has proven to be more than helpful from time to time.
Voiced by: Noriaki Sugiyama

Recruited in Chapter 7 of the main story, found wandering on his own outside of Imber Manor. Since he can't find any of his friends, he joins up with the party when he recognizes Laguna from his dreams, though the latter has no idea who he is.

Zell is a physical attacker with his skills Punch Rush and Burning Rave, which grant himself a unique Duel buff that transforms his skills into Booya and Meteor Barrage combos, able to do both single and multi-target damage. His EX Ability, Different Beat, attacks an enemy multiple times with up to 150% overflow, granting him the Duel buff and also changing both of his default BRV and HP attacks to use both of his abilities.
  • Armor-Piercing Attack: Both his standard abilities inflict fairly potent defense down debuffs on his target, and his EX+ ignores enemy defense when upgraded.
  • Amnesiac Hero: While other party members from Final Fantasy VIII remember events from their game all the way up to meeting Ultimecia, Zell actually doesn't remember much farther from when they confront Edea at the end of Disc One, something which upsets him quite a bit.
  • Battle Aura: Has a fiery aura when he uses Burning Rave, although the attack still does non-elemental damage.
  • Death from Above: Meteor Barrage has Zell leap into the air, before crashing down on top of his opponent. Also present in the final blow of his EX.
  • Evolving Attack: Using Punch Rush or Booya puts Zell into Duel Mode, which turns the previous abilities into Burning Rave and Meteor Barrage while also enhancing his BRV Attack (with his 35CP active). Doubles for his awakened version (where if at 80% HP or higher, he'll use the other opposite skill as a followup for free for more BRV shaving; e.g. Punch Rush into Booya and so forth) and when he's used his EX, his BRV and HP Attacks change into Burning Combo and Meteor Combo for a single use: the former is a Punch Rush into Burning Rave and the latter is a Booya into Meteor Barrage, although both combos will be noticeably weaker than his actual moves if his EX+ isn't upgraded enough.
  • Fragile Speedster: Has a solid 5/5 base in Speed and HP, with a 4/5 in Max BRV along with having high skill counts for solid longevity, but with average Attack (3/5) and a horrendous 1/5 in both Initial BRV and Defense. Both his crystal level 45 passive and crystal level 54 passive (pre-rework and post-rework for the latter) even speed him up when buffed.
  • Ground Punch: Burning Rave has Zell punch the ground, causing collateral BRV and HP damage to all enemies.
  • Hot-Blooded: Zell is quick to anger and likes rushing in fists ready for action. Seifer is able to use this to easily get a rise out of him. It's even weaponized in his rework where he gains himself a new framed buff known as Balamb's Hothead that replaces his original Max BRV Up added with a normal Attack Up, allowing him to still keep holding onto his power spikes along with his new crystal level 54 and 58 passives no longer relying on his Duel being active.
  • Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs: Punch Rush is a barrage of punches.
  • Sheathe Your Sword: In one scene when Garland is summoned to fight alongside the party, he turns against them just because he wants a good fight. Instead of playing into his wants, Zell recommends that the party just sheathes their weapons and faces him down until he gives in and leaves, too much of a Noble Demon to attack them when they're unarmed.
  • Shock and Awe/Use Your Head: Booya does lightning elemental damage with a headbutt.
  • Shoryuken: A rapid flip-kick version with his EX Ability, Different Beat, where he ends with an HP damaging Goomba Stomp Diving Kick.

    Irvine Kinneas 

Irvine Kinneas
A sharpshooter trained at Galbadia Garden. His flippant attitude is an act to distract from the pressure of his missions. In reality quite sensitive, his nerves tend to get the better of him when it's most important despite his superior marksmanship.
Voiced by: Daisuke Hirakawa

Recruited during Chapter 9 of the main story. Irvine is discovered fighting monsters and joins up with the group when they hear his gunshots in the distance.

Irvine is an area of effect debuffer, able to deal ranged damage with Canister Shot and cause enemies to become vulnerable to ranged attacks with Scatter Shot. His EX ability is Armor Shot, a 3 hit ranged BRV+HP attack delivered three times with splash damage on other targets. It also heals the party for a percentage of damage dealt and lowers all enemies' ranged resistance, along with granting Irvine the "Snipe" buff (raises his Max BRV and the party's attack and BRV overflow limit for ranged attacks).
  • Big Damn Heroes: When the Emperor tries to finish off Firion and Leon, Irvine interrupts with a well-timed bullet and says "Mind stepping away from my friends, Mr. E?"
  • Failed Attempt at Drama: When he joins the party, he introduces himself with his loner cowboy persona... and then Zell announces to the group that Irvine always chokes up when it's actually time to shoot.
  • Friendly Sniper: Despite his attempt to introduce himself as a Cold Sniper, it quickly gives way to his actual, much more affable personality.
  • Gun Nut: Irvine bonds with Laguna, King, and Vincent over their usage of guns and even uses the trope name to describe himself.
  • Three-Strike Combo: His Scatter Shot deals area of effect damage three times in a row.


    Quistis Trepe 

Quistis Trepe
A SeeD operative and instructor at Balamb Garden. She holds the record as the youngest to pass the SeeD exam and is looked up to by many a student. Dismissed from her faculty position due to a certain incident, she puts her vast SeeD experience to use accompanying Squall in their mission to assassinate the sorceress.
Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro

Recruited during her event. She's first found in a volcanic region searching for her friends, and is shocked and confused to see Laguna. Afterward, she meets up with the others and they apprise her of the situation.

Quistis excels at delaying enemy actions, dealing BRV+HP damage with Laser Whip and Degenerator Whip, while debuffing their speed and turn rates and directly moving their turns backwards. Her EX Ability, Homing Whip, is an overflowing 7-hit BRV attack that grants her the unique buff Instructor's Whip (an Attack and Max BRV increase) and inflicting a Speed Down debuff on the target; it also has an HP Attack conditional when it reaches up to or past 100% of Quistis' Max BRV amount. The attack also inflicts more damage on targets inflicted with either Turn Rate Down or Speed Down.
  • Badass Teacher: While she is no longer a teacher of Balamb, she is still often referred to as an instructor and even has members of the party (such as Eiko and Vivi) who want her to give them lessons. She can also hold her own against the likes of beasts and monsters just like everyone else.
  • Birds of a Feather: She quickly bonds with Y'shtola on their ability to read people, particularly to tease Squall.
  • Extra Turn: Using her Degenerator Whip she can delay the enemy giving the party an extra turn. Her 35CP weapon/Red Scorpion's passive upgrades this delay effect to three turns, the highest delay of any character in the game!
  • The Glasses Come Off: Quistis is the only character to have a different character model in battle and outside of it - in battle and her character art, she lacks glasses, but her overworld and cutscene model have her wearing them.
  • Finishing Each Other's Sentences: Just like in her home game she will often finish Squall's sentences to show how predictable he is, much to his chagrin.
  • Power at a Price: When she reveals she also has gaps in her memory she is asked by Irvine if she's using a GF (Guardian Force). She says she isn't, and even if she had a GF with her she wouldn't risk using it in spite of it's power boost since it can cause loss of memory.
  • Support Party Member:
    • Quistis' primary focus in mainly in delaying enemy actions through her two debuffs that screw with their turn rate, as well as delaying their turns directly. Stat-wise, her Attack, Speed and HP are an average 3/5 in base with a high Initial BRV rating of 4/5 and 5/5 in Max BRV. Her HP however, is a 2/5, along with her average attack holding her back if she's not setup properly (with artifacts, solid party member's buffs and so forth).
    • Her crystal level 58 passive, Debuff Attack Boost All, is one of the earliest most potent party invisible auras in the game (a 40% increase to Attack and Max BRV while most other awakening crystal level 54/58 passives are at 20%), making her a very valuable support party member in a fight where an enemy is easily exposed to any debuffs.
  • Whip It Good: One of the few party members to use weapons from the Whip category, and the first whip-user to be introduced.

    Selphie Tilmitt 

Selphie Tilmitt
A guileless transfer student to Balamb Garden. Her unflinchingly upbeat attitude is an inspiration to everyone around her, and her constant energy is enough to wear out even Zell. No matter how painful or difficult things get, she always keeps up a happy face for her friends.
Voiced by: Mayuko Aoki

Recruited in the "With Trabia in Mind" event. Lost and alone, she notices an airship passing overhead and chases after it on foot, shouting on it until they stop and let her on. She's elated when it turns out it holds several of her friends, and subsequently joins the party.

Selphie excels in buffing the party with Drain (which absorbs enemy HP and heals the party's HP and BRV) and Wall (which buffs the party's Initial BRV and grants resistance to debuffs), protecting them from damage and maintaining high BRV and HP values. Her EX ability, Aura, grants BRV and BRV Regen to the party and also increases her party's EX ability recharge rate.
  • Barrier Warrior: Can cast the powerful Wall spell to bolster the party's defenses against Brave attacks and decrease debuff chance.
  • Catch Phrase: "Booyaka!", becomes a Borrowed Catchphrase for the rest of the party when it starts to catch on.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Is from a more modern/steampunk setting, so when she sees Cecil decked out in full Dark Knight armor from his fantasy/medieval setting Selphie assumes it's some crazy workout outfit for him to sweat off extra pounds. Squall dismisses her claims as joking, though.
  • Commonality Connection: She hits it off with the Type-0 characters, who are also cadets at a military academy, and quickly suggests that they hold a school festival-type event.
  • Determinator: When she spies the heroes' airship, she actually starts to chase it down ... and succeeds. She somehow keeps pace with a moving airship, while screaming at the top of her lungs for them to stop and pick her up. Suffice to say, everyone on-board in stunned by Selphie's tenacity.
  • Fighting with Chucks: Is the only character to use nunchaku/double-ended flails/morning stars.
  • Genki Girl: Is described as extremely loud and cheerful, to Squall's chagrin.
  • Life Drain: She can leech enemy health with her Drain spell, with the excess amount turning into BRV gain for the rest of her party.
  • Non-Answer: When Lightning finally asks what the word "booyaka" actually means, Selphie just tells her that she can use it as much she wants.
  • This Is Gonna Suck: When she finally joins the party, Squall laments how loud and boisterous Selphie's personality naturally is.

    Rinoa Heartilly 

Rinoa Heartilly
A member of the Forest Owls fighting for Timber's independence. She becomes involved in the battle with the sorceress after hiring SeeD to help abduct the president of the state occupying Timber. Daring and amiable, she is a woman of action able to make friends with anyone.
Voiced by: Kana Hanazawa

Recruited via her event, "Where to Go." A few members of the party encounter Rinoa when they are searching for the lost Laguna, and she decides to help find him. Later, they find Quistis and Laguna lost together and Rinoa is overjoyed to reunite with her friends and Squall, and joins up with the party.

Rinoa is a magic damage dealer who uses her abilities to temporarily shift between defensive play and sheer offensive power. Angelo Cannon brings her dog Angelo to her side for a BRV+HP attack and healing effect, afterwards providing the Angelo Recover buff on herself for BRV+HP Regen and moderately enhancing her basic attacks. On the other hand, Angel Wing unleashes Rinoa's sorceress abilities, greatly lowering her defense and causing attacks to inflict some HP loss as an additional cost, in exchange for adding multiple strikes and AoE damage on her basic attacks, on top of massive Attack and Max BRV boosts. Her EX Ability, Angel Wing Meteor, provides a triple-hitting AoE BRV+HP attack while also activating Angel Wing mode.
LD: Wishing Star
  • Attack Animal: Angelo Cannon has Rinoa call her faithful canine, Sant' Angelo di Roma, launching her like a living projectile at an enemy!
  • Cast From Hit Points: When she uses Angel Wings, both her BRV and HP attacks drain her own health in exchange for high damage.
  • Colony Drop: Her EX Ability has her cast a Sorceress-enhanced Meteor three times over.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Like Locke, her sticker pack was released months before she was made playable in this game, to commemorate her becoming playable in Dissidia NT.
  • Glass Cannon: One of the game's premier examples; Angel Wing neuters her defense and saps her HP with its attacks. Reckless Rinoa players may bring her HP so low that tougher enemies can KO her in a single retaliating strike.
  • Kicking Ass in All Her Finery: Rinoa's alternate costume is the Party Dress she wore for the Balamb Garden's SeeD inauguration ball, specifically the one she wore during the famous "Waltz for the Moon" FMV cutscene.
  • Power Gives You Wings: Her Angel Wings ability has Rinoa tap into her Sorceress Power, manifesting in a pair of angelic wings on her back coupled with incredible power at the cost of defense. Her EX Ability, Angel Wing Meteor, also activates this power.
  • Rings of Death: Rinoa's weapons are Blaster Edges, which range from bladed chakrams to trident heads, launched from a shooter on her wrist. In spite of the fact of them acting similar to Throwing Weapons, they are actually classified as Special Weapons and can only be equipped by Rinoa.
  • Transformation Is a Free Action: Invoked with her Angel Wings ability, which transforms her into her winged sorceress form while immediately giving her another consecutive turn without eating up the turn counter. This comes with all the benefits (using up debuff turns, building up EX Gauge) as well as all the drawbacks (still uses Assist/Summon turns, uses up buff turns).
  • With Great Power Comes Great Opposition: Rinoa, Layle, Prishe, and Terra all discuss how their unusual powers have caused others to fear and, in some cases, revile them. The others help Rinoa come to terms with her sorceress powers, insisting that as long as she has at least one person at her side she'll be okay.

    Seifer Almasy 

Seifer Almasy
A SeeD cadet training to be a mercenary at Balamb Garden. Evenly matched and using the same weapon, he is widely considered to be Squall's rival. Though his belligerent attitude garners the most attention, he is responsible for leading the disciplinary committee and boasts good grades. He seems to have some "romantic" dream involving sorceresses.
Voiced by: Takehito Koyasu

First encountered in Chapter 3 with Fujin and Raijin, though it's as an enemy when he's trying to strong-arm himself into being a knight for Yuna. He finally joins the party at the end of Chapter 10 after the party finds him under Ultimecia's control.

Seifer does ranged area of effect damage with No Mercy and Bloodfest, with high chances of being able to debuff his opponents, and making his abilities inflict increased imperil damage regardless of the types of debuffs used.
EX ability: Demon Slice X
  • Aloof Ally: Seifer joins at the end of chapter 10, but insists that he's not actually joining them—he's just using everyone else so he has a chance to punch Mog's face in.
  • Anti-Villain: Vivi and a few of the other characters repeatedly express doubts that Seifer, Raijin, and Fujin are all that bad. Unlike both Raijin and Fujin, Seifer's much more openly abrasive at times.
  • Ascended Fanboy: Seifer basically has stars in his eyes when he runs into Laguna, recognizing him as the actor from the movie Seifer modeled his life goals around and openly calling Laguna his hero (even from their home game, Seifer's stance is a mimic of Laguna's time of wielding a fake gunblade). This being Seifer, he then insists on testing himself against Laguna in a fight.
  • Dulcinea Effect: The party shoos Seifer away from Yuna when he's apparently trying to abduct her. Further cutscenes establish that he was insisting on acting as her knight after she told him her day job, he was just being a heavy-handed Jerkass about it. He later tries to be Aerith's knight as well, saying that she needs to be protected because she also has a unique ability and special powers with a mission to save the world.
  • Enemy Mine: Seifer does this when the party is charged by Materia and Spiritus both to go into the Dimensions' Labyrinth.
  • Foil:
    • Once again, to Squall in a sense. Even in gameplay, where Squall focuses mainly on hard-hitting single target damage that packs occasional area of effect (when awakened) that's primarily melee with self buffs, Seifer's focus is all about ranged party-wide damage that inflicts debuffs that make his own attacks hit stronger regardless of the types of debuffs landed.
    • Seifer himself draws a comparison between him and Leon, as they are both "knights" who were manipulated by a villain in an attempt to get more power. While Seifer is able to move on from this and forge ahead without any hesitation, accepting the fact that he wanted more power, Leon has trouble and worries that he may end up turning on his friends again.
  • Having a Blast: His Bloodfest does this, where he slashes the earth twice, then causes it to explode via the trenches created for some HP damage.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: Ramza notes in Leon's event that Seifer had a point in not looking to the past when he was possessed, and that Leon just needs to accept that gaining more power isn't something he should feel bad about, especially if it is for altruistic reasons.
  • Kick Them While They Are Down: Seifer's abilities inflict imperiled/weakness damage on any debuffed targets regardless of which debuffs they have on them.
  • Playing with Fire: His Flashfire magic BRV Attack used only as a boss in earlier chapters, as a direct Mythology Gag to both his blinding attack on Squall in the intro of their home game and the startup of his Fire Cross Limit Break, which has a chance of inflicting Blind for 1 turn.
  • Razor Wind: No Mercy does wind elemental damage while inflicting an Attack Down debuff with his 15CP passive. Also has his Demon Slice from his original boss battles in earlier chapters where he spins around in a tornado at a single target.
  • Recurring Boss: He is fought three times in the third region with Fujin and Raijin.
  • Spirited Competitor: When Zack suggests squatting as a way to keep warm, it quickly turns into a contest between Zack, Seifer, and Tidus to see who can squat the most. It ends with all three of their legs getting tired out to the point where they're unable to walk.
  • Stone Wall: In a sense in regards to his stats: he has high base defense 5/5, with his HP and Max BRV being 4/5, but suffers from having low base 2/5 Initial BRV along with average 4/5 in Attack and Speed. Also despite his decent Max BRV amount, his divided HP damage makes his damage output on multiple targets fairly low as opposed to focusing on a single target.
  • Tsundere: Essentially. After joining the party, he makes excuses and blunders away or insults people every time someone accuses him of doing something nice, such as when he went to go comfort Noel after the supposed attempt by Ultimecia to put him under Mind Control.
    Raijin: We wanted to see how you were doing, y'know?
    Seifer: No! We knew he'd be down in the dumps, so we came all this way to check on him.


A member of Balamb Garden's disciplinary committee. He believes in Seifer, and sticks with him after the sorceress's influence sets Seifer down the wrong path. Though big and tough, he is also good natured and affable. His purer side can be seen in his fondness for insects and story books.
Voiced by: Kazuya Nakai

First encountered in Chapter 3 as Seifer's lackey, but joins in Chapter 10 after getting separated from him and Fujin, choosing to help the party free Seifer from Ultimecia's control.

Raijin is a physical attacker, able to buff himself with lightning damage with his abilities Fist and Raijin Special.
EX ability: Raijin Pulverizer
  • Anti-Villain: Like the other two. Though he seems to be able to get along with other people easier due to his more simple-mind compared to his other two colleagues.
  • Bruiser with a Soft Center: It wasn't shown as much in his home game, but here, he and Eiko come across a flower field and pick flowers together, hoping to make flower necklaces for everyone.
  • Combat Medic: He is able to regenerate the party's HP through his Thunderpeal buff from his EX.
  • Dumb Muscle: While his heart is in the right place, Raijin is not the sharpest tool in the shed by far.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: Fist is a simple punch attack that can deal BRV and HP damage, which is best to use when augmented from Raijin Special.
  • One of the Kids: He frequently pals around with Eiko, Vivi, and the other children in the party, and joins in their play.
  • Recurring Boss: Fought together with the other two in the third chapter.
  • Shock and Awe: He's named Raijin (lit. Thunder God) for a good reason, his Raijin Special encases his body in electrical discharge. He can also paralyze enemies with his Lightning Discharge ability.
  • Simple Staff: While they are classified as Spears, Raijin's signature weapons are long staves.
  • Non-Indicative Name: Fist in the Japanese version is actually called Shoutei (lit. Palm Sole), which makes more sense involving the animation (since Raijin seems to clearly be using his palm to strike at the enemy).
  • Undying Loyalty: To Seifer, the only reason he agrees to join the party is because they are able to convince him that Ultimecia is only using Seifer and has no interest in his well-being.


A member of Balamb Garden's disciplinary committee known for her extraordinarily brusque manner of speaking. Devoted enough to Seifer that she normally follows him unquestioningly, his changes since becoming a sorceress's minion cause her concern. Despite being the junior of the pair, her strong will has Raijin thoroughly whipped.
Voiced by: Rio Natsuki

Like Raijin, she is first encountered in Chapter 3 as an enemy and Seifer's lackey. She later joins the party in Chapter 10 after seeing Raijin with them, seeing an opportunity to help free Seifer.

Fujin is a wind element attacker, dealing area of effect damage with Metsu and single target damage with Sai.
EX ability: Tai
  • Anti-Villain: Just like Seifer and Raijin. Compared to the other two though, Fujin keeps to herself more.
  • Blow You Away: Fitting for her name being Fujin (lit. Wind God), her Sai Attack encases her body in a winding gale, giving her attacks a Wind attribute.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: Several of the girls in the party try their best to get Fujin to open up once she joins, in an attempt to befriend her. She is surprisingly receptive to this.
  • No Indoor Voice: Fujin does not mince words, she speaks in short, to the point responses usually shouted at the top of her lungs. Same even applies to all of her moves being named in Japanese via single kanji and nothing more than that.
  • Not So Stoic: Very rarely when she feels comfortable, she will relax her normal military demeanor and speak softly and in full sentences, although such instances are few and far between.
  • Recurring Boss: As with the other two, fought multiple times in the third region.
  • Rings of Death: While she can use any Throwing Weapon, her signature weapons are all chakrams.
  • Undying Loyalty: To Seifer, the only reason she agrees to join the party is because they are able to convince her that Ultimecia is only using Seifer and has no interest in his well-being.


A fearsome sorceress from the far-flung future, filled with anger and hatred. By possessing sorceresses of the past, she aims to realize time compression, magic that would bring the past, present, and future all together into a single instant where nothing exists but herself.
Voiced by: Atsuko Tanaka

First encountered in Chapter 10 taking control of Seifer for her own ends once again, and makes sporadic appearances afterward, working toward her own goals. She becomes playable in her event, "Governess of Time," when she gives her dimensional coordinates to Mog to be summoned in battle.

When she becomes recruitable, she focuses on inflicting debuffs and splintered area of effect magic damage on various targets, utilizing Protean Swords to strike at 2 targets at once and Hell's Judgment to damage all foes at once. Her EX Ability is Apocalypse, an AoE overflowing BRV+HP attack that has a self BRV gain portion before execution that grants her two unique traits: first is the unique framed buff Griever's Magic for 6 turns, an Attack + Max BRV increase, and the second is Junction Griever for 2 turns, a unique icon that grants her lowered action delay/increased turn rate to the point of giving guaranteed 3 free turns.
LD: Shockwave Pulsar
  • Foil: Has this with Squall gameplay wise, given the coincidental concepts of her design. Her overall kit functions as a foil to Squall's, with both of them having a multi-hitting BRV Attack+, an AoE HP Attack+ via the chosen target taking the brunt of the damage, an AoE skill 1 ending in single target HP damage, and a second skill that ends with 100% undivided HP damage on all targets.
  • It's All About Me: Eiko wonders why she wants to achieve Time Compression if she's so lonely and points out that it's hypocritical of her to want to make a world where only she exists.
  • Lady and Knight: Act 2's Final Chapter has her becoming the Dark Lady to Caius's Black Knight, as a temporary Enemy Mine type of situation to prevent Ardyn from using the crystal core of darkness to manipulate them. Ultimecia even calls him her "transient" knight.
  • Lady of Black Magic: A villainous one – elegant, nefarious, and powerful.
  • More Than Mind Control: Ultimecia controls Seifer once again with magic and by playing into his "romantic dream" of being a knight. The party later suspects her of trying to do this to Noel.
  • Not So Similar: With Rinoa. Despite being Sorceresses, Ultimecia says Rinoa can never understand her since Rinoa has her loyal knight always at her side, while Ultimecia lives in solitude.
  • Reformed, but Rejected: She tries to claim she has reformed and gives her dimensional coordinates to Mog, saying that she is lonely and felt connected to Noel in that they both lived to the end of humanity. The party doesn't believe her and refuses to trust her, with the exception of Noel, and they don't let her travel with them. Based on her scene with Kefka, it is unclear how genuine she was, but she does acknowledge Noel's trust in her.
  • Screw Destiny: She hints that she is trying to avert her Bad Future, which she believes is a result of Because Destiny Says So, but Squall and the others don't buy it, and Celes says her words sounded empty.
  • Then Let Me Be Evil: Her reaction toward the party in Act 2, Chapter 5, after they rebuff her warnings about Kefka up in the Floating Continent. She genuinely did try to help Locke's Dark Manikin find the Terra and Celes Dark Manikins, even though she told him to save himself. She is also sympathetic to Noel's plight of being the last survivor of a Bad Future.
  • Time Master: Her turn manipulation mechanic is a nod to this. Her EX+ when max limit broken even allows for 3 free turns and a single free use on either skill, giving her a lot of combat longevity.
  • The Voice: She speaks to Noel this way as he treks through the world in solitude, abandoned by Materia. Despite his protests otherwise, she does not appear to him because she says he would fear her as a monster, like others have, and also does not tell him her identity.
  • Walking Armory: While her weapons are collectively of the Unique type, Ultimecia's weapons are an axe, a spear, a longsword, and a shortsword, all of which she wields using her magic.

Introduced in Final Fantasy IX

    Zidane Tribal 

Zidane Tribal
A professional flirt and member of the Tantalus Theater Troupe, a band of thieves posing as performers. At the heart of his journey to stop Kuja, he learns the truth of his existence and nearly falls into the depths of despair but overcomes the darkness with the help of his friends. While he can get carried away at times, his sense of justice and positive nature give him the strength he needs to face their true enemy.
Voiced by: Romi Park

Recruited in Chapter 2. Zidane comes across the group, joining quickly upon seeing Vivi traveling with a bunch of cute girls.

Zidane does extra damage against wolf-type enemies along having a very high turn rate, capable of dealing BRV damage with Stellar Circle 5 and increased HP damage with Free Energy, with both abilities being able to both apply self buffs added with their opposite debuffs. His EX Ability, Booster 8, does high BRV and HP damage with a launching effect and gives him a large Max BRV Up buff.

  • Balance Buff: Post-rework, he gains the ability to inflict a unique trait known as "Thievery" that doubles as both a framed buff and debuff to himself and his respective target that enhances his abilities to their + versions (which greatly solves Zidane's issue of being turn inefficient and being very reliant on luck to have his debuffs occur). On top of this, his crystal level 54 and 58 also get updated to standard invisible buffs.
  • Birds of a Feather: Freya uses the trope name to describe Tidus and Zidane, since both have the desire to play the hero.
  • Casanova Wannabe: An infamous skirt-chaser in his home game, he typically enjoys flirting with most of the female party members when he has the chance (with the exception of Y'shtola, who intimidates him a little). With the exception of Garnet (his love interest from his own game), he gets turned down every time.
  • Chivalrous Pervert: While Zidane may be a flirt, his Gentle Knight ability has him trying harder when he had to protect female party members. The more females in the party with him, the bigger a boost Zidane will receive to his stats.
  • Double Weapon: Zidane's daggers, half the time he dual wields them, but he can also combine them at the hilt to turn them into a double-ended dagger-sword.
  • Dual Wielding: Zidane fights using dual daggers, although he can combine them at the hilts/pommels, just like he could in his home game.
  • Fragile Speedster: Has a high turn rate while dealing multiple hits, but often falls short on having effect damage-per-second/turn and/or enough raw power to back it up. One of his biggest prior weaknesses was being subject to leaking extra BRV when shaving off a target, along with his debuffs being proc'd solely on chance. Both his Awakening and his eventual rework put him more in the right place of being able to have better overall power, on top of increasing his already decent longevity in long battles.
  • Intangible Theft: His main gimmick that's somewhat emulated by his abilities both debuffing his target while buffing himself at the same time out of chance (Stellar Circle 5 has a Speed Up + Speed Down, while Free Energy has a Defense Up + Defense Down). Ditto for his reworked version giving himself the unique Thievery framed buff/debuff that provides extra benefits to him while also further debuffing his targets.
  • Launcher Move: His EX Ability, Booster 8.
  • Knife Nut: While Zidane's weapons are classified as daggers, half of his signature weapons, the Butterfly Sword and Exploda specifically, are actually double-ended swords that can be detached into dual knives.
  • Instant Runes: Free Energy creates a magical rune with a Sanskrit character that raises Zidane's current BRV amount before doing HP damage. Also inflicts a defense down debuff on the target while buffing Zidane's defense likewise.
  • Mistaken for Gay: During Faris' recruitment chapter, Zidane was the first character from outside V to see through Faris's disguise. As a result, the rest of the party believe that Zidane "switched sides" when they see him flirting with her.
  • Spectacular Spinning:
    • Stellar Circle 5 is a spinning vortex of energy that hits a single target (that also increases his own Speed while debuffing his target's).
    • His HP Attack animation also involves a somersault, along with some flips in his EX ability.
  • Taking the Bullet: He takes the fire spell meant for Garnet when "Vivi" turns on them, revealing that he knew it really wasn't their friend all along.
  • Weapon of X-Slaying: Zidane does extra damage to Wolf enemies, via a Mythology Gag to one of his first skills he gets back in his home game.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: When Eiko joins the party and reveals that her and Zidane have a history (one-sided on her side, but of course she doesn't say that) the other party members call Zidane out for courting a young girl.

    Vivi Ornitier 

Vivi Ornitier
A black mage tender in years, who is reticent and somewhat naive. While at first glance appears frail and unreliable in battle, he is in fact a powerful wielder of magic. He always strives to do right and through the numerous life-or-death encounters he faced with Zidane has grown confident in himself. Vivi enjoys theater.
Voiced by: Ikue Otani

Vivi is one of the starting characters from Chapter 1, having been traveling with Mog, Rem, and Sazh already. Throughout the story, he always maintains his kind, introspective demeanor and is one of the first to show sympathy to other characters and even the Manikins.

Vivi is a straightforward magic damage dealer who does potent burst with his Fire spell, and can also use Focus to enhance his damage. His EX ability, Meteor (IX), is a potent group-hitting attack that grants him the Double Black Magic buff, which changes his HP attack into Double Fire and allows him to attack twice.
  • Balance Buff: The biggest issue with Vivi's early awakening was mainly due to him having HP conditionals needed to be reached on his new enhanced skills. Added with his high-base Max BRV, this makes it hard to fufill. After his rework however, he finally gains automatic HP damage dumps on his new tools, with his Focus Extend now giving a brand new framed buff that further enhances him and grants him enhanced BRV and HP Attacks for longevity.
  • Disc-One Nuke: During Chapter 1 the game gives the player a tutorial on how to draw from banners and how to use the 10+1 guaranteed Golden Weapon draw feature. The guaranteed golden weapon will always be Vivi's Oak Staff, which turns his Fire spell into the more powerful Fire+ Spell.
  • Distressed Dude: He gets captured by Kuja early in Arc 2 Chapter 3 and replaced by his Dark Manikin, out of Kuja's desire to manipulate the party and show Vivi that he is a replaceable puppet. Despite being tortured by Kuja, Vivi trusts in his friends and even tries to help Kuja both during and afterward.
  • Death from Above: Vivi is part of a rather long line of characters who use meteor-themed EX abilities.
  • Glass Cannon: Vivi is a rather potent Black Mage and can deal heavy damage to your enemies' BRV given good equipment and matchup (on top of having a high 5/5 base attack and Max BRV for an early game character), but he's a Squishy Wizard and desperately needs support from allies to not bite the dust.
  • Ma'am Shock: Vivi's polite mannerism tends to get this response from other characters, such as Squall and even Hope, who is taken aback by being called mister at his age.
  • Meditation Powerup: Can use Focus to increase his Attack and Max BRV for a set duration, though it often hurts his turn efficiency due to it needing to be used as a ramp up. The reworked version now gains another Attack and Max BRV in the form of the unique framed buff "Black Mage's Torch", overall increasing Vivi's return on using it as the buff itself also enhances his BRV and HP attacks.
  • Playing with Fire: Comes equipped with the classic Fire spell, and after his he gets his 35CP passive, awakening, and especially his rework, he becomes largely a fire-based specialist. Fire Extend when reworked hits even harder with overflow and an HP damage finisher, and he can even make use of enhanced BRV and HP Attacks for better longevity with the use of his aforementioned Black Mag's Torch framed buff.
  • Poisonous Person: One of Vivi's optional crystal passives gives his Fire spell a chance of poisoning the enemy.
  • Squishy Wizard: Vivi has powerful BRV attacks, high base 5/5 in Attack and Max BRV but also has very low HP and Defenses.
  • Sympathy for the Devil: Vivi expresses sympathy for both the manikins and Kuja, even despite all the evil the latter did back in their world, and wishes to help them.
  • What Measure Is a Mook?: From the beginning, Vivi was always sympathetic to the manikins because he recognized how similar their circumstances were to his own. When he meets his own Dark Manikin, who struggles with its own existence and the idea of making friends, Vivi even starts thinking of him as a little brother.

    Adelbert Steiner 

Adelbert Steiner
A loyal knight of the royal family of Alexandria. He never once doubted that serving the royal family was his calling until he was inspired by Princess Garnet and his newfound friends to question his real purpose in life.
Voiced by: Minoru Hirota

Recruited in Chapter 5. Steiner is encountered being harried by some monsters, and is aghast to see Zidane traveling with the party but comforted by Vivi's presence. He is eager to get back to his job of protecting Princess Garnet and finding his men, the Knights of Pluto, but is a staunch ally to the party.

Steiner deals extra damage to humanoid enemies with Power Break, which also lowers attack, and Spellblade, which does fire damage. His EX ability is Stock Break, a 5 hit area attack that finishes with a single target HP attack with splash damage and grants him the buff [Captain of the Knights of Pluto], which increases his Attack and the party's Max BRV.
  • Acceptable Breaks from Canon: Normally, Steiner would be unable to use Spellblade without Vivi in the party, as in their home game it was a Combination Attack.
  • Birds of a Feather: He frequently chats with the other knights. He also extends his sense of camaraderie to people who consider themselves protectors, like Wakka, even though they're not exactly of the traditional mold.
  • Doesn't Trust Those Guys: He still can't stand anyone who's on the wrong side of the law. While this isn't totally unreasonable, the fact that all of the thief charcters are reliable allies makes his outrage seem over-the-top. Living as a brigand also overrides other considerations; even though Faris is Lenna's sister and therefore technically a princess, he still scolds Lenna for getting a pirate's help.note 
  • Enemy Mine: Played for Laughs when he and Zidane interrupt their perpetual bickering to stop Edge from flirting with Garnet.
  • Failed a Spot Check: Steiner is upset at the thought of the pirate Faris joining them until Vaan and Zidane point out that they already have a bunch of thieves and brigands in the group.
  • Honor Before Reason: When he realizes half of their traveling party are the likes of pirates, thieves, and rogues he immediately wants to kick them out of the group, not only in spite of them having worked together for several chapters by that point, but with one of them being Zidane, a party member from his own homeworld!
  • Hot-Blooded: His strong temper combined with his impulsive tendency to be aggressive to new strangers leads him to fighting with Barret in the latter's recruitment event, spurred on by the equally hot-blooded Cater.
  • Kindness Button: He becomes more accepting of Faris when she reveals her concern for her men, something Steiner can relate to.
  • Knight in Shining Armor: He is gratified to be viewed as this by some of the other party members, and clearly admires those who are as well, such as the Warrior of Light and Cecil - even Wakka, who he describes as a sort of "knight" since he's Yuna's guardian.
  • Multitasked Conversation: He lectures Lenna about how royals shouldn't go solve problems on their own because it makes their people worry, and they definitely shouldn't resort to getting help from brigands like Faris. Garnet, who is also chatting to them, asks rhetorically if this is directed at Lenna or herself.
  • Not So Different: In relation to the above, while he is initially aghast at working with the rogue pirate Faris, when the latter speaks about she's worried over the safety of her crew, Steiner relates to her in that he's worried for the safety of his own Pluto Knights.
  • Playing with Fire: Spellblade is a Fire-based BRV attack.
  • Weapon of X-Slaying: Steiner does extra damage to humanoid enemies; such as humans and manikins.

    Eiko Carol 

Eiko Carol
A mirthful and precocious young summoner who is the last survivor of her tribe. After losing her family at a tender age, she quietly lives in the village of Madain Sari until a fateful encounter with Zidane's party inspires her to move on. Only through bonding with Garnet is she finally able to overcome her loneliness.
Voiced by: Hisako Kanemoto

Recruited in her event. Eiko finds herself alone in the world of Opera Omnia and latches onto the group once she sees her friends again.

Eiko is a supportive mage who can cast HP Regen to provide the party with multiple buffs, while granting bonus BRV to allies and dealing potent holy elemental damage with Smite. Her EX ability is Terra Homing, in which she summons Madeen for a 3 hit holy BRV+HP attack on every enemy, which also heals the party and grants her the "Double White Magic" buff (changes her HP attack into Double Holy) and Holy Resistance Down to her enemies.
  • Culture Shock: Eiko says the trope by name when she learns about how many summoners there are in Yuna's world (when she is the Last of Her Kind in hers) and especially when Yuffie and Tifa mention that anyone can be a summoner in their world with the right materia.
  • The Cutie: Said as much by some other characters, she definitely fits as one of the youngest in the group.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Eiko can use any staff weapon, but her signature weapons are Air Racquets, which are basically magical lacrosse racquets. Interestingly, she mentions to Deuce that she uses flutes as well in her home game, but they're unavailable to her here.
  • Informed Ability: Eiko is a powerful Summoner in her home game and is referred to as such in this game, but her attacks are all from her White Mage moveset, she has no ability to summon in this game. Until her EX ability lets her summon Madeen.
  • Light 'em Up: Smite is a Holy-based attack that restores Brave to the entire party. Eiko was also the first party member to join the group with any sort of Holy-based attack. Terra Homing is also a holy attack, which grants her the Double White Magic buff which lets her double cast Holy instead of her standard HP attack.
  • Precocious Crush: Her crush on Zidane is present as always, and Tifa and the others call Zidane out on it when they misunderstand Eiko's lamentations as him wooing her in the past.
  • The Rival: One scene has Eiko declare Yuna her rival for Zidane's heart, but no one takes it seriously.
  • Team Chef: When Eiko cooks for the party in her lost chapter, everyone raves about how amazing it is and wants her to do it more often.
  • White Mage: In addition to the Holy spell Smite, Eiko can use HP Regen to heal the party over several turns.
  • Your Magic's No Good Here: She can only use her white magic, but she says she can't call on her summons in this world, even though Garnet can. Though this is an example of Gameplay and Story Segregation, because she is perfectly able to do it with her EX ability.

    Garnet Til Alexandros XVII 

Garnet Til Alexandros XVII
Renowned as the most beautiful princess in the history of Alexandria. With the aid of Zidane and Tantalus, she flees the castle in order to stop her mother the queen's plans for world domination. Initially naive, she finds her true self while traveling with her companions, and becomes a young woman fit to lead her kingdom.
Voiced by: Mamiko Noto

Recruited in her event. Garnet encounters Kuja before the party, but they all manage to save her from him and she joins to be with her friends again.

Garnet is an area of effect mage who specialises in the water and lightning elements. She is able to summon Leviathan and Ramuh with Aquamarine Waterglint and Peridot Thunderflash, respectively, dealing high water and lightning elemental damage to all enemies while enhancing her BRV Attacks to deal those respective elements in bursts of area of effect damage. Her EX ability, Holy Prayer, restores the party's BRV, HP, and gives everyone Thunder and Water Enchant, which boosts that type of elemental damage and even grants BRV Regen.
  • Power Crystal: Uses the Aquamarine and Peridot in her attacks, allowing her to summon great attacks from Leviathan and Ramuh.
  • Making a Splash: Aquamarine Waterglint summons the powers of Leviathan for a Water-based attack, and turns Garnet's normal BRV attack into the area of effect Deluge.
  • Mythology Gag: Garnet's two attacks are based on Leviathan and Ramuh, the first two summons she is guaranteed to receive during normal gameplay in Final Fantasy IX. While it is very likely Garnet could learn other summons such as Shiva and Ifrit, they are based on random drops and are never required to be found or used during the game. Even her EX Ability, Holy Prayer, could be seen as a nod to Garnet's affinity with the Eidolon Alexander, a great summon typically of Holy attribute. And now with her rework, she's summoning the Eidolon itself as opposed to just drawing on its power.
  • Not So Different: During her Lost Chapters, an extra scene has Garnet bonding with Princess Ashe over the fact they both staged their own kidnappings in order to evade enemy capture, Garnet from her own mother Queen Brahne and Ashe to avoid capture from the Archadian empire.
  • Prayer Is a Last Resort: Her EX Ability is Holy Prayer, which provides a moderate amount of healing and BRV to the party, while also granting everyone's BRV attacks water and electric elements, allowing the entire party to take advantage of Garnet's debuffs. Unusually for the series, despite drawing on Alexander's power the ability has nothing to do with the holy element.
  • Shock and Awe: Peridot Thunderflash summons the powers of Ramuh for a Lightning-based attack, and turns Garnet's normal BRV attack into the area of effect Superbolt.
  • Summon Magic: Is capable of summoning the powers of Ramuh and Leviathan to attack her enemies. She uses the powers of Alexander to heal the party and massively battery their Bravery and with the release of her EX+, Alexander actually appears when she uses the ability.

    Freya Crescent 

Freya Crescent
A young Burmecian dragon knight who travels in search of her lost love. When her homeland is in danger, she rushes to its aid with her old friend Zidane, but winds up entangled in a world-encompassing conspiracy. Understanding very well the precious nature of life, she often advises her reckless comrades against their rash actions.
Voiced by: Ai Orikasa

Recruited in Arc 2, Chapter 3 of the main story. She encounters the group at the Iifa Tree, sent there by Materia to aid them in the familiar location to help stop Kuja's machinations.

Freya is a supportive attacker, wielding spears. Her first ability, Reis's Wind, grants BRV and transforms her standard BRV attack into Jump. Her second ability, Dragon Breath, is a 5-hit area of effect BRV attack and single target HP attack that grants her the Dragon's Crest buff, which raises her attack and speed, and changes her HP attack into High Jump.
EX ability: Cherry Blossom
  • Birds of a Feather: She immediately hits it off with Kain as a fellow dragon knight with a similar personality. Defied with Cid, whose personality is wildly different from the two of them despite also being a Dragoon (though Cid denies such terminology as well).
  • Culture Shock: When Freya learns that the people of Orience forget those who died due to the power of the crystals, she reacts with shock. This is perhaps due to her motto back in her own game: "To be forgotten is worse than death."
  • In a Single Bound: Like the other Dragoons, of course. Both her standard BRV and HP attacks change into Jump and High Jump, respectively.
  • Instant Awesome: Just Add Dragons!: Dragon's Breath summons a spectral dragon to damage her foes.


An enigmatic man whose plots embroil the Mist Continent in war. He is known for his pompous, overblown mannerisms and theatrical rhetoric. After learning the secret to his own existence, he sets off an a maniacal pursuit to annihilate all creation.
Voiced by: Akira Ishida

Recruited in his event, but is encountered as an enemy several times throughout the story. He is investigating the cause of the Torsions, and also wishes to free himself from the battle between the warring gods. He ends up joining the party to uncover Mog's true intentions, giving them his dimensional coordinates to be summoned for battles.

Kuja is a magic attacker with relentless offensive capability, dealing area damage with Ring Holy and Ultima spells; each skill usage of his builds up unique framed Soul Cleave stacks that each increase his Max BRV and give him BRV regen, and at the maximum of 4 stacks allows him to expend them all to use + versions of his standard abilities. His EX Ability, Symphonic Force, makes him deal a BRV+HP Attack that ends up dealing 100% HP damage to all targets, and also grants him the unique framed buff Darkness of Eternity, a party-wide Attack + Speed Up buff that keeps Kuja's Soul Cleave stacks at max for the whole duration.
  • Aloof Ally: Even after helping the party, he still only offers his coordinates to Mog to be summoned for the occasional battle.
  • Badass Longcoat: Kuja's alternate costume, the Cloaked Achorite, has him wearing an ornate black longcoat, not unlike Faris and Setzer.
  • Dual Wielding: Kuja uses twin Cores of magical energy in combat.
  • Energy Ball: His weapon of choice are Cores, which are unique to him. Cores are basically twin orbs of powerful magic that Kuja can use to augment his already potent magical abilities.
  • Evolving Attack: By using his powers, Kuja builds up the buff "Soul Cleave" over time; these Soul Cleave stacks each give Kuja extra Max BRV and BRV regen per stack. Once he reaches four stacks of Soul Cleave his attacks evolve; Ring Holy+ now hits much harder and Ultima+ attacks twice in a row, although once used Kuja's Soul Cleave count returns to zero (unless he uses his EX beforehand which gives him the Dark Messenger buff that makes his stacks remain at full for 6 turns).
  • Fragile Speedster: Plays into his chosen Assassin class back in NT, as he buffs both his speed and Max BRV very often, allowing him to hold a lot of BRV and have frequent turns, but often requires some setup to hit harder than he already currently does, on top of not having that much durability and overall average attack power (though his attacks often contain a lot of BRV hits before the HP damage portions). Thankfully, his EX+ when limit broken enough gives him a passive boost in both attack and speed, while also making him start out with Dark Messenger at the start of a quest.
  • Glass Cannon: As noted under Fragile Speedster, Kuja hits everyone very hard but isn't very durable nor do his BRV damage potencies skyrocket with his average attack stat, though his attack up buffs added with his many BRV-hitting skills make up for it slightly.
  • Genre Savvy: Almost to the point of Meta Guy — he even says he is just making a "cameo appearance" when he offers his dimensional coordinates to Mog to be summoned for battle and becomes playable.
  • Having a Blast:
    • His skill 2, Ultima (ver. IX), where he summons a wad of energy blasts from above that end in an explosion for BRV+HP damage split across all targets. When at max Soul Cleave stacks, a second wave of Ultima blasts that go upward from the ground instead with increased BRV damage potency.
    • His EX ability, Symphonic Force, where he flies forward up to the target, performs a somersault while both his orbs vortex around as slashing waves of crossing energy appear to detonate a blast in front.
  • Heel–Face Revolving Door: Kuja starts as a villain, but similar to his portrayal in the original Dissidia he doesn't really bear a grudge against Zidane anymore, so come his Character Event he provides his dimensional coordinates so the party can call on him, stating he's doing so on a whim. Come Arc 2, Chapter 3 though Kuja becomes distressed when he realizes he can't change his fate and once again turns on Zidane and the party, only to be saved by them after Kuja accidentally summons Soulcage and begrudgingly returns to being an Aloof Ally.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Although many members of the party don't trust him, Kuja seems to ally himself with the hero party for the most altruistic reasons out of any of the villain party members.
  • It's All About Me: Very much so as he believes in the play of life he's the leading man and everyone else are just supportive actors, or worse, mere props. After his breakdown upon realizing his fate is sealed and he cannot do everything alone, he finally relents and admits Zidane is really the leading role, and he'll delegate himself as support ... at least temporarily.
  • Kick the Dog: In Arc 2, Chapter 3 after realizing he's being used by the Gods and that once they are done with him he'll be returned to his own world (where he is already dead), he loses it. He captures Vivi and attempts to emotionally (and physically) torture the poor Black Mage by replacing Vivi with a puppet to prove how interchangeable he is to his own friends, while also planning on using the fake Vivi (by emotionally manipulating the confused Dark Manikin) to kill Zidane while the real Vivi watches.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: Kuja tells Garnet something along the lines of "this world is placed on the palms of destiny" - that is, palms of the players holding the phone that runs the game.
  • Mortality Phobia: After Kuja joins the hero party, Zidane theorizes he's only doing this because he's still afraid to die (his fate at the end of FFIX) and wants to use the power of the Torsions to escape his destiny. Exemplified in Arc 2, Chapter 3 when Kuja realizes once the Opera Omnia world no longer needs him, he'll be sent back to his own world where he is already dead, going off the deep end as a result.
  • Pet the Dog: In Aphmau's Lost Chapter, Kuja is the first one to come across her sentient automatons, Ovjang and Mnejing. At first he plans on using them as pawns while he openly insults them, but when the two show him no malice and genuinely thank him for helping them, he changes his mind at the last moment and warps them directly to Aphmau. Even Zidane and Vivi are shocked to hear Kuja actually helped the two puppets.
  • Power Floats: He is always airborne in battle.
  • Recurring Boss: Kuja is fought several times in the story and numerous events.
  • Rings of Death: His skill 1, Ring Holy, which disperses according to the number of targets. While Kuja normally fires three of them on both normal and + versions, the Extend passive version allows for him to fire a total of 6 rings instead with the + version having overflow and HP damage.
  • Screw Destiny: His biggest justification for joining the hero party, he doesn't want to do what is expected of him and be a villain just because he was summoned to be one.
  • Tragic Villain: Hinted at beforehand but put into the forefront come Arc 2, Chapter 3. Kuja wants to find a way to Screw Destiny and avoid his fate of dying at the end of his game, only to realize whether he works for the Gods or rebels against them, once the world no longer needs him he will be sent back and die anyway. Both Vivi (who was emotionally tortured by Kuja) and Steiner (who is a moral compass for the party) both state that while they cannot forgive Kuja for the evil he's committed back on Gaia, they understand Kuja is scared and lonely and lashing out.
  • Villain Teleportation: He can teleport with and without the use of Torsions.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Possibly crossed with Heroic B So D, Kuja rebels against the Gods because he wants to fight against his fate in Final Fantasy IX in which he dies at the end. He eventually realizes to his horror that no matter what he does, once the world of the Gods' no longer needs him he will be returned home and die regardless. As a result the normally composed and quirky villain goes off the rails, kidnapping Vivi and attempting to use a confused Vivi manikin to kill Zidane while the real Vivi watches. He does this because Vivi is also a character destined to die at the end of FFIX, and Kuja wants him to be as despaired and alone as he feels.
  • Wicked Cultured: Tends to be someone who loves to spout theatrical references (almost as much as Balthier), and even has his EX Ability named Force Symphony (which was also one of his original attacks in the PSP games).
  • You Are Not Alone: As a Call-Back to the party pulling this trope on Zidane in FFIX, Kuja's former opponents all rally to help him face Soulcage, recognizing that he is a Tragic Villain and deciding to help him.


Seasoned general and pride of Alexandria. With her trusty blade Save the Queen at her side, she gives her all to defend the kingdom and its royal family. Under Queen Brahne's orders, she commanded the invasions into other nations, but later, realizing the error of her ways, she would become a valuable ally in Zidane's struggle against Kuja.
Voiced by: Yuka Komatsu

Recruited in her event, "Rose of May." Beatrix had been summoned by Materia and informed that Garnet is in the same world, so she rushed to her side in order to protect her. Struggling with the weight of her sins back in her world, Beatrix is determined to do anything she can to atone.

Beatrix is a supportive attacker, able to grant BRV and increase the party's defense with Saint Cloth and deal high damage with Thunder Slash. Her EX ability, Climhazzard, deals high BRV damage followed by HP damage divided between all targets and grants her the unique framed buff Sworn General (a self Attack and Max BRV Up), and like her other abilities gets stronger if the party has enough buffs active.
  • The Atoner: Beatrix is well aware of the atrocities she committed back in her world, and here she is a steadfast ally to Garnet and determined to atone.
  • Gameplay and Story Integration: Beatrix works really well with Garnet, since her buffs benefit Garnet and make her stronger while Garnet is able to massively increase the damage of lightning element attacks, which is Beatrix's main form of damage.
  • Hair Flip: She does one as part of her victory pose.
  • Shock and Awe: Thunder Slash is a powerful lighting elemental attack. All versions contain overflow, making it one of the earliest overflow BRV+HP Attacks in the GL version that is not an EX ability during her release.
  • Stab the Sky: She does this before using Thunder Slash, though it's more of holding the sword up just to charge it with lightning.
  • Status Buff: Has two unique ones, Noble Loyalty and Sworn General. All of her attacks also change into stronger versions if the party has a total of 9 or more buffs currently active.
  • Sword Plant: She does this when using Saint Cloth.
  • To Be Lawful or Good: She and the party talk about how she struggled with this back in her world and, before meeting her, wonder if she'd have memories from before or after deciding to be Good. However, she has gone through her Character Development and settled firmly on the side of Good.
  • Undying Loyalty: To Garnet.

Introduced in Final Fantasy X


An animated and light-hearted blitzball player from the metropolis of Zanarkand. Sent to the unknown world of Spira, he meets Yuna and joins her on her pilgrimage as a guardian. His naturally cheerful demeanor and actions even transform the principles of Spira. Tidus resents his father, the legendary Jecht, and is known for his outspoken nature.
Voiced by: Masakazu Morita

Recruited in the "From Zanarkand" event. Tidus joins the party as soon as they find him, overjoyed to be reunited with Yuna again.

He is a fast character suited to buffing his speed even further with Quick Hit and debuffing enemies with Slash, having a high usage count with all of his abilities. His EX ability, Energy Rain, does 100% BRV+HP damage to all enemies, but also buffs Tidus up with a potent Attack Up and Speed Up buff.
  • Amnesiac Hero: Played with. In his home game, Tidus uses amnesia as an excuse for his Naïve Newcomer status to Spira, and when some of the party question him about Seymour he mentions how he always used to use amnesia as an excuse but tells them the truth about how he's from Zanarkand instead, which is why he doesn't know much about Seymour (or Spira). However, it turns out that he really does have amnesia this time around, like they all do, explaining his lack of knowledge.
  • Balance Buff: With an eventual rework during the Lv. 70 era (Tidus' own Lv. 70 Awakening came much later), his skills gain improvements and he can eventually power himself up with a unique framed buff known as "Winning Spirit", a Max BRV Up (something he really needed) and damage increase to targets with debuffs. This is granted from his reworked Quick Hit Extend passive for 3 turns (and later on, can give himself the buff at the start of a quest when his EX+ weapon passive is limit-broken enough).
  • Birds of a Feather: Freya uses the trope name to describe Tidus and Zidane, since both have the desire to play the hero.
  • Death from Above: His EX Ability, Energy Rain. Unlike in most of the other games it appears in, the projectiles fly up into the air and rain down randomly in front as opposed to falling onto the target all at once.
  • Demoted to Extra: Like Squall, he is recruited as an event character instead of in the main story like all the other main heroes of past Dissidia games. However, he does start appearing in the main story after his Lost Chapter around Chapter 9, and has a very prominent role in Chapter 11.
  • Fragile Speedster:
    • As usual via having a 2/5 in base HP and Defense. His attacks are quick and have a high use count, but his Attack stat base is 3/5. Despite having a 4/5 in both Initial BRV and Max BRV, a lack of a Max BRV Up before his rework held him back somewhat, along with needing to have a target be debuffed for his crystal level 54/58 passives to work like other debuff specialists.
    • Playing further into this is his Quick Hit being a simple multi-hit BRV attack that has a huge turn rate, along with it granting Tidus an Attack and Speed Up with his 15CP passive. When his Winning Spirit buff is active however, Quick Hit turns into Quick Hit+ where it literally has zero action delay, and disregarding friend support turns and summon turn duration, it also doesn't cost Tidus his own turn, meaning he can spam Quick Hit+ as often as he wants to build up BRV safely to stay ahead of his enemy's turns (even though he might eat through uses of Quick Hit at the cost of not having any HP dumps on it).
  • Innocently Insensitive: In Arc 2, Chapter 1, Tidus makes a comment about how there's something wrong with Caius to think he's better off forgetting the memories of their lost loved ones, which upsets Ace.
  • She-Fu: A male variant. He does flips with his attacks, again as usual (via his standard HP Attack and his Additional Ability animations literally being his classic Spiral Cut attack, also reused for his Lv. 65 Ability). Also overlaps with I Know Madden Kombat back in the other Dissidia games since he's an athlete.
  • Spirited Competitor: When Zack suggests squatting as a way to keep warm, it quickly turns into a contest between Zack, Seifer, and Tidus to see who can squat the most. It ends with all three of their legs getting tired out to the point where they're unable to walk.
  • Three-Strike Combo: His Slash with his 35CP passive turns into Slash Combo, a 2-hit BRV attack into an HP damage finisher that inflicts an Attack, Defense and Speed Down set of debuffs on the target (without the passive, Slash would just do 2-BRV hits with only a small chance of a small speed down debuff). The reworked Extend version now has overflow and makes it do 4 BRV hits instead.


A quiet, yet determined summoner who guides the spirits of the dead to the Farplane. On her pilgrimage to defeat Sin, she encounters Tidus, a young man from another world whom she welcomes as her new guardian. Though at times it seems as though they are on a hopeless journey of doubt and loss, they at least have each other.
Voiced by: Mayuko Aoki

Recruited in Chapter 3. Yuna is first encountered while being harassed by Seifer, who is sympathetic to her cause of being a Summoner and wants to become her knight, though he comes on a little too strong for her liking. She joins the party when they fight him off, and from then on she dedicates herself to her allies.

Yuna is a support party member, capable of removing debuffs with Esuna and buffing her party with Cheer. Her EX ability, Grand Summon, summons her aeon Valefor to her side to use Energy Blast, which buffs the party and changes up her standard BRV and HP attack to Sonic Wings and Energy Ray, respectively.
  • Angels Pose: She does it with Paine, though they're lacking Rikku in the formation. Funnily enough, Yuna poses as if she's holding her guns, and is wearing her Summoner's dress.
  • Beneath the Mask: Act 2, Chapter 4 shows that Yuna's internal thoughts are a lot less positive than she lets on, and she is actually harboring a lot of insecurity and self doubt about the situation and her lost memories. She becomes more open and positive due to Paine's encouragement and even more so after recovering her memories.
  • Informed Ability: Yuna is a renowned summoner in her home world, yet in this world she only uses Esuna and Cheer, White Mage abilities. Though she later gets her EX ability which summons Valefor and radically changes up her BRV and HP Attacks for a set duration.
  • Lies to Children: Yuna says that summoners travel the world killing monsters for people. This is true, though nowhere near the complete description of her job.
  • The Medic: She is the main healer shown in cutscenes whenever someone is hurt, healing both Terra and Wakka on separate occasions. Furthermore, she gains the ability to heal HP upon her Lv. 60 Awakening.
  • Pom-Pom Girl: One of her abilities is Cheer, in which she cheers on an ally which drastically boosts their BRV. Her Lullaby Rod allows her to cheer for the entire party (herself included) simultaneously. While in practice Yuna isn't the most perky character on the team, she is often very positive and supportive of all of her teammates.
  • Shock and Awe: Her Ambra Rod turns her stock BRV attack into being Thunder-based.
  • Summon Magic: When she uses her EX ability, Grand Summon, Valefor appears to fight alongside her for several turns, turning Yuna into a hybrid damage dealer/support unit.
  • White Mage: Can cast Esuna, which can heal any harmful Status Effect a party member may be inflicted with.


A good-humored young man who travels the world as one of Yuna's guardians. While he always looks out for others, his dependence on the teachings of Yevon oftentimes causes him to lose sight of reality. Wakka's biggest passion is playing for and coaching his blitzball team, the Besaid Aurochs.
Voiced by: Kazuya Nakai

Recruited in Chapter 6. Lost in the desert, the party finds him just as he is on the brink of collapse and Yuna heals him. As the first guardian she found again in this world, Wakka joins up with the party and is respected by the other party members as a sort of "knight."

Wakka is a ranged fighter who can blind enemies with Dark Attack and buff himself with Great Daring. His EX ability is Attack Reels, a 3 hit ranged BRV+HP attack delivered four times, which also grants allies a random amount of BRV and the buff Captain's Order (a buff that increases Initial BRV, Attack, Max BRV, and grants BRV Regen to the party).
  • Calling the Old Man Out: On Tidus' behalf, begging Jecht to drop his act of being a jerk and join the party. As an orphan, it pains Wakka to see a father voluntarily estrange himself from his son, even if Jecht is trying to protect him. Jecht agrees.
  • Casting a Shadow: His first ability, Dark Attack, which inflicts blind.
  • I Know Madden Kombat: His weapon of choice are Blitzballs, dense yet buoyant underwater soccer balls from his homeworld of Spira, though he is capable of using any throwing weapon.
  • Mythology Gag: The randomized buffing effect of Great Daring is a reference to him being something of The Gambler in gameplay in his home game with his usage of Slots.


A black mage and one of Yuna's guardians. Alongside Wakka, she has looked after Yuna since their childhood, and Yuna looks up to her as a dear older sister. She is a thoroughly experienced guardian, having previously served another summoner. Despite her chilling demeanor, she is a warm and caring individual.
Voiced by: Rio Natsuki

Recruited in her event, "A New Journey." First found wandering in the woods by Celes, Lenna, and Lilisette, Lulu was summoned by Materia and determined to find Yuna and her allies. After explaining to them that she is searching for a summoner, they guide her back to the group's airship, where she runs into Wakka and reunites with Yuna and the others.

Lulu is primarily a fire magic attacker. Her first ability, Stinger Mog, is a 5 hit BRV magic attack that ignores enemy defense and lowers fire resistance. Her second ability, Fire Moomba, is a 3 hit BRV+HP attack. Almost all of her abilities grant her the Doll Master buff, which increases her damage output. Her EX ability is Firaga Fury, a 3 hit BRV+HP attack executed thrice with HP damage split equally among all enemies. It also grants her the "Alluring Mage" buff, which increases her Max BRV and bestows Fire Enchant to the whole party.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Uses the unique weapon type, for her dolls. It's even commented on by Shantotto, who compares her to the royal puppeteer in her world.
  • Marionette Master: As usual, Lulu uses dolls as her weapon and a focus for her spells, which is exemplified by her buff, Doll Master. She later has a scene with Aphmau about how their puppets compare to each other, and both are perplexed by the robotics behind Cait Sith's inner workings.
  • Off-Model: Her character model actually lacks legs, and because of it (combined with her dress) she always looks like she's hovering just a couple inches off the ground in cutscenes.
  • Playing with Fire: As mentioned, Lulu specializes in this. She can do fire magic damage and lower enemy resistance to fire, and once awakened she is capable of enchanting her party members to do fire damage with their attacks.
  • Possession Implies Mastery: Lulu is a powerful mage who uses magical dolls, but she admits to Shantotto and Papalymo she has no idea how any of her magic or how her dolls actually work. While she enjoys thinking about the mechanics of her magic, she is just thankful she has the ability to use magic so that she can be Yuna's Guardian.


A swordsman renowned as a "legendary guardian" who traveled with High Summoner Braska. Joining Tidus and the others on their journey to defeat Sin, he entrusts them with the wishes his past self could not fulfill. His calm and collected demeanor belies the passion he held in his younger days.
Voiced by: Hideo Ishikawa

Recruited in the "Legendary Guardian" event. Auron had been tailing the party for quite some time before he shows himself to them, mostly in order to see if everyone is fighting well enough and to see if the rest of the FFX cast is guarding Yuna adequately.

Auron is a physical attacker and debuffer, thrashing enemies with Banishing Blade and Purgatory while also inflicting his unique non-framed debuff, Melee Resist Down. His EX ability, Dragon Fang, allows him to deal split BRV+HP damage across all targets, but delays them for one turn while also inflicting his rare debuff.
  • BFS: His main weapons are katanas, but like other katana users he is able to wield any greatsword in the game.
  • Easily Forgiven: When Auron reveals he's actually been following the party for awhile to keep tabs on Yuna, but not actually help her yet, he gets chewed out by Firion ... until Auron lays on the compliments about how incredibly strong Yuna's traveling companions are, and Firion immediately lets it slide and accepts Auron wholeheartedly.
  • Hell-Fire: Has traces of this in his second ability, Purgatory. Has a chance to inflict Melee Resist Down, a standard non-framed debuff only he can inflict which can ensure almost nothing can resist Auron's damage.
  • Instant Awesome: Just Add Dragons!: His EX Ability, Dragon Fang, where he slashes his foes with a Razor Wind, then Sword Plants his blade into the ground for an area of effect geyser. This too, can inflict Melee Resist Down.
  • Living Legend: Auron gets introduced as the Legendary Guardian of Spira, heavily touted by Yuna, Tidus, and Wakka. Indeed, when he starts to get called out for merely watching everyone fight instead of joining them at first, he is quickly forgiven in part because he is considered such a legend in his homeworld. Ironically enough, Auron heavily goes against such a notion of regarding people as "legends" as per tradition.
  • Mighty Glacier: Until an enemy is debuffed, Auron's base speed is quite low but he hits hard, especially with his unique non-framed debuff, Melee Resist Down, which has multiple applications for various physical attackers' damage output. However, when he's awakened with his new passives, along with both his crystal lv. 50 passive and his 35CP passive, Auron can become a borderline Lightning Bruiser whenever an enemy is debuffed. On that end, Auron also has naturally high base Attack (5/5) with above average Max BRV (4/5).
  • Mysterious Watcher: Invoked but not shown with Auron, who says he's been following Yuna and her party for awhile to see how far they've grown, but the player doesn't actually see him until he's introduced to the party for the first time via his Character Event.
  • Sphere of Destruction: Several of them seen in the HP damage portion of his first ability, Banishing Blade.
  • Sink-or-Swim Mentor: Shadowed the group through the Capta Est tower, without actually aiding them until quite a ways in. Even then, he hangs back to let Yuna and Tidus (and everyone else) deal with a boss fight so he can see how good they are.
  • Younger Than They Look: As usual, the 35 year-old Auron behaves and is treated as a wise old veteran by everyone else... except for Galuf, who is 25 years his senior and points out that he's got no place acting like an old geezer.

    Kimahri Ronso 

Kimahri Ronso
A youth of the robust Ronso tribe and guardian of Yuna. Learns and uses monster abilities. Earnestly protects his summoner and holds her wishes in the highest regard. Stoic and of few words, a deep connection exists between his broken horn and the home he abandoned.
Voiced by: Katsumi Chō

Recruited in the "Unbreakable Pride" event. The party comes across Kimahri as he's searching for someone, but as he doesn't talk to them they have a hard time figuring out who he might be looking for - or indeed if he is even friend or foe. Later, he does speak when Jecht and Auron catch up to the party, surprised to see them, and he gets added to the ranks.

Kimahri is a ranged damage dealer who uses copied monster abilities via his Ronso Rage. Lancet is a ranged BRV + HP attack that restores health, which becomes Lancet & Thrust Kick while under the effects of Ronso Trait, adding a second BRV + HP attack. Mighty Guard grants the party HP Reduction, becoming Mighty Guard & Bad Breath under the effects of Ronso Trait, adding an AoE BRV + HP attack that inflicts a special debuff on the enemy. His EX Ability is Nova, which does a three-hit AoE BRV attack before doing 100% damage on the entire enemy party.
LD: White Wind
  • Barrier Warrior: Is able to cast Mighty Guard on the party, which grants a 20% HP Damage Reduction shield as well as battery the party's Brave.
  • Blinded by the Light: At 2 out of 3 upgrades, his EX attack, Nova, creates a concentrated explosion of light that inflicts the unique debuff Total Blindness which causes a 100% miss chance on the enemy's next attack (compare this to normal Blind from characters like Wakka or Vaan, that only inflicts a 50% miss chance).
  • Boring, but Practical: The Thrust Kick add-on that follows Lancet has no additional effects other than being an extra BRV + HP Attack.
  • Breath Weapon: Kimahri gets the series' iconic Bad Breath ability as part of his second skill, combined with Mighty Guard when his Ronso Traits buff is active.
  • Jack-of-All-Trades: Fitting for a Blue Mage, by copying the abilities of his enemies Kimahri can do a little bit of everything. He can heal a little, battery a bit, reduce HP Damage the party takes, grant a unique debuff in Bad Breath that reduces stats and poisons, and can even guarantee a miss via Total Blindness with his EX. However, because there is no one thing Kimahri excels in one is typically forced to create a team around him to make sure all important bases are covered.
  • Life Drain: Lancet attacks an enemy, converting a percentage of the damage dealt into a health regen. With his Halberd passive, Kimahri can share this health drain with the rest of the party.
  • Power Copying: With the exception of Lancet, all of Kimahri's abilities are based on his Ronso Rage which consists of abilities stolen from the enemies of Spira. Thrust Kick is learned from the YKT-model of Machina, Bad Breath from Malboro, Mighty Guard from Behemoths, White Wind from Dark Flan, and Nova from Omega Weapon/Nemesis.
  • The Quiet One: As usual. Kimahri stands out for it though as perhaps the quietest of the entire player party, not even uttering a word during his first event cutscene. It leads Deuce to wonder if he might even speak a different language. He does talk more once reunited with people he knows, though, and has as many lines in battle as everyone else does.
  • The Unsmile: Tidus tries to get him to practice it again and Fujin agrees with Kimahri that it's difficult to practice that.


A fellow sphere hunter who accompanies Yuna in the Gullwings after the summoner had concluded her previous journey. Reticent when it comes to talking about herself, she does not take kindly to people poking into her past, but does care for her comrades.
Voiced by: Megumi Toyoguchi
Originally introduced in Final Fantasy X-2

Recruited in Act 2, Chapter 4 by Materia, who charges her to go find Yuna and support her in battle - despite the fact that Yuna has no memories of her, which upsets Paine. Materia tries to keep her from revealing who she is to Yuna, but when Paine finds her she says she is Yuna's friend. Saddened by Yuna's inability to remember and irritated by the whole situation, Paine joins the party despite that to help them against Seymour and to recover the crystal core of light's brilliance and, in turn, Yuna's lost memories.

Paine is primarily an offensive debuffer, granting herself the Dressphere buff with both of her abilities that increase a different stat with each stack, until it enhances all of her stats. Her first ability, Break Attack, is a 2 hit attack that lowers the enemy's Initial BRV, Max BRV, Attack, Defense, and Speed. Her second ability, Black Sky, is a 6 hit group BRV attack and single target HP attack. Her EX Ability, Dancing Sword, calls upon the powers of her ultimate Dressphere Full Throttle for a 6 hit group BRV+HP attack that does extra damage to enemies debuffed with Status Break. With 5 stacks of Dressphere active, it turns into Dancing Sword+, and grants Paine the buff Wing Arts, which changes her standard BRV attack to Triple Cut, buffs the party, and enhances her HP attack.
  • Ace Pilot: As a Brick Joke to Paine's desire to pilot the Celsius in X-2, she gets the chance to take the pilot's seat here, and is confused at the party's lack of a captain (especially when Yuna says everyone is the captain).
  • Angels Pose: Convinces Yuna to do this with her when facing off against a planesgorger, complete with YRP's Pre Ass Kicking One Liner, despite the fact that they're missing Rikku.
  • Birds of a Feather: With Squall, pointed out by Zell. Both Squall and Paine try to deny this (Squall internally, and Paine out loud) but Squall realizes they really are similar and keeps his mouth shut about it. This is a bit of a Mythology Gag, since Paine was partially based off of Squall.
  • Composite Character: Similar to the Final Fantasy V crew, Paine's abilities are from several different Dresspheres to illustrate how players could switch classes on the fly in Final Fantasy X-2. Break Attack is based on the various Break abilities of the Warrior Dressphere (Paine's default class), Black Sky comes from the Dark Knight Dressphere, and Dancing Sword comes from Paine's Ultimate Dressphere Full Throttle.
  • Death from Above: Black Sky assaults her enemies with meteorites from the sky.
  • Not So Above It All: In a really dramatic moment where Ignis, Prompto, and Noctis are declaring to Seymour that even if Noctis dies, his friends can tell stories of Noct to keep hope alive... she pipes in that they can also talk about how Noctis never ate his vegetables. Noctis even has to tell her that this isn't the time for that.
  • Storm of Blades: Her EX ability, Dancing Sword, conjures them.
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality: She starts off pretty icy when she meets the party, acting pretty standoffish and aloof especially when they ask her about her relationship to Yuna. She brushes them off by saying she doesn't like people asking questions about her past (even if one of the people questioning her is involved in it), but it is all mostly a reaction to her frustration about the situation and anger at Materia, since one of her best friends can't even recognize her.

    Seymour Guado 

Seymour Guado
The influential leader of the Guado and one of the four Maesters of Yevon. He holds a catastrophic belief that death is a release from the pain of existence and tries to use Yuna to fulfill that ambition.
Voiced by: Jun'ichi Suwabe

Recruited in his event, and holds the distinction of being the first recruitable villain character. Seymour is first encountered as an enemy in Chapter 4, pretending he is still the kindly Maester Yuna knows, taking advantage of her loss of memory. However, his true machinations come to light and Yuna has to fight him all over again.

Seymour is a magical attacker and debuffer, using his abilities Chainspell, a series of 2 hit BRV+HP attacks that's repeated for a second time if the enemy has 80% or less HP remaining and Lance of Atrophy, a 4 hit BRV+HP attack that lowers enemies' Max BRV, attack, and defense which is followed up by Chainspell if the enemy has 80% or less HP remaining, both of which also inflict extra damage on debuffed targets. His EX ability, Requiem, deals area of effect magical damage and divides the HP damage equally between all targets, while also granting Seymour a unique framed buff known as Seymour's Repose that increases his Max BRV, Attack, and overflow limit.
  • Aloof Ally: After Seymour is begrudgingly recruited into the party, he makes it clear he is not actually joining their band of adventurers, neither is he stopping his plan of killing everyone in this world, he is only allowing himself to be summoned for the occasional fight. The rest of the party is fine with that, since they find Seymour far too distasteful to actually travel with them anyway.
  • Auto-Revive: Seymour has this nasty ability when fought as a boss of automatically reviving himself the first time he is defeated. Then The Gloves Come Off and Seymour will usually summon a pair of high-level Manikins to assist him, along with starting to use his best attack, Requiem. Also, unlike most other challenges the entire fight (first fight and the revived fight) all count as a single round, so if you restart the round you restart from the very beginning.
  • The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard: Seymour in Chapter 5. He frequently attacks twice in a row (with a technique that is already a double attack) and he automatically casts Dispelga any time you try to use a buff. That's before he summons Manikins for backup.
  • Death Seeker: The party learns that not only does Seymour want everyone else to experience death, but he does for himself as well. It's what he thinks true respite is, and should be the purpose of the World of Respite where they all are now. However, due to the rules of the crystal cores, he cannot self terminate.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: Seymour drops in on Rydia to ask how she can possibly travel with Cecil when he killed her mother. When Rydia answers that she chose to forgive him and move on, Seymour can't comprehend it and decides that it's another reason he should keep planning to kill everyone.
  • Evolving Attack: All of Seymour's attacks gain additional followups when the targetted enemy has low enough HP: at 80%, Chainspell is cast again for a total of four 2 hit BRV+HP attacks, Lance Of Atrophy is followed by a single Chainspell and when fully realized, Requiem is followed up by Lance Of Atrophy, and if the enemy has 30% or less HP remaining, it's further followed up by a single Chainspell.
  • Flunky Boss: He loves this trope. Whenever he's fought in the story, he always has Manikins with him.
  • Foil:
    • To Tidus gameplay-wise. While Tidus involves fast-covering physical damage in long-lasting fights with a solid focus on SPD with decent Initial BRV + Max BRV, Seymour deals long-lasting magic damage with high base Attack and Max BRV on the 5/5 end. Both of them are also debuffers with their second abilities paralleling each other (2-hit BRV+HP Attacks that inflict 3 standard potency debuffs at once. But while Tidus has a Speed Down in his set of debuffs, Seymour opts for Max BRV Down instead).
    • As a character, he is this to Rydia. Rydia's mother, the avatar of the Mist Dragon summon, was murdered by Cecil, yet Rydia chose to forgive Cecil and not allow herself to be consumed with hatred. Seymour's mother killed herself to become the Aeon Anima, but Seymour losing her caused him to go insane with grief and resentment.
  • Having a Blast: His EX ability which was originally a boss ability that was a mere AoE BRV magic attack, but becomes a 3-hit magic BRV+HP Attack with a unique quote like all EX abilities.
  • Hope Crusher: Seymour is offended by people who find a reason to live despite having experienced sorrow and will say or do anything in his power to try and tear them down into his own nihilistic worldview.
  • Kick Them While They Are Down: Seymour's abilities inflict imperiled/weakness damage on any debuffed targets regardless of which debuffs they have on them.
  • Light Is Not Good: Like all the other villains, Seymour bears the "light" just like the protagonists. He also uses the white crystal color.
  • Manipulative Bastard: Seymour's modus operandi in this game is to manipulate the heroes by taking advantage of their lack of memories, either by lying his way into Yuna's friendship when he's first introduced or by making Yuna doubt the reasons why she went on her second journey to dishearten her and crush her will.
  • Not So Different: Invoked yet defied, Seymour attempts to find common ground with Rydia by way of the fact Cecil killed her mother, the summoner of the Mist Dragon, in relation to the fact his own mother committed suicide for the good of Spira, becoming the Aeon Anima. However, when Rydia says she's already forgiven Cecil for the murder of her mother, Seymour recoils stating that the two actually have nothing in common, him having no desire to forgive the people of Spira for his mother's death.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: Seymour rescues Eiko from monsters but dismisses her thanks, saying that if she died now it would make everyone else too upset to play into his omnicidal schemes later.
  • Resurrected for a Job: Thanks to the unique circumstances of death and undeath in his world, Seymour deduces that he is not actually an Unsent here - Spiritus actually revived him (and everyone else who died in their own worlds) for the purposes the gods intended. When he tells Kuja this, he also makes sure to tell him that when the gods are done with them and they're sent home, they will likely go back to being dead. Kuja doesn't take this well.
  • This Is a Drill: Lance of Atrophy has Seymour levitate his staff, spinning it like a drill, before sending it spiraling into an enemy as a projectile.
  • Token Evil Teammate: When Seymour joins the party, it is clear he has not changed his ambitions to rain down mass genocide on the world. The only reason he agrees to be called in for the occasional battle is because he distrusts Mog and wants the opportunity to try and discern the moogle's motives firsthand. The rest of the party is appropriately horrified at the prospect of fighting alongside Seymour as well, especially Yuna.
  • Villain Team-Up: Approaches the Emperor and proposes an alliance with him in Act 2, Chapter 4, and while the two do not trust each other the Emperor is willing to allow him to use Pandemonium as his base while Seymour tries to crush the party's will through his lies and manipulation. It results in Seymour betraying him later, possibly to help the party, though his true motives are still unclear.
    • He tries it again with Ardyn later, but Ardyn denies him.
  • Villainous Rescue: He comes across Eiko when she's alone and rescues her from monsters, passing it off as I Was Just Passing Through and that he needed her alive for now.


Tidus's father, a renowned blitzball player. After ending up in Spira ten years earlier, he would travel with Yuna's father, the summoner Braska, as his guardian. Though it's his truculence that stands out, deep down he has a good heart, and he worries for his son he left behind.
Voiced by: Masuo Amada

Recruited in Chapter 11. Summoned by Spiritus, Jecht stubbornly refuses to join the party at first, even though it's the first time Tidus remembers meeting him since he was a child, citing that his son is still a crybaby and he only wants to join once he's strong enough. He does later end up joining after the party helps him fight off Exdeath.

Jecht is a physical attacker, dealing high damage to enemies with Beast Rush and Jecht Slash; both those abilities gain extra benefits if he happens to reach past 30% of his Max BRV amount when he uses them. His EX Ability is Meteor Shot, an overflowing melee BRV+HP Attack that deals 50% HP splash damage and also buffs Jecht up with Ulimate Resolve (a Max BRV Up + BRV Regen); BRV breaking a target with the ability also cancels out Jecht's action delay to grant him a free turn (discounting friend support and summon turns).
  • Big Damn Heroes: In Chapter 11, Jecht pulls one of these to save the group from Exdeath, combined with a You Shall Not Pass!. Tidus tries to stay behind to fight alongside him, but Jecht tells Layle to use his gravity powers to drag him away.
  • Death from Above: Yet another character with a Meteor-based EX, in this case Meteor Shot.
  • Evolving Attack: His two abilities turn into + versions when he's over 30% of his current Max BRV amount when he uses them (Beast Rush has an HP attack portion at the end while Jecht Slash repeats itself another time).
  • Flanderization: Not so much his own behavior as the framing of it. In FFX, Jecht is shown as a severely flawed parent who changed due to his journey. However, the party almost universally acts like Jecht is a good, responsible, if misunderstood father and Tidus just can't see it and is ungrateful because at least Jecht isn't dead—including Good Parents like Sazh and Galuf, who never treat their own children that way. This is somewhat alleviated by Wakka later Calling the Old Man Out on Tidus' behalf.
  • Parents as People: He's still a jerk to Tidus. Some of the other party members realize that this is a well-intended, if infurating, effort to protect him. Wakka convinces him to stop being an aloof Jerkass by saying how much it hurts as an orphan to see a kid estranged from a parent who's still alive.
  • Playing with Fire: Jecht Slash does fire elemental damage.
  • Status Buff: One of the few unique examples in that Jecht is able to buff himself with both a standard non-framed physical attack up and a normal attack up buff, which can stack with each other; most characters can only buff themselves up with one or the other.
  • Sword and Fist: Jecht punches/kicks enemies sometimes in addition to using his BFS.
  • Would Hit a Girl: When Fang won't listen to his attempts to explain what the manikins are and that he isn't one, Jecht obliges by fighting and putting her on the back foot long enough for the others to catch up and set things straight.

Introduced in Final Fantasy XI


A Tarutaru doctor and former minister of the Windurst Orastery who possesses extraordinary talent in black magic. With a superiority complex and a short fuse, she is known as the "last woman you'd want to run into" for the irrational demands she has made to countless travelers. While shunned by most, she is considered a hero in her homeland.

Recruited at the end of Chapter 6. When Shantotto first meets the group, it is because she had been tailing them for a while and decided to expose herself to find out what their true intentions are. She resists joining them at first in an attempt to get the full picture, knowing that there are things about this world she still needs to discover.

When she's finally satisfied, she does join, and is a powerful magic attacker with her Spirit Magic: Aero and Spirit Magic: Bio, which become more powerful versions when she takes damage. Her EX Ability, Divine Malison, does massive magical damage to a single enemy, all while inflicting a unique framed debuff that imperils them to four elements at once.
LD: Salvation Scythe
Burst: Vidohunir
  • Aloof Ally: During her reveal chapter she is wary of joining the group, and even temporarily joins forces with the enemy before finally allying herself with the hero party. She did this to discern what Mog was refusing to tell the group about their inner "Light".
  • Awesomeness by Analysis: Aside from playing Mog and the villains like a fiddle to find out what the former is hiding, at one point she picks a fight with Kefka just to see what happens to the ambient magic from their battle. Thanks to this, she confirms that (possessed) Mog is draining their power, though it was initially discovered by Kain earlier.
  • Blow You Away: Spirit Magic: Aero and Rage Aero are powerful Wind-based spells.
  • Cannot Tell a Joke: In Celes' Lost Chapter, some of the others tell her that because they are comrades, they can all joke around and have fun together. In response, Shantotto tries to make a joke about experimenting on Terra and Celes, but it falls hilariously flat despite her usual demeaning dialogue.
  • Casting a Shadow: In addition to being toxic, the Bio spell is of the Dark element.
  • Draw Aggro: Her Devil's Laugh ability allows her to draw aggro when she uses her magic abilities, forcing her enemies to attack her and trigger her Rage.
  • The Gloves Come Off: Should she take damage or have low health, Shantotto will stop playing around and resort to using the more powerful Rage versions of her spells.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Does not like getting attacked in combat, and will cast spells in a Rage if she suffers damage.
  • Innocently Insensitive: Attempts to make a joke in Celes' Lost Chapter about experimenting on Celes and Terra, Celes who was made into a Magitek Knight and Terra whom was enslaved by the Empire and tested on against her will. Obviously, the joke falls quite flat.
  • Light 'em Up: Her EX ability Divine Malison is a Holy-based Limit Break, though it literally imperils the target to 3 other elements as well.
  • Light Is Not Good: Is the one to reveal that the "Light" Mog keeps going on about is just the ability to control Torisons, and is not exclusive to the hero party.
  • Noblewoman's Laugh: Her staple laugh.
  • Poisonous Person: Dark Magic: Bio and Rage Bio have a chance of poisoning the enemy.
  • The Smart Guy: Even in a group as large as there is, Shantotto stands out as the most shrewd and clever of the bunch. She was the first one to find Mog's claims of saving the world to he dubious, and was the one to reveal that the so called "light" of the group is just the ability to open and close Torisons, something both ally and enemy can possess.
  • Sticks to the Back: As a bit of a Mythology Gag to her home game, Shantotto is one of very few characters who does not have a battle stance - instead, she simply stands straight as she casts her spells with her staff on her back, just like magic users in FFXI.


An impatient yet strong-minded woman who doesn't try to hide her true nature. While she is the leader of the Tavnazian Safehold's patrol, she was once feared and referred to as "that detestable child." Deeply linked to the Emptiness, she sets out on a journey to uncover the truth.
Voiced by: Aya Hirano

Recruited in the "That Detestable Child" event. When she first finds the party, they are taken aback by her boundless energy and almost single-minded desire to eat food, and everyone is eager to add her to their ranks.

Prishe specializes in physical attack combos, striking single targets with One Ilm Punch and multiple targets with Spinning Attack, both of which turn into her abilities Howling Fist and Backhand Blow, respectively. Her EX ability, Nullifying Dropkick, is a potent single target multi-hit attack that ignores enemy defense and grants her up to 200% BRV overflow.
  • Big Eater: She expressed her wish to eat a behemoth at some point. Later, Noctis joins her in this sentiment and she immediately takes a liking to him.
  • Elemental Powers: Depending on what ability she uses beforehand, Howling Fist and Backhand Blow can become fire, wind, or holy elemental.
  • Genki Girl: One of the most energetic in the party, only stopping when she's out of fuel.
  • Religious Bruiser: Yda is surprised to learn Prishe is so devout when they find her in prayer. Prishe says it's because she spent so much time raised in a monastery, which leads Agrias to mention Princess Ovelia and Alma's similar circumstances.
  • Spam Attack: A gimmick of Prishe's. Spamming abilities in rotations rapidly increases both her turn count and her overall BRV damage the more she gets going.
  • Spin Attack: The aptly named area of effect Spinning Attack.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: Backhand Blow causes an explosion when she strikes.
  • Telepathy: Prishe can read minds, which frightens Mog when she joins the party.


An itinerant agent on a mission to suss out Vana'diel's prevailing winds. Lion joined forces with adventurers in a desperate struggle to prevent the return of the Shadow Lord, instigator of the Crystal War. She dreams of traveling the world with her companions should they ever succeed in bringing peace to the realm.
Voiced by: Yukiyo Fujii

Recruited in the "A Caring Adventurer" event. Lion is already searching for a party to join when the group finds her, so she eagerly joins up since she loves traveling with other adventurers.

Lion is a debuffer, capable of attacking foes with Sneak Attack and lowering defenses with Powder Keg. Her EX Ability, Walk the Plank, deals overflowing-AoE melee BRV damage that ends in split HP damage across all targets, but can also dispel buffs from all enemy targets and recovers one use of Sneak Attack per use up to its maximum value. If her turn comes right after either herself or an ally, then the skill turns into Walk the Plank: Light, where it triggers its BRV+HP Attack damage twice in a row.
  • Acceptable Breaks from Canon: Using her EX Ability immediately after her own or an ally's turn causes it to skillchain into Walk The Plant (Light), which is of the Holy Element. In her home game of Final Fantasy XI though, the Light Skillchain was of the Holy (Light), Fire, Lightning, and Wind elements simultaneously.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Act 2 Chapter 6, which she shares with Lyse, and whenever the Zilart brothers are involved.
  • Always Accurate Attack: Both of Lion's abilities are a guaranteed hit in spite of SPD, but only when the enemy isn't targeting her.
  • Animal Theme Naming: Squall Leonhart takes notice of her name when he meets her.
  • Balance Buff: A notable rework comes her way during Aphmau's event in the JP version, where not only do both her skills turn into BRV+HP Attacks with more hits, but the use of her reworked Sneak Slash Extend now turns both her skills into enhanced versions for once use.
  • Back Stab: All of her skills can pull this off via increased imperil damage to any enemies not targeting her, though her first skill being Sneak Attack takes the most cake. Post-rework, it eventually becomes an overflowing BRV+HP Attack like the rest, while also enhancing both Sneak Slash itself and Powder Keg into "Hide" versions for one use. Sneak Slash Extend "Hide" in particular, has a higher overflow limit and increased potency. This also extends to her Lv. 65 Additional Ability, Sneak Thrust.
  • Combination Attack: If Lion uses her EX Ability Walk the Plank after an ally's turn (even her own) it combos to create a Skillchain just like in her home game causing Light, an extra Holy magic BRV+HP Attack.
  • It's the Journey That Counts: Lion has this philosophy and teaches it to the others, encouraging everyone to enjoy their time traveling together.
  • Laser Blade: Her EX ability, Walk the Plank.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: Lion explains that she's searching for a party with other adventurers, which is what most players of FFXI were stuck doing all the time.
  • Light 'em Up: When her EX Ability is used after an ally turn it will turn into Walk the Plant (Light), which is her normal EX Attack followed by an additional Holy-element Magic BRV+HP attack.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: Powder Keg, which also deals a Defense Down debuff.
  • Walking the Earth: Lion bonds over her love of this with Layle and Bartz.


The star dancer of Troupe Mayakov, which took the realm by storm during the Great Crystal War. Popularly known as the "Moonshade Butterfly," little is actually known about her. In reality, she is a traveler from the future come to change the past, and with the adventurers would fight for two different timelines.
Voiced by: Emiri Katou

Recruited in Chapter 11. Lilisette finds the party in the Dimensions' Labyrinth, saying that she was already recruited by the goddess Materia to find and help them.

Lilisette specializes in buffing herself and dealing area of effect damage with Whirling Edge, and Sensual Dance, which lowers enemies' attack, magic, and inflicts Sap while granting massive BRV to the party. Her EX ability is Rousing Samba & Dancer's Fury, in which she dances first to provide BRV to the party and grant the Rousing Samba buff (raises Lilisette's Max BRV, the party's critical hit rate and overflow limit) and then strikes her foes with a 3 hit melee BRV+HP attack.
  • Brutal Honesty: Delivers a pretty rough Armor-Piercing Response to Ashe when she is talking about her kingdom of Dalmasca.
    Ashe: Several different kingdoms have ruled Rabanastre, uniquely blending together various histories and cultures.
    Lilisette: Hmm, in other words... it has a habit of being invaded?
    Ashe: ...You are not wrong. Two years prior, the Archadian Empire did just that...
  • Dance Battler: As a dancer who can Dual Wield knives.
  • Disappeared Dad: She admits to Tidus that her father died, so she's envious that he has his and tries to help him repair his relationship with Jecht.
  • Jumped at the Call: She more or less pushes her way into the party once she finds them, eagerly heeding Materia's words about closing the Torsions and avoiding questions about herself.
  • Mr. Exposition: She, along with Serah, gives an explanation to Alisaie that the latter may be from a different time period than her friends.
    • Averted when the party tries to ask her about Kam'lanaut and she knows nothing about them because she wasn't involved in that Story Arc in XI.


Royal puppeteer to Empress Nashmeira of Aht Urhgan, she treats her automatons Mnejing and Ovjang as fast friends. Her naïveté and purity are marked by a boundless curiosity.
Voiced by: Haruka Tomatsu

Recruited in her event, "Royal Puppeteer." She first discovers the party while they're fighting some monsters and initially mistakes the Onion Knight for one of her automatons. After meeting the party, they explain to her that she's in a different world, which scares her at first since she needs to get home for her duties. Shortly after, though, she realizes that might be a little harder than she thought and resolves to enjoy her time in a new world with new experiences and people, free from courtly life.

Aphmau is a support unit, able to buff herself and the party's offensive capabilities. Her first ability, Shield Subverter, is a BRV+HP attack that grants her Mnejing's Tactics (raises defense and debuff evasion rate with BRV damage reduction), which also enhances her BRV attack into BRV Attack+(Fine-Tuning), which spreads the effects to the rest of the party. Her second ability is Sixth Element, a 6 hit BRV+HP attack that grants her Ovjang's Tactics (a Max BRV, attack, and speed buff) and turns her HP attack into HP Attack+(Optimization), which adds in an extra hit, extends buffs, and spreads Ovjang's Tactics to the rest of the party.
EX ability: Activate & Imperial Authority
  • Blue Blood: Penelo is able to guess that she is nobility thanks to her clothing, though she isn't aware that Aphmau is actually the Empress.
  • Combination Attack: After using her EX ability, "Activate & Imperial Authority," Ovjang and Mnejing appear alongside her and augment her standard BRV and HP attacks with their own.
  • Marionette Master: The Royal Puppeteer of Aht Urhgan, though she can't find her automatons Ovjang and Mnejing in this world, and finds the party initially because she is searching for them. She uses their buffs in battle, and she can actually summon them physically with her EX ability. Aphmau tells the party that they have a will of their own, which Vivi takes interest in and muses that they must have souls.
  • Kicking Ass in All Her Finery: Thinks she is being inconspicuous having donned a disguise to hide the fact she is actually royalty. However, Penelo and the others almost immediately guess she is nobility due to the fact the outfit she is wearing is still quite opulent.
  • King Incognito: Aphmau was off with her automatons when she got pulled into a Torsion, donning her usual disguise. She doesn't tell the party that she is really the Empress Nashmeira.
  • Replacement Goldfish: Ramza says that Aphmau is the same age as and reminds him of his sister Alma. Cater subsequently teases him about being a Big Brother Mentor to Aphmau and protective of her.
  • Sheltered Aristocrat: Aphmau comes off as this to the party - she went off exploring and caught the attention of monsters, causing them to scold her for her carelessness and naivety. She quickly apologizes, and Setzer admits he was once like her.

     Arciela V Adoulin 

Arciela V Adoulin
The eldest daughter of the Order of Adoulin, one of the Twelve Orders in the Sacred City of Adoulin. She is the princess of the nation. Her mysterious power to harmonize with the forest has resulted in her never being harmed by its creatures. She is sometimes ridiculed as a witch because of this, but adventurers are touched by her kindness.
Voiced by: Saori Hayami

Recruited in her event, "Swordmaiden." The party finds themselves in a forest but as they're walking through it, Rem goes into a coughing fit that persists through Yuna and Aerith's healing magic. While they're worrying over what to do, Arciela arrives and suggests a medicine made from moss native to the forest. Despite having some familiar elements to the wilderness of Ulbulka in her world, Arciela is confused by the fact that she cannot sense the forest spirits. After Lion and the others explain the circumstances to her, Arciela joins up with the party.

Her first ability, Ascension & Expunge Magic, grants her the Ascension buff that increases her mBRV and the party's Attack and iBRV and grants them BRV regen followed by a 5 hit AoE BRV+HP attack with split damage that dispels all buffs from all targets, heals the party up to 40% of their maximum HP and replaces her HP attack with Harmonic Displacement, which is a 3 hit BRV+HP attack that restores her allies BRV based on HP damage dealt. Both of the above abilities also grant her the Fast Cast buff, which allows party members to recover their BRV up to their current iBRV amount after either using a HP attack or suffering a Break after a single turn instead of the 5 total party and enemy turns it'd normally take. Her second ability, Descension & Sight Unseen, grants her the Descension buff that increases her Attack and mBRV, party's Attack and reduces the enemy's Speed followed by a 5 hit AoE BRV+ST HP attack that deals 50% damage to other targets, reduces their mBRV and Speed and disables their HP attacks and changes her HP attack into Darkest Hour, which is a 5 hit BRV+HP attack that deals extra damage on debuffed enemies and 20% damage to other targets. Her EX ability, Naakual's Vengeance, is a 8 hit AoE BRV+HP attack with split damage that heals the party by 20% of their maximum HP, restores the party's BRV by 25% of the total damage dealt and grants her the Heirloom buff, which increases her Attack and mBRV and grants the party BRV regen that stacks with the Ascension buff if present.

  • Dance Battler: She is fond of acrobatic flips and kicks for each of her abilities.
  • Nature Hero: Her connection to the forest and nature is highlighted in her character event when she finds moss to soothe Rem's coughs, and she notes that it is an ability that people tend to fear her for.
  • Ornamental Weapon: Arciela has a dagger as part of her character model but it is not her main weapon - she only unsheathes it as an occasional focus for her spells and as part of her victory pose.
  • Ring of Power: Arciela's weapons are rings and all considered part of the Unique weapon type.
  • Waif-Fu: While many of her abilities have her attacking at a range with magic, her enhanced HP attack Darkest Hour has her hitting her enemy multiple times up close, striking them with multiple punches and kicks.


The charismatic and accomplished archduke of Jeuno, the city-state connecting Vana'diel's east and west. By organizing the realm's adventurers, he speedily thwarted the Shadow Lord's return. As one of the ancient race of Zilart seeking to open the Gate of the Gods, however, he would eventually be forced to cross swords with the adventurers who once aided him.
Voiced by: Satoshi Mikami

First appears in Act 2, Chapter 6 of the main story. Summoned by Spiritus into this world, he is intrigued by the possibility of doing whatever he wishes, as long as he maintains this world's order. He promptly goes off on his own to learn that since he failed to summon Paradise back home, he can make it here, and starts drawing on the power of Dark Manikins and "will" of this world to do so. He becomes playable in his event, "Ambition for Provenance," deciding to work with the party in secret after drawing them into a private Torsion so he can supposedly work against the other warriors of Spiritus, whose ambitions he doubts.

Kam'lanaut is an attacker with some debuffing capabilities. His first ability, Ice Blade, is an ice elemental melee attack which grants him "Intellect of the Zilart" (Max BRV and Attack increase), which turns into Glacification when his "Desire for Provenance" buff is active. His second ability is Esoteric Region, a self buff that grants him BRV and turns into Desire for Provenance; any time he is hit with any of these buffs active it will inflict Addle on his enemies, which lowers all enemies' Attack and magic attack. His EX ability is Great Wheel, a two hit group melee attack that deals total HP damage to each target and grants him Ducal Charisma (raises the party's Max BRV and Attack). This ability is also affected by how many stacks of Esoteric Region or Desire for Provenance he has, and can also inflict Addle to all foes if he is hit with any attack afterward.
  • A God Am I: Has the same mindset that he did in Final Fantasy XI, in that he wishes to bring Paradise to the world - which is a realm only for the gods, not puny humans like the party. He is surprised to learn that Spiritus is an actual god, though.
  • An Ice Person: Ice Blade and Glacification, appropriate to their names, inflict ice elemental damage. Glacification also has a chance of inflicting paralysis.
  • Big Little Brother: To Eald'narche. The party is surprised when Lion explains this is the case to them.
  • Cool Sword: He wields his sword and shield in conjunction with each other, and since they come in a set he uses the Unique weapon type.
  • Enemy Mine: Kam'lanaut gives the party his dimensional coordinates in secret so he can fight alongside them without the knowledge of Spiritus' other warriors so he can monitor them (including his own brother), but this turns out to be a ruse and he is really doing this on Eald'narche's orders.
  • I Am the Noun: After Spiritus explains the situation in the world to him, and that he must protect the will of the crystal, Kam'lanaut proclaims that he is the will of the crystal.
  • Power Floats: Like many other villains, he is always floating in battle.


The brother of the Archduke of Jeuno and wielder of a mysterious power. A genius with excellent political judgement, he is allowed to express his opinion in government matters. While he acts like an innocent child, his appearance has not changed for over 30 years. Though proactively pursuing that which interests him, he also possesses the ability to plan with composure.
Voiced by: Minami Takayama

First appears in Act 2, Chapter 6 of the main story. He is summoned by Spiritus, but mostly so he can keep his younger brother Kam'lanaut in line. He becomes recruitable in the event "Ghosts of the Past," where he has Kam'lanaut give his dimensional coordinates to the party after offering them a chance to work together to get back to their home worlds.

First ability: Phase Shift (becomes Stellar Burst after his Exoplates are canceled)
Second ability: Uranos Cascade (becomes Omega Javelin after his Exoplates are canceled)
EX ability: Vortex
  • Eyepatch of Power: To conceal his Magical Eye. Notably, in his second battle he removes it and is much more difficult, serving as the Final Boss of the chapter.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Numerous floating tablets that hover around him, which are called Exoplates and count as "Unique" weapons that only Eald'narche can equip.
  • Orbiting Particle Shield: His Exoplates, which halve the BRV and HP damage he takes, make him immune to debuffs and prevent his HP from dropping below 1 while they're up.
  • Make Wrong What Once Went Right: Eald'narche surmises that since they've all been taken from their worlds and different times in those worlds, they should be able to go back the same way as a form of Time Travel. He also believes that this would create several alternate timelines, so if he were to go back and change things so that he does succeed in opening the way to Paradise, it shouldn't affect their timelines, so what's the big deal? The party, especially Lion, shuts him down and refuses to work with him, though they take his offered dimensional coordinates to keep track of him anyway.
  • The Dreaded: His unique Terror debuff is implied to work this way: once the enemy has been inflicted with it either via losing his Exoplates in either of the ways described below or via his EX ability Vortex once his Exoplates have been removed, they're unable to attack Eald'narche either by directly targetting him or using an AoE attack of any kind, losing their turn if they attempt to do so. Whether or not it's intentional, the enemy in question also can't seem to switch to another target or attempt another action once they target him with the debuff active unless something forces them to use a different action that changes their targetting, such as losing enough HP.
  • The Man Behind the Man: To Kam'lanaut, once again, during his brother's recruitment event.
  • Turns Red: His main mechanic: losing his Exoplates either via his HP dropping to 1% or below or using his Phase Shift ability restores his HP and ability uses to full and changes his abilities to more powerful variants in exchange for losing their protection described above. Both methods have their advantages: waiting until he loses enough HP generally gives you more overall uses of his second ability and allows you to let him eat a deadly HP attack with no consequences, while using Phase Shift gives you an additional AoE attack and a free turn.

Introduced in Final Fantasy XII


An orphan from the Kingdom of Dalmasca who dreams of becoming a sky pirate. While he despised the empire for taking his brother's life, he was helpless until a twist of fate brought him and Princess Ashe together. Along with his childhood friend, Penelo, and the sky pirate, Balthier, he sets out on a cosmic journey to free their homeland.
Voiced by: Kenshou Ono

Recruited in Chapter 2 of the main story, joining up with the group because he's alone and they have an airship.

Vaan is a magical attacker, specializing in devastating enemies with Red Spiral and White Whorl, which add extra attacks at the end of their use the more he uses them. His EX Ability, Pyroclasm, allows him to deal a single target BRV+HP damage attack that deals extra splash damage to other targets and can have its BRV amount overflow.
LD: Earthen Eruption
Burst: Calamitous Orb
  • Acceptable Breaks from Canon: Normally Vaan would need to collect Mist to use his Quickenings; here they are his standard special attacks.
  • An Ice Person: Red Spiral's combo attack, White Out, is an Ice element attack.
  • Balance Buff: His rework came with him being able to have a few extra uses on his skills, and with the inclusion of his unique framed buff, Soaring to Freedom, only activating whenever either one of his skills are performed on their final use (where they are + versions), which is an Attack + BRV Regen effect. Due to the Desperation Attack effect of this long lasting buff, it doesn't see much use until Vaan's nearly exhausted his power late into a fight (especially since Vaan's rework came into the late COSMOS era without his Lv. 70 awakening before Basch's event in the JP versions). This is remedied with his EX+ being limit broken to give him the buff at the start of a quest, along with giving him an enhanced HP Attack to at least extend his longevity for a bit.
  • Big Damn Heroes: He saves Vivi, Yuna, and Krile from having their spirit drained by Ardyn in the fake Pharos.
  • Blow You Away: White Whorl is a Wind element attack.
  • Character Development: He goes from angrily confronting Vayne whenever he appears to considering the idea of an alliance with him. Also, while he once maintained the hope that he'd run into his dead brother Reks in this world, after getting his memories back he gains a new perspective that he shouldn't fight for this world because he might get a reunion with Reks, but because it's necessary to save Ivalice. He also buries the hatchet with Vayne in this world since Vayne is already dead, and without their nations at their backs and the possibility that Reks may be alive again they really have no reason to conflict with each other. It's enough to be noticed by the other characters who say how much Vaan has grown up, and the other airship pilots finally give him a go in the pilot's seat at the end of the chapter with Penelo as his copilot, like Fran is to Balthier (though this is separate from the Yank the Dog's Chain moment described below).
  • Commonality Connection: Vaan relates to Machina in that they both lost a brother to war. Furthermore, Vaan sympathizes with Machina when the latter says he struggled to find someone to blame, wrongfully turning his ire on Class Zero like Vaan did to Basch.
  • Elemental Powers: One of his biggest fortes as an early unit in the game's lifespan is his variety of elemental damage, but is also his greatest possible weakness; in any fight where even one of Vaan's range of elements is resisted, his damage will likely tank quite hard.
  • Evolving Attack: A gimmick reminiscent to how he plays in NT. After Vaan has used Red Spiral or White Whorl enough times, they will start to trigger a second attack in the same turn, White Out and Luminescence, respectively. This results in Vaan being able to inflict a notable amount of burst damage in a single turn.
  • Glass Cannon: 4/5 in base Attack, base Speed, base Initial BRV and 5/5 in Max BRV, but suffers in both HP and Defense.
  • Just a Kid: He is often dismissed from being able to pilot the party's airship on these grounds by the other pilots.
  • It's Personal: Vayne turning up is almost always guaranteed to enrage him. Even though he eventually accepts the necessity of occasionally working with him, Vaan will never be happy about fighting alongside the Archadian Emperor.
  • Light 'em Up: White Whorl's combo move, Luminescence, is of the Holy-element, and also inflicts a blind debuff. It functions much like how it does in NT where Luminescence itself is a followup to any of his HP Attacks.
  • Limit Break: All of his abilities are actually his various Quickenings from Final Fantasy XII.
  • Playing with Fire: His EX Ability, Pyroclasm, where he throws a fireball that explodes in the target's face, dealing splash damage along with having 120% Max BRV Overflow.
  • Right Behind You: One scene has a moment where Vaan is musing about how he never learned Fran's age, and he subsequently wonders about Y'shtola's age just as she's coming by, earning him a good scolding from the others.
  • Running Gag: He keeps sticking his foot in his mouth regarding the age of certain female party members.
  • Simple, yet Awesome: One of the standard hard-hitting units you get early on in the game that has his skills do a BRV+HP attack twice in a row in one turn after using the singular a set amount of times (on top of having solid 4/5 base attack and 5/5 Max BRV). However, he often tends to fall short of having enough firepower to last through longer fights due to having fairly low ability counts, even when awakened/reworked (as his attack up buff compared to others is low on potency while lasting a small amount of turns). Him being someone who's meant to last for a good short while also makes him a decent friend unit.
  • Sympathy for the Devil: Like Noel, he is sympathetic toward Ultimecia, relating to her feelings of loneliness since he's an orphan.
  • Yank the Dog's Chain: When the experienced pilots finally allow him behind the wheel, the airship is promptly caught in a vortex and tips everyone who was on deck into the middle of the woods. He's actually elated when Exdeath is revealed as the responsible party.


A cheerful young girl taken under the wing of local shopkeeper Migelo after being orphaned in the war. Her concern for Vaan leads to her first encounter with the sky pirate, Balthier, and a misunderstanding which pits her in a battle against Archadia. Penelo learned martial arts from her elder brothers and dreams of becoming a dancer.
Voiced by: Marina Kozawa

Recruited in Chapter 4. When Mog senses someone with the light nearby in a monster-infested area and is able to vaguely describe her, Vaan wonders if it's her and immediately wants to go search. When it does turn out to be Penelo, she is elated to be reunited with Vaan and joins the party.

Penelo is a support-type character, buffing the party's speed and attack power with Haste Rhumba and healing BRV and HP with Regen Waltz. Her EX ability is Intercession, which reduces the target's BRV and deals HP damage based on the amount reduced. While this ability cannot inflict break, Penelo's own BRV is retained after the attack, allowing her to dump it all right after.
  • Balance Buff: Penelo is so far the only character who was balanced so much that her ability name changed; Haste Rhumba used to be called Great Haste, perhaps to keep with her Dancer theme. After this change, her two abilities now function as a Stance System.
  • Childhood Marriage Promise: When Penelo learns that Machina and Cloud made the Declaration of Protection variant to Rem and Tifa respectively, as children, she ruefully looks at Vaan and wishes he was heroic enough to do the same thing.
  • Composite Character: Her abilities are a composite of two jobs that are popular to use for her in the Zodiac Age, Time Battlemage and White Mage.
  • Dance Battler: She has a dancer background and does a little dance with each of her abilities.
  • Friendship Moment: She gets a nice one with Ashe where Ashe says how necessary Penelo and Vaan were for her journey, and they both resolve to continue through the Ridorana maze without relying on the hope that they may reunite with their lost loved ones.
  • Knife Nut: She is only capable of using daggers in this game.
  • Mechanically Unusual Fighter: She is the only character in the game with an EX ability that works in the way it does: the initial BRV hits are based on her Initial Brave stat instead of Attack and are classified as gravity damage, meaning that they ignore enemy defense and can break the damage cap, and the HP attack at the end is likewise calculated off the same stat, letting it easily deal 99999 damage on anything if the stat is high enough, and as stated above, it neither builds or consumes her current BRV, letting her freely use it without making herself vulnerable to breaks. While Exdeath's EX ability works in a similar manner, its damage is still based on Attack like every other ability in the game and it consumes his BRV on use like normal.
  • Never Got to Say Goodbye: Penelo brings up how she never got to share her gratitude towards her parents or older brothers who all died of sickness or due to the war, and says that if she got to reunite with them again in this world, as others are with their loved ones, she would appreciate the chance to spend the time with them and give a proper goodbye.
  • Only Sane Man: In comedic situations Penelo often takes this role, putting her against the antics of the others.
  • Stance System: Her two abilities change her BRV and HP attacks and buff the party differently, giving her lots of support options. Her Haste Rhumba dance raises the party's speed and attack, while Regen Waltz grants BRV and HP Regen, effectively letting her switch between an offensive support dance and a defensive support dance.


A youthful sky pirate deeply attached to the wide blue yonder who roams the world with his partner, Fran. In an unexpected turn of events, he meets Vaan and gets caught up in a quest to restore Dalmasca. Although a man of charm and wit, he becomes highly sensitive when people bring up his past or father.
Voiced by: Hiroaki Hirata

Recruited in his event. Initially resistant to joining the group since he prefers to travel on his own, he relents when he sees that the party has an airship.

Balthier is a ranged attacker who can steal enemy buffs with Snatch Shot and Great Aim. His EX Ability is Fires of War, a random buff-stealing, area of effect overflowing BRV+HP attack with ranged damage and 100% undivided HP damage, along with both being able to dispel any debuffs from himself and extending any other existing buffs by 1 turn upon use. Said ability also grants the unique framed buff known as Snatch, an Attack and Max BRV Overflow limit increase that also has an aura that lowers all enemies' Attack and Max BRV for its duration.
  • Ace Pilot: Balthier takes over as the group's main pilot when they get a new airship in Arc 2, after Sazh decides to give the others a go. Setzer and Vaan have a contest throughout the chapter with Setzer winning, only for Balthier to beat him to the pilot's seat.
  • Balance Buff: On Fran's event where he gets his rework, his attacks later get the ability to do area of effect damage with much higher potency, overflow and effectiveness with a new unique framed buff. Before his rework, while Balthier's buff-stealing was near-guaranteed with all possible passives that increase the rate post-Lv. 60 Awakening, he still had issues that limited him in fights where it falls on him to BRV shave a target.
  • Intangible Theft: Has the ability to steal enemy buffs, so in some cases, he's stealing such oddities as Garland's inner darkness, Kuja's soul power, or a Berserker Armor's unstoppable rage.
  • Irony: Balthier describes himself, as ever, as "the leading man." He's an optional character until Chapter 9 when his Lost Chapter hits.
  • Sky Pirate: His profession, and the theme naming of his unique framed buff post-rework, Sky Pirate's Style, which can stack up to 3 times (grants Physical Attack Up at stack 1, Max BRV Up at stack 2, and normal Attack Up at stack 3). Said buff can also enhance his skills into + versions at max stacks.
  • Power Parasite: Is capable of stealing outright enemy buffs, removing them from his foes and placing them on himself.
  • Voice of Reason: He often encourages his comrades to see things from all sides, and is the first to attempt to reign in Vaan and Ashe's anger at seeing Vayne, saying that they could use him.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: During his Character Event when he notices the likes of Hope and Vivi in the hero party, he calls Mog out for recruiting basically child soldiers.

    Ashelia "Ashe" B'nargin Dalmasca 

Ashelia "Ashe" B'nargin Dalmasca
A proud princess with an iron will and a profound desire for justice. Once bent on taking vengeance upon the Archadian Empire, she sets out in pursuit of a great power, but has a change of heart during her travels with Vaan and Balthier when she learns what it means to confront the past and be free of its shackles.
Voiced by: Mie Sonozaki

Recruited in her event. At first, she has no desire to join the party due to observing their "frivolity," only wishing to go back to Ivalice, but Vaan and Penelo convince her to join them so they can find a way back together.

Ashe is a powerful attacker who can party-wide buff the party's physical and magical attack with Nordswain's Glow and Heaven's Wrath, while also debuffing enemies. Her EX Ability, Maelstrom Bolt, is an overflowing thunder magic BRV+HP Attack that grants her the Dynast King's Bloodline unique buff (an Attack and Max BRV Up); max limit breaking the passive also allows Maelstrom Bolt to unleash Ark Blast right afterwards, which is a 5-hit BRV+HP Attack with thunder attribute that can also paralyze.
  • Acceptable Breaks from Canon: Normally Ashe would need to collect Mist to use her Quickenings; here they are her standard special attacks.
  • BFS: She wields them in this game, while in her home game she was capable of equipping any weapon.
  • Death of a Thousand Cuts: Heaven's Wrath strikes the enemy a whopping 12 times with holy magic bolts. However, the attack often leaked BRV both due to Ashe's average Max BRV base and by having no HP damage before her awakening.
  • Enraged by Idiocy: Princess Ashe is initially against joining the rest of the party after witnessing Laguna telling a goofy story to Yuffie. She decides that this new group is too frivolous and decides to look for a way back to Ivalice on her own.
  • Friendship Moment: She gets a nice one with Penelo, where Ashe says how necessary Penelo and Vaan were for her journey in preventing her from Jumping Offthe Slippery Slope, and they both resolve to continue through the Ridorana maze without relying on the hope that they may reunite with their lost loved ones.
  • It's Personal: She is also angered by the prospect of allying with Vayne; although she's calmer about it than Vaan, she still won't forgive the conquest of her homeland. It makes her sympathetic towards Cyan's emotional struggles when Leo joins the party.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: Her stats are rather average with 4/5 in Attack, Defense and Speed, and 3/5 in Initial BRV, HP and Max BRV. However, given her kit design pre-rework, her rapid hitting attacks with no HP dumps often made her leak BRV way too often while also hindering her turn efficiency. Come post-rework via Fran's Event, Ashe becomes much more effective as one of the few characters with a self-100% Max BRV Up V multiplier (next to Zack's Rush Assault via his 35CP passive), and she has more effective BRV+HP dumps, and can paralyze with her EX ability when max limit broken.
  • Light 'em Up: Heaven's Wrath does holy damage.
  • Limit Break: All of her abilities are actually her various Quickenings from Final Fantasy XII.
  • Not So Different:
    • With Edgar, as royalty from a desert kingdom. Edgar tries to use it to flirt with her, saying it is "fate," but she promptly turns him down. The two then talk of how they have various ways to protect their kingdoms, and strive to learn from each other. A bit later, she has another moment with Cyan, who, like her, lost his family and country to an Evil Empire and advises her not to get caught up in a cycle of grief and revenge.
    • During Garnet's Lost Chapters, the two princesses bond over the fact they both staged their own kidnappings in order to evade enemy capture, Ashe to avoid capture from the Archadian empire, and Garnet from her own mother Queen Brahne. Later, they bond again over the struggle of ascending to queenhood.
  • Odd Friendship: With Cait Sith, of all people. They are seen together surprisingly frequently in cutscenes and she even takes his advice to heart on more than one occasion.
  • Overly Long Name: Called out when the party is introduced to Princess Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca. Vaan says they just call her 'Princess Ashe' back in Ivalice.
  • Pillar of Light: Her Nordswain's Glow.
  • Power Floats: Ashe levitates off of the ground when casting Heaven's Wrath.
  • Revenge Before Reason: She is so focused on getting back home and getting the power to defeat the Empire that several characters step in and advise her that revenge isn't the best course of action. Galuf and Hope convince her to lean on her friends instead.
  • Sword Plant: In her animation for Heaven's Wrath and her victory pose.


A Viera proficient with machines, she is both Balthier's partner and copilot. She once lived in the woods and could hear the Green Word, but can no longer after leaving her home for the outside world. Her sensitivity to Mist allows her to sense changes in her surroundings faster than the others.
Voiced by: Rika Fukami

Recruited in her event, "Girded for Freedom." When several members of the party are lost in the woods, Fran appears to guide them out of it to safety. Outside of it, she reunites with Balthier, who correctly assumes that she has already met Materia but was judging whether or not to fight with them for herself. Afterward, though, she joins up with the party in order to fight alongside her partner again.

Fran is a ranged attacker specializing in debuffing enemies. Her first ability, Feral Strike, is an 8 hit attack that grants her the "Aerial Archer" buff. Her second ability, Whip Kick, is a 9 hit area of effect attack that inflicts Attack Down, Magic Attack Down, and Viera's Punishment, which is a debuff that weakens various stats depending on how many stacks of it her enemies have. Her EX ability is Shatterheart, a 4 hit group ranged BRV attack + group HP attack that extends the duration of her Aerial Archer buff.
  • An Ice Person: Shatterheart conjures ice spikes, but despite its animation it does Non-Elemental ranged damage.
  • Deadpan Snarker: She amuses herself with deadpan remarks. After guiding the party through one section of dense forest, she then claims that being familiar with her woods doesn't mean she knows anything about these woods, making them panic. Papalymo sees through her jest.
  • Good Old Fisticuffs: Despite using a bow as her weapon of choice, both of her special attacks utilize a series of ranged punches and kicks.
  • Long-Lived: Alisaie asks her at one point if it's the longer lifespan of the Viera that gives Fran her unique philosophical perspectives on different situations, but even Fran admits that she sometimes longs for her home, and coming to terms with this and acknowledging the rest of the XII cast as her family allows her and Balthier to break through the faux-Mist.
  • Nature Hero: She meets the party when they're lost in the woods and helps them to find the way out and her former connection to the Wood and the Green Word are mentioned.
  • Race Fetish: Alluded to in a Lost Chapter scene when Cater asks to touch her ears. Fran informs her that she's acting like the kind of person who is "especially keen on Viera" in her world—and also, no.
  • Weapon of Choice: Like every other character from a game with a job system, she normally has access to any weapon type but is restricted to just one here. In Fran's case, she wields her iconic bows.
  • You Can't Go Home Again: Papalymo (somehow) correctly surmises this when she mentions that she can no longer hear the Green Word, though it's possible he's just familiar with the culture of Viera in his own world.

    Basch fon Ronsenburg 

Basch fon Ronsenburg
A knight's captain of the Kingdom of Dalmasca who boasted broad popular support. As part of an imperial plot, he was imprisoned for the king's assassination until freed by Vaan and company. True to his convictions, he fights at Princess Ashe's side, more concerned with returning peace to his homeland than with clearing his sullied name.
Voiced by: Rikiya Koyama

Recruited in his event, "A Captain's Loyalty." He comes to the party's aid against monsters and after learning they're with Ashe, who he's looking for, he joins upon deeming he can trust them.

Basch is a physical melee tank that specializes in walling attacks and even drawing enemy AoE HP Attacks to himself. His first ability is Fulminating Darkness, an AoE 5 hit HP attack that splits damage, refunds some BRV based on HP damage done as well as provoking the enemies with the Lock status and granting his various shields to reduce BRV and HP Damage. His second ability, Ruin Impendent, is a single target 4 hit HP attack that can heal a little of his HP damage taken and grants the party BRV based on total amount of HP damage done. His EX Ability, Flame Purge, is a three hit attack HP on a single target executed twice that grants the unique buff [Dalmasca's Valiant], which increases the party's Attack and maximum BRV. If Basch's health is at least 50% or greater, Flame Purge turns into Flame Purge+ for more BRV hits and damage. His LD Ability, Indomitable Palisade, is a 8 hit HP attack that splits damage and grants him the same buffs as Fulminating Darkness as well as an unique buff called Indominable that further increases his Attack and BRV overflow and causes him to instantly heal his HP back to 50% whenever it falls below that.
LD: Indomitable Palisade
  • Birds of a Feather: With Steiner, in that they're both devoted to protecting their princesses.
  • Camera Abuse: Using Ruin Impendent Basch punches the air somehow resulting in the air/area in front of an enemy to shatter, before the shards of reality are sucked into a vortex for extra damage.
  • Commonality Connection: He has a scene with Sabin, Chelinka, and Lann where they try to get him to reconcile with his estranged twin Gabranth. At the same time, Edgar, Yuri, and Reynn are trying to do the same with Gabranth.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Basch's first ability is Fulminating Darkness, a Kamehame Hadoken of bitter blackness that hits every enemy. Not only is the dark stream non-elemental, Basch himself is one of the most noble members of his original game.
  • Draw Aggro: Fulminating Darkness is a group attack that inflicts Lock on the enemies.
  • Flaming Sword: His EX Ability, Flame Purge, conjures around a dozen swords of fire dancing about him before he launches them at the enemy.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords: He wields one-handed swords in this game despite being able to wield any weapon in FFXII.
  • Lady and Knight: The White Knight to Ashe's Bright Lady, as usual. Protecting her is most of his motivation - the other is to get back home to see how Dalmasca and Ivalice are faring.
  • Life Drain: Ruin Impendent will heal Basch based on how much damage he inflicts.
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: Fulminating Darkness gives Basch a special buff called Kingdom's Shield, which not only reduces Brave Damage taken, but draws AoE HP Attack to himself. Also, while Basch's model does not feature a shield, his character-specific Golden Armor is the Golden Shield and the Flame Shield.
  • Rummage Sale Reject: Faris points it out. It actually flusters Basch a little bit, as he explains he had to "don [himself] with whatever was available."
  • Stone Wall: With his LD ability buff active and Lock inflicted on every enemy, he basically makes the entire party unkillable: since he draws all AoE HP attacks to himself with his Kingdom's Shield buff and single target attacks hit him by default, the rest of the party is completely safe from damage, he'll survive any damage that would kill him outright with the Last Chance Hit Point also provided by Kingdom's Shield that's active whenever he has 50% or more HP left and since he instantly recovers back to 50% HP when he drops below that, he can take multiple attacks that would do more HP damage than he has max HP in a row with no issues. The only way to kill him with the buff active is if he gets hit by an enemy attack that can dispel framed buffs before he can refresh them or if their attack has multiple HP hits.

    Vayne Carudas Solidor 

A candidate for the next emperor of Archadia, this ambitious man will do whatever it takes to preserve House Solidor. He has taken aggressive measures toward neighboring countries and framed Captain Basch for the assassination of the King of Dalmasca. He is also a skilled politician and persuasive speaker who can sway people's hearts.
Voiced by: Nobuo Tobita

First encountered by the party in Chapter 10 when he smoothly talks his way into traveling with them, though he does not become playable then. Unsure of Mog's intentions, he finally attacks near the end of the chapter and unwittingly opens the way into the Dimensions' Labyrinth.

Recruited through his own event, his playable version focuses on buffing himself up while having a notably high turn rate and enhanced abilities, with the unique ability to cancel the enemy's break status with his second ability, Force of Will, while his first ability Mach Wave is a single target attack that grants him the Consul's Wisdom buff, which allows him a free turn. He wields floating great swords of nethicite whose motions synergize with his physical attacks, along with unique framed buffs that increase the whole party's stats (Consul's Wisdom) for their duration and being able to debuff his enemy target's attack stat (Conqueror's Power). His EX Ability, Tree of Sephira, is an area of effect magic BRV+HP Attack with overflow that restores one skill use for both of his standard skills.
  • Brutal Honesty: While helping the party through the fake Pharos, Vayne states his belief that restoring the world's proper order will result in the disappearance of himself and others who were likewise deceased before they were summoned. He goes on to give a speech about how the dead, and their loved ones, must accept their fate in order not to burden the future rather than be clouded by sentiment. Vaan and Ignis both tell him off for being insensitive, particularly to the children in their present group.
  • Character Development: He goes from a Kill 'Em All Well-Intentioned Extremist to Enemy Mine to Heel–Face Turn with the party. It's a pretty well drawn-out scenario ranging from his introduction to his multiple appearances across several story chapters.
  • Death from Above: His EX Ability, Tree of Sephira, which is one of his original boss attacks from his home game; unlike back in XII however, Vayne in both NT and Opera Omnia uses this skill in his normal base form as opposed to his Novus form.
  • Enemy Mine: His reason for joining the party - he realizes that they all want the same goal of saving their home worlds, since he does genuinely care about saving Ivalice. Vaan and Ashe are not happy about it, as they do not agree with his methods, but Balthier and the others convince them they can use his help but none of them have to like it. Vayne doesn't want or expect friendship or even trust from them, but as his goals align with theirs far more often than with other warriors of Spiritus, he's willing to be on call for them.
  • Everybody Has Standards:
    • He is by no means proud of what he's done, nor does he let it get to him; he just does what he does and moves on for the sake of his homeland's stability despite his cruel means of achieving his goals (especially since he did not want to involve his own younger brother in his issues). He also is outright disgusted by several of the other chaotically evil villains while proclaiming he won't ever stoop to their levels.
    • On that note, just as Spiritus attempts to pull a Not So Different on him, Vayne calls out Spiritus himself for his desire to build a realm of endless fighting, saying that everyone, even his archenemy (Vaan), has a home to return to. And while as stated beforehand, that they have no time to indulge for both Spiritus and Materia's wills. To that end, Vayne decides that destroying the current world they are in is the best course of action.
  • Evolving Attack: When he's playable his abilities can change into + versions under certain conditions.
  • Kill 'Em All: During the Interlude, he reveals this as his goal: he wishes to destroy the world, which would kill everyone in it, including himself. By doing so he hopes to protect not only Ivalice, but the multitude of other worlds that the gods summon their heroes from.
  • Lesser of Two Evils: When Sephiroth ascends to Godhood by striking down the Goddess Materia, he helps the heroes defeat him to allow Materia to reclaim the throne, claiming that although she is inept Materia is at least better at keeping the balance of the world than Sephiroth.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Playable Vayne revolves around enhancing his own abilities' + versions to have the benefit of having a very high turn rate despite his rather average speed stat, on top of his Force of Will setting back enemy turns from break status guaranteed. That, and he can easily both self buff his own damage and Max BRV along with the entire party's damage and Max BRV as well through his own overloaded unique framed buff, Consul's Wisdom.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Vayne is the first of Spiritus' villains (aside from Seifer, technically) to truly switch sides, going from an Enemy Mine situation to helping the party for real and traveling with them full time. He comes to this conclusion after he learns that Ardyn is attempting to unseal all the villains' One-Winged Angel forms to destroy all of the worlds, and that since he is dead he can't return to Ivalice anyway so he might as well try to keep his younger brother Larsa and Ivalice as a whole safe from afar.
  • I Know Karate: On top of being a top dog political figure and son of Archadia's Emperor, his martial arts are no slouch. He says himself that he dirties his own hands solely for his duties.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: His second ability, Force of Will, is a rapid assault of floating blows that deal both BRV+HP damage in between. It also cancels the enemy's BRV broken state on one of the later hits, allowing him to break them again during the attack (and if timed right, can break them twice in a single usage, though the break bonus BRV gain will only be applied once in the turn).
  • Power Floats: When fought as a boss, he can switch between floating and standing, becoming resistant to magical or physical damage.
  • Razor Wind: His Mach Wave, which becomes his first ability when playable, along with having a completely different animation from his boss version; the boss version involves a Ground Pound with a column of waves, while the playable version does it more true to its original form as an uppercut that launches a tall vertical wave.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Unlike the other villains in the world of Opera Omnia, Vayne has no other goal than the prosperity of the Archadian Empire. As such he is single-minded in his desire to return to his Ivalice, even if that means destroying their current world and everyone in it.
  • Stance System: When fought as a boss, he switches between floating and standing to become resistant to and possibly No-Sell magical or physical damage.
  • Summon Bigger Fish: After he's defeated, he flees into the Dimensions' Labyrinth and summons Ultima, the High Seraph, out of it to fight the party so he can escape.
  • Villain with Good Publicity: Vayne appears in Chapter 10 and talks his way into tagging along while Vaan is practically spitting with rage, and doubly frustrated because he knows he's coming off as an angry kid while Vayne's subdued and calm demeanor makes him seem reasonable. Edgar reassures Vaan privately that he trusts Vaan more than Vayne, but it's better to keep an eye on him and not start a fight unprovoked.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: In the Interlude chapter, Vayne expresses a desire to destroy this world and everyone in it just so the threat of the planesgorgers can't reach their home worlds.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: After fleeing at the end of Chapter 10, he is not seen again when the party goes into the Dimensions' Labyrinth after him and Mog in Chapter 11. He does appear again in the Interlude onwards however, and at some point, eventually decides to work more closely with the heroes for real via his own event.


One of the Judge Magisters of the Archadian Empire. Behind the appearance of a composed warrior lies a man who rues his inability to protect his homeland and despises the older brother who abandoned him and their mother. Despite losing his authority to politics, he would till the end risk his life for his sworn master.
Voiced by: Akio Otsuka

Recruited in Act 2, Chapter 10 of the main story. After being summoned by Spiritus after the moment of his death, he wishes to meet Basch and see if his twin continued the mission that Gabranth set for him. Dismayed to learn that Basch cannot remember, he instead heads out to free the party's Dark Manikins from their imprisonment by Ardyn. He finally joins up after Basch and the others regain their memories and Ashe and Vaan resolve to put the past behind them for the betterment of Ivalice. Gabranth agrees, and while he still considers himself a stray with no true purpose, he is used to having a "heavy collar."

First ability: Circle of Judgment
Second ability: Guilt
EX ability: Quickening
  • The Comically Serious: He is completely taken aback by Cait Sith's robotics, Lann, and Reynn. In another scene, he is silent when Lann hopes for a tearful reunion with lots of hugging after he and Basch reconcile.
  • Dual Wielding: He wields two one-handed swords, and when he uses certain abilities they can combine together.
  • Fantastic Racism: Although he doesn't show it himself, Arcadia's human-centric bigotry is alluded to when he says that he isn't used to fighting alongside people like Y'Shtola and Freya.

Introduced in Final Fantasy XIII


A former sergeant of the Guardian Corps that goes by the name of Lightning. In an effort to save her one and only sister, she gives up everything she has to battle against destiny. While her unsociable demeanor once made her seem unapproachable, she realizes that she is not alone in her journey, ultimately opening her heart to others.
Voiced by: Maaya Sakamoto

First encountered by the party at the end of Chapter 8, Capta Est Tower. Before the party even finds her, she clashes with Garland repeatedly, saving the group from him. Trusting neither Materia nor Mog, finally joins at the end when the party decides to go meet with the goddess Materia and ask her questions of their own.

Lightning is a speedy physical attacker with Sparkstrike and Flourish of Steel, with each skill granting her unique framed buffs that override each other that nod to her original Ravager and Commando roles. Her EX ability, Army of One, assaults the enemy with multiple BRV+HP attacks and bestows her with her own unique buff, Knight of Etro (a Thunder enchant, Max BRV Up + Attack Up, and Action Delay nullifier all in one).
  • Balance Buff: A very late one in the COSMOS era without a Lv. 70 awakening event; both skills now have their respective unique framed buff stackable up to 2 times with Sparkstrike Extend now having an HP damage finisher, turning them into + versions and also allows her new BRV and HP attacks to raise the stacks without skill usage.
  • Blade Spam: Her second ability, Flourish of Steel, and her EX ability, Army of One.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: Lightning hates Materia for being imperious and cagey, an opinion not improved by learning that Materia went into their memories and edited things out. When the general lack of faith results in Materia being too weak to defend herself or even hold herself upright, Lightning is dismayed.
    "I wanted to get back at her for what she's done, but... not like this."
  • The Comically Serious: When the word "booyaka" starts being thrown around, Lightning assumes it's some kind of secret code and becomes very concerned with figuring out what it means.
  • Fragile Speedster: Steals turns very frequently, and has ways to increase her own BRV especially after she's Awakened, but if not setup properly, often hits like a wet noodle compared to other DPT units. Before her rework, she was considered poorly turn efficient due to both stealing turns and not dealing as much damage; even after her rework, she's still considered only decent at best due to her low damage output unless she's specifically paired against an enemy she's very strong against.
  • Extra Turn: Her biggest gimmick that's heavily enforced upon the release of her EX and post-rework. Her Knight of Etro buff allows her to gain a free turn with no turn count increase whenever she breaks a target, and her Awakening Ability has the property of reseting the enemy's Break status while also allowing her to get another free turn from her next Break much like all AA abilities do with characters that have buffs and abilities that allow them to take extra turns, such as King and Aranea. With her EX+ fully upgraded, she can use any one of her skills for free, her first turn has no turn delay, her EX will be fully charged after using either of her skills and in addition to dealing much more damage overall, her EX also resets the enemy's Break status as well, allowing her to use either one of her skills to Break the enemy, use her EX to remove the enemy's Break status prior to breaking them again, use her AA ability for free thanks to her EX to reset their Break and then Break the enemy again and gain another free turn without using a single ability use to do so, something she can repeat at her leisure whenever her EX is available.
  • Hypocritical Humor: In Lenna's event, she and Faris commiserate over the difficulties of having reckless little sisters. Serah is quick to point out that Lightning has no grounds to criticize anyone else for jumping into danger.
  • Knight Templar Big Brother: When Serah joins the party, Lightning insists on covering her from every attack in every encounter. When Serah tries to talk her out of it, Lightning goes on a rant about how she won't let Serah fight because she isn't a warrior even though it's clearly evident that Serah does have combat skill now, and that there are more people than just Lightning to watch her back anyway. It takes several other party members, namely Galuf, to make Lightning back down. Even then she stomps off with a huffy "do what you want" rather than acknowledging their point. She finally relents in full and respects Serah as a warrior when Snow backs her up and reassures her that everyone will be protecting her and she's strong enough to protect them in turn.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Lightning's insistence on defeating Garland eventually leads her to realize that battling can agitate a Torsion and make it bigger, but she keeps on fighting him until it grows so unstable that a Dark Bahamut emerges from it.
  • Not So Different: She is compared to Faris in that they are both protective of and show their sisters tough love but care about them deeply.
  • Rage Against the Heavens: Fittingly, she never has any allegience to Materia and joins the Returners right away. She only joins the party officially when they declare their intentions to go to Materia and ask her some pressing questions.
  • Secret Test of Character: She puts Noctis through a downplayed one - after she learns that he died in his world at the whim of the gods, she tells him off for it and says that she can't follow someone like him into battle against Ardyn while he has such a weak will and needs Ignis to talk for him. Later, after Noctis talks with his friends and regains his resolve, he asks to talk to Lightning and explains that he did it not because the gods told him to, but because he wanted to bring peace to Eos. Satisfied with his answer, she and Vayne pledge to join him in battle against Ardyn. Afterward, Tidus wonders if she's being a Hypocrite once he learns from Hope that she fought as the goddess Etro's champion at the end of time, but Hope says it's because she can relate to him and she was really doing this trope.
  • Shock and Awe: Sparkstrike deals lightning elemental damage.
  • Stance System: Sparkstrike grants her the Ravager stance unique buff (which raises max BRV and speed) and Flourish of Steel grants her the Commando stance unique buff (which raises max BRV and attack). Post-rework, using either skill once respectively turns it into a + version, as either buff now becomes stackable.

    Sazh Katzroy 

Sazh Katzroy
A cheerful airship pilot best known for his afro and chocobo chick. He sets out with the intention of destroying the godlike beings, the fal'Cie, to save his beloved son, Dajh, but is branded a Pulse l'Cie and made an enemy of society. While at times heavyhearted, he's always there to be the adult and talk some sense into his comrades.
Voiced by: Masashi Ebara

Sazh is one of the few party members present right from Chapter 1, becoming playable shortly after Vivi and Rem after they regroup with him when he went scouting ahead. Sazh gets the honor of being the party's main airship pilot, though he occasionally lets the other airship enthusiasts get a turn (except for Vaan).

Sazh is a support type character like the Synergist his home game with some Commando, notable for being unable to miss enemies with his Aim ability and buffing the party with Attack Boost.
EX ability: Cold Blood
  • Ace Pilot: In a series full of Ace Pilots, Sazh stands out for being the party's first and most consistent airship pilot.
  • Always Accurate Attack: Sazh's Aim, a BRV Attack Skill that ignores SPD checks and never misses its target.
  • Critical Hit Class: His Attack Boost, when enhanced with his 35CP passive, gives a unique buff called "Critical Hit Rate Up" which also adds generic yet potent Max BRV Up + Attack Up buffs (while Sazh also gives himself a Speed Up buff of the same potency). This causes characters outside of hitting an already broken enemy target to achieve monstrous BRV damage numbers due to more frequent crits + a potent attack up buff (with the Max BRV Up making them hold more BRV to dump).
  • Not So Different: Uses the trope name to describe himself and Barret - while they are opposites in personality, they both have children they care about and would do anything to protect.
  • Team Dad: One of several in the party.

    Hope Estheim 

Hope Estheim
A young boy who grew up living a rather uneventful life in a highly advanced civilization known as Cocoon. Caught up in the Purge, he loses his mother before his very eyes and soon after ends up being branded a Pulse l'Cie - a threat to society. Hope learns to face his problems through the hardships he endures while fighting alongside his friends.
Voiced by: Yūki Kaji

Recruited in Chapter 1, Primus Island. The party comes across Hope shortly after he arrives in the world of Opera Omnia, rescuing him.

Hope, like the Synergist role in his home game, can support and buff the party with Protect and Shell, halving physical and magical damage, respectively. His EX ability is Last Resort, a 4 hit area BRV + area HP attack that deals full HP damage to all foes, batteries the party's BRV, and heals the party. When realized, if the party has buffs it changes his BRV attack to Brutal Sanction (an area BRV attack that grants the party BRV) and his HP attack to Retributive Blast (a 4 hit BRV + HP attack with splash damage that reduces enemy defense).
  • Adaptational Badass: In that he actually uses physical attacks. In XIII, he only throws his airwing when ambushing until the "Commando" path is unlocked very late in the game.
  • Back-to-Back Badasses: As a Call-Back to his moment with Lightning in the first game, he has this with Vivi when they go into a Torsion together, telling Vivi to go on ahead while he watches his back.
  • Barrier Warrior: Hope can cast both Protect and Shell in combat.
  • Battle Boomerang: While Hope can use any Throwing Weapon, his signature weapons are collapsible boomerangs.
  • Magic Knight: While Hope uses a ranged melee weapon in combat, his attacks are all magic-based.
  • Not So Different: He recognizes how destructive Ashe's desire for vengeance could be, having felt it himself.
  • Older Than They Look: When Hope restores his memories, he realizes that he is in fact Hope from XIII-2 - that is, an adult - but willingly took the body of his child self upon coming to this world because that was when he last saw Lightning and cherished that time with her. Hilariously, Vivi's view of him totally changes, perhaps because there is now one less child member of the party.
  • Shut Up, Hannibal!: Caius tries to tempt him by offering the chance to go back and undo Nora's death. Hope rejects him flatly.

    Oerba Dia Vanille 

Oerba Dia Vanille
An admirer of nature with a grave secret concealed under her innocent demeanor. She travels alongside her friends with the fate of being a l'Cie resting on her shoulders, but her overly naive behavior and unusual ignorance only further shroud her past and intentions in mystery.
Voiced by: Yukari Fukui

Recruited in her event. Vanille is exploring a forest when the party finds her, sensing a mysterious energy emanating from somewhere within it.

Vanille plays akin to a Saboteur, being able to cripple enemy defenses with Deprotect and remove enemy buffs with Dispel. Her EX ability, Death, is a 3 hit magic BRV+HP overflowing attack that grants the Assassination debuff, which damages an enemy after it expires and does extra damage to debuffed targets.
  • Artifact of Doom: Her unique armor, the Starfall Pendant, warps the forest around it and gives off an unplesant aura to most of the party when they find it on the ground. She picks it up right away and wears it without any problem.
  • Death Seeker: Her former belief in this is given a nod when she questions Maria and Penelo about whether Golbez is right to believe this trope as a form of Death Equals Redemption. Everyone disagrees, leaving Vanille satisfied with their answer, but it is a subtle comparison drawn between Vanille and Golbez.
  • Dispel Magic: Her ability Dispel lets her remove buffs from enemies while also granting BRV to her party.
  • Damsel in Distress: When the party first encounters her, they have to save her from some monsters. The name of her recruitment cutscene is even "Damsel in Distress."

    Snow Villiers 

Snow Villiers
Known for his massive physique and rugged appearance, he is the leader of the anti-Sanctum resistance group NORA. He is determined to save his fiancee, Serah, from her tragic fate as a l'Cie and will do anything it takes to be reunited. His optimistic nature sometimes causes friction within the group, but it's also what keeps them together.
Voiced by: Daisuke Ono

Recruited in his event. Snow arrives to the party's location just in time to save Hope from monsters, eagerly joining up with them and elated to be reunited with Serah and his friends.

Snow is a tank type character akin to his role as a Sentinel, able to negate BRV damage and provoke enemies with Steelguard and damage enemies with his Frostrike ability, which comes from his Ravager skillset. His EX ability is Sovereign Fist, a 5 hit group melee BRV attack + single target HP attack that deals splash damage to non-targets when breaking or hitting a broken target that's preceeded by a 3 hit group melee BRV attack + single target HP attack when fully realized: it grants him the "Hotblooded Hero" buff while inflicting Lock on all enemies.
  • An Ice Person: Frostrike does ice elemental damage.
  • Battle Couple: He's more than happy to support Serah in battle and respects her combat ability, even if he's from a point in time before she had any.
  • Big Brother Mentor: Tries to become this to Noel, but Noel tells him to knock it off.
  • Big Damn Heroes: He makes his Dynamic Entry protecting Hope from some monsters.
  • Declaration of Protection: Rather than just determining to protect Serah, Snow declares that he is going to protect everybody in the party.
  • Draw Aggro: Steelguard and Sovereign Fist both draw enemies' attention.
  • Family of Choice: He declares that everyone in the party is part of his family, and that anyone in ''their' families (found or kin) are in his family too.
  • No-Sell: Steelguard starts off with reducing the BRV damage Snow takes by 50% and reduces it by a further 10% whenever he's attacked, meaning he nullifies BRV damage completely after taking 5 attacks for as long as the buff lasts.

    Oerba Yun Fang 

Oerba Yun Fang
A compassionate and frank warrior. With a fierce temperament, she is the type to act before she speaks. She is deeply devoted to her friends and home, and above all, Vanille. Fang would readily make enemies of anyone and everyone if it were necessary to protect her childhood friend.
Voiced by: Mabuki Ando

Recruited in her event. Discovered by Jecht as she is fighting manikins, Fang initially mistakes him for another enemy and tries to fight him, but even after he defeats her she still puts up a fight and refuses to believe they're not all manikins. It isn't until she reunites with Lightning and Vanille that she realizes it's really them, so she joins the party.

Fang is an all-around unit who can attack, debuff, and launch enemies with her two abilities Umbral Vise and Whirlwind, combining abilities from her two roles as a Saboteur and Commando. Her EX ability is Highwind, a 3-hit area attack that deals single target HP damage at 150% overflow. All of her abilities grant her the Fangs of Transgression buff, which raises her Max BRV and speed and lowers all enemies' speed. When at 5 stacks of Fangs of Transgression, Highwind turns into Highwind+, which deals extra damage to all of her foes and deals more hits.
  • Always Save the Girl: Fang states her desire to protect Vanille once again, at all costs.
  • Commonality Connection: Fang and Vanille bond with Yuri and Chelinka upon learning that they're both from small villages where everyone knows each other. Furthermore, after Fang and Vanille tell their story, Vincent points out that he was also under a long sleep where he didn't age.
  • Double Weapon: While Fang can use any spear weapon, her weapons of choice are double-ended spears.
  • Hot-Blooded: She encounters mostly manikins when she arrives in the world. When a real person turns up and starts talking to her, she refuses to listen and insists on fighting him instead. Since that person is Jecht, he does.
  • I Work Alone: Attempts this after joining the party by going off and fighting monsters on her own, the group all gang up on her to berate her on putting herself in danger and demand they be allowed to follow her next time she feels like running off. Eventually Fang caves in and tells them if they want to tag along with her, she won't stop them.
  • Launcher Move: If Whirlwind attacks a BRV Broken target, or manages to Break the target, it'll give a guaranteed launch sending the enemy flying.
  • Spin Attack: Whirlwind Extension transforms Whirlwind from a single target attack into a twirling attack that hits every enemy on the field.
  • Stance System: Similar to Lightning, switching between her two abilities grants her Saboteur F and Commando F buffs from Umbral Vise and Whirlwind, respectively. Both increase Max BRV, but Commando F also increases Fang's Attack.

    Serah Farron 

Serah Farron
Lightning's younger sister and Snow's fiancee. At one time an ordinary young woman, her involvement in an accident sets the wheels of drama in motion. Some time following that drama, a certain incident would cause her to pick up the bow and set off on a journey to resolve time-distorting paradoxes.
Voiced by: Minako Kotobuki

Recruited in Chapter 9, Utopia Niveus. Serah is discovered fighting against some monsters, taking her sister Lightning by surprise because the Serah she knows shouldn't have any combat ability. Serah, who up until this point thought she was in some time paradox, is able to figure out the situation she's in and explains to her sister that she's not quite the same person she last saw. From then on, Serah decides to enjoy the time she gets to spend with all of her friends from their younger days.

Serah is a debuffer and support type character in nod to her initial Saboteur role, inflicting magic damage and poisoning enemies with Wound and damaging enemies while buffing her allies with Moonlight. Her EX ability, Ultima Arrow, is a 7 hit magic attack on all enemies with a single target HP attack and 30% splash damage to her other targets, which also inflicts them with the unique debuff Light of the Goddess that lowers defense and deals BRV damage on each of their turns.
  • Balance Buff: Received a rework during the Shiva Ultimate Trials in JP which also released her EX weapon; thanks to her new unique framed buff that enhanced all of her skills, it greatly shifted Serah's focus much more to area of effect damage with HP splash on both skills (and 100% undivided HP damage for her EX). Due to how much more her rework + EX's overall perks have changed her, Serah became one of the most reliable COSMOS difficulty units to use for quite some time.
  • Bow and Sword, in Accord: Averted, unlike her home game. Here, her friend Mog, who transforms into her weapon in her home game, seems locked into his bow form.
  • Genre Savvy: Serah picks up on the fact that her friends are all pulled from her past rather than being the same friends she knows pretty quickly, thanks to her own experiences with Time Travel.
  • Jack-of-All-Trades: Serah is able to debuff enemies, support and buff the party, and inflict damage, all of which she does pretty well. Post-rework during the Shiva Ultimate Trials, she has better BRV+HP damage with overflow across both skills (mainly her Wound Extend having a + version), making her extremely effective since then in the COSMOS era.
  • In the Blood: Fang says that Serah and Lightning are so different it's hard to believe they're related—until Fang decides to run off and fight things on her own. The talking-to she gets from Serah changes her mind on that immediately.
  • Mr. Exposition: Serah takes on the role of explaining any differences to new party members who are pulled in from different frames of time than their other friends in their world (like Alisaie, for example, who is pulled from later in XIV's timeline than her friends).
  • Not So Different: Her relationship with her sister Lightning is compared to Lenna's with her sister, Faris.
  • Poisonous Person: Wound inflicts poison on enemies, but also lowers their max BRV, severely hindering their ability to hurt her allies.
  • Shapeshifter Mode Lock: Serah's bow is unable to transform between sword, bow, and moogle as it usually does, leading her and the others to think her Mog was sealed by the other Mog.
  • Support Party Member: A staple offensive support, Serah is a solid BRV battery and debuffer rolled into one. Post-rework, her new framed buff, Unwavering Will, also enhances her own skills with extra BRV hits into HP damage with overflow (via Wound+ and Moonlight+), along with giving her BRV and HP Attack+ moves. The Unwavering Will buff itself is also a party-wide Defense + Speed Up along with being a Max BRV Up + Attack Up for Serah herself.
  • Your Magic's No Good Here: Sazh suggests this explanation for why Serah's bow is unable to transform into her moogle as it usually does, but Lightning wonders if it's so Serah's Mog can't spill the other Mog's secrets.

    Noel Kreiss 

Noel Kreiss
The last remaining Farseer from seven hundred years after Lightning's time, he is responsible for leading Serah on her journey through time. He has a deep connection with Caius. He understands the value of life more than anyone and fosters an unshakable will to bring hope to the future.
Voiced by: Daisuke Kishio
Originally introduced in Final Fantasy XIII-2

Recruited in Act 2, Chapter 5. When first summoned by Materia, Noel is released far away from anyone else, causing him to wander for an indeterminate amount of time by himself through a desert. With only a mysterious disembodied voice to keep him company, he treks on until finding an empty city, whereupon he finally reunites with Serah and the others. He joins the party, happy to not be alone anymore, though he still seeks the identity of his mysterious, unseen companion...

Noel is an offensive physical damage unit, capable of buffing himself and adding some party utility. His first ability, Tempest Strike, is a 2 hit BRV+HP attack that does ice and wind damage. His second skill, Gale Fang, is a 4 hit BRV+HP attack that grants him the "Last Hunter" buff, which raises his Max BRV, Attack, and Defense. With "Last Hunter" active, his standard BRV and HP attacks turn into Fearsiphon (an empowered attack that allows him to use his next ability free of charge) and Scourge (a stronger, multi-hit attack), respectively. His EX ability, Meteor Javelin, is a 3 hit melee BRV+HP attack that repeats four times and ignores defense, inflicting splash damage on other enemies.
  • The Aloner: Spends "days, months, or even years" lost alone in the world of Opera Omnia before he finds the party, which is unusual because usually Materia deposits new warriors near their allies. He only had the mysterious disembodied voice for company. When speaking to the others about this, Celes can relate to the feeling of being the last person alive, since she thought she was for a time in the World of Ruin.
  • Armor-Piercing Attack: Meteor Javelin ignores enemy defense.
  • Back-to-Back Badasses: With Locke and Noctis in Act 2, Chapter 5's cover art.
  • Birds of a Feather: Strikes up a quick friendship with Noctis upon learning that they both enjoy hunting and gathering recipes for food.
  • Deadpan Snarker: When the party meets Amidatelion and wonders about the Yukes, Keiss begins to explain but says since Layle is a Clavat and he is a Selkie, they should just ask Amidatelion. Noel has this to say:
    Noel: Thanks, Keiss. That explains almost nothing.
  • Elemental Powers: Tempest Strike deals ice and wind damage.
  • Kick Them While They Are Down: All of Noel's abilities become enhanced when attacking a broken target. In addition, with the Extend passive equipped, Tempest Strike is capable of breaking, unbreaking, and then re-breaking an enemy.
  • Last of His Kind: As the last human alive in his time, Eiko relates to him because she grew up alone as the last survivor of the Summoner tribe.
  • The Promise: He remembers his to Always Save the Girl, and together with Locke notes how they both failed theirs (Noel with Yeul, and Locke with Rachel). They vow to never let it happen again.
  • Swiss Army Weapon: Noel's Unique Weapons are a Greatsword and a Stabbing Sword that can combine together into a Glaive.
  • Sympathy for the Devil: He is the first person to show sympathy for Ultimecia, the owner of The Voice he heard. He finds it hard to believe the party when they tell him how evil she is, because she helped him and kept him company when he was all alone. Not only that, but they are both victims of a Bad Future Because Destiny Said So, and both are able to recognize that similarity.
  • Used to Be More Social: Upon meeting him again, a few of his friends note that he used to be a lot more outgoing and cheerful, and are confused about why he seems so withdrawn. Noel says it is due to his time as The Drifter with only the dismebodied voice for company. It's also because he's just not used to traveling around with Loads and Loads of Characters, since he comes from a Bad Future where he is the Sole Survivor of his kind, or that he is used to traveling with only Serah. He eventually warms up to everyone with the help of Locke and Noctis.

    Caius Ballad 

Caius Ballad
A mysterious man who stood in the way of Lightning and the others after their battle on Cocoon. Guardian of the seeress, he wielded the power of chaos to confront Serah and her comrades. Even if he continues to be bound to this world, it doesn't change his feelings.
Voiced by: Hiroshi Shirokuma
Originally introduced in Final Fantasy XIII-2

Encountered as an enemy by the party in Arc 2, Chapter 1. Relating the power of the Torsions to chaos energy, Caius wishes to use them to go to the world of Orience in order to use their crystal's power to erase the memories of the dead and change history. To that end, he manipulates the Dark Manikins to try to get the party, namely Lightning and Serah, to side with him, wishing to right the wrongs he did to their world and their family. At first, only Serah recognizes him, and warns the party about how dangerous he is. He is eventually recruited in the "Keeper of the Farseer" event, where he encounters the party again and they take his dimensional coordinates to better keep track of him.

Caius is a brutal physical attacker and debuffer with unique mechanics. When his Heart of Chaos buff is active, his Max BRV and Attack are increased, and enemy attacks cannot reduce his HP below 1. The first time his HP falls below that, his HP gets tremendously restored. His first ability, Pulsar Burst, is a 3 hit melee BRV+HP attack that grants him the buffs "Guardian" (raises his own Max BRV and Attack) and "Body and Soul" (a buff that stacks up to five times and restores his BRV and HP every turn). At 5 stacks of "Body and Soul," all of his abilities get enhanced. His second ability is Eye of Bahamut, a 2 hit melee BRV+HP attack inflicts a unique "Chaos" version of Max BRV down, Defense Down, and Poison debuffs and also inflicts Doom (which inflicts an automatic BRV break upon expiration). Furthermore, it increases his stacks of "Body and Soul" by 1. His EX ability is Inferno, a 5 hit group melee BRV + group HP attack which knocks back the target upon hit and also grants another stack of "Body and Soul."
  • The Atoner: Surprisingly, he seems serious about wanting to save Lightning and Serah from the horrible battles he's put them through.
  • Lady and Knight: The Black Knight to Ultimecia's Dark Lady. In Act 2's Final Chapter, they form a temporary Enemy Mine situation to prevent Ardyn from using the crystal core of darkness to manipulate them.
  • Set Right What Once Went Wrong: His goal is to alter history by letting Shinryu break down the barriers between worlds so he can go to Orience and change their world orders. He strongly implies that he wants to forget about all the terrible things that happened to the Yeuls throughout time.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: In contrast to the other villains who offer their dimensional coordinates to the party (with the party accepting this with varying degrees of tolerance), Noel and Locke actually collaborate to steal Caius' dimensional coordinates so they can keep track of him better (and so Noel can try to convince him to truly side with them). Caius himself wasn't happy about it but does say they can use the coordinates to summon him in battle.

Introduced in Final Fantasy XIV

    Y'shtola Rhul 

A Miqo'te conjurer and a Scion of the Seventh Dawn who is not only capable of advanced magic but also well-versed in ancient language and lore. Wise and mysterious, she is an expert in conjury - the art of healing. She is a woman of strong convictions, but that's also what makes her stubborn from time to time.
Voiced by: Ai Kayano

Encountered by the party in Chapter 1 investigating the source of the monsters and Torsions by herself, but she quickly joins up with them.

Y'shtola comes with Stone, capable of damaging an enemy and delaying its turn, and Medica II, which grants BRV to the party. Her EX ability, Pulse of Life, revives all fallen allies and restores HP and BRV, while also providing party-wide buffs and restoring one count to each of Y'shtola's skills by one up to their max uses.
  • Balance Buff: Next to Thancred in JP, Y'shotla's case was a very notable rework as it was one of the first ones in the game. Though in that case, it was during the XIV anniversary of 2018 in JP (the GL version so far, has it during the 2019 Summer Campaign). From then on, Y'shtola becomes a very efficient BRV battery as one of the most standard yet effective ones in her usage span (even up to CHAOS as soon as she has her EX+).
  • Dishing Out Dirt: Stone, which also delays the enemy target's turns.
  • The Medic: Taken to new levels with her EX ability, Pulse of Life, which restores BRV, HP, and revives her fallen allies with very high potency standard buffs across the party (but is counterbalanced by the fact that it's one of the longest charging EX abilities in the game). The EX+ version also grants her a free turn right afterwards. Even then on her Medica skill, both skills provide Y'shtola with a great turn rate for clutch battery charges in tighter battles, especially with her increase in BRV battery, skill count restore, and HP Attack+'s functions her EX provides her.
  • The Smart Guy: Like others in the role, she is always the voice of reason and often discusses the circumstances behind whatever is happening, seeking to understand the world they've all found themselves in. She differs from others in this category in that she is also one of the wisest party members, unlike Shantotto who is a more shrewd flavor of smart gal, and Onion Knight, who tends to be more skeptical.
  • Support Party Member: Is another early one in the story, along with with a 4/5 in Speed and HP and high base Initial BRV (5/5), but with 3/5 on Defense with a poor 2/5 in Attack and Max BRV. She's more focused on making use of battery to deal HP damage without needing to focus on BRV shaving (one of her biggest lacking traits). Post-rework and with her EX, her issues of needing to conserve her abilities in most fights are greatly solved as she can now liberally use her skills to perform her job more often.

    Yda/Lyse Hext 

Yda:A cheerful and whimsical Hyuran Scion of the Seventh Dawn versed in the art of fighting. Unlike her partner Papalymo, she doesn't think twice about fighting, which ends up getting them in trouble more often than not.
Lyse:A young woman who long operated as a Scion of the Seventh Dawn under the guise of her older sister, Yda. She would finally remove her mask and reveal her identity to her comrades during the effort to reclaim her homeland. She carries on to fulfill her role, entrusted with the hopes of many Eorzeans.
Voiced by: Aya Endou

Recruited in Chapter 2, the Ruins of Deserta. The party finds Yda lost and alone, fighting monsters by herself and trying to search for her friends. Elated to see Y'shtola, she eagerly joins up with the party and is pumped up to fight more and close the Torsions.

Yda is a physical attacker, poisoning enemies with Touch of Death and damaging them with Snap Punch, the latter of which gives her one stack of Greased Lightning which can empower her next Snap Punch. Her EX ability, Tornado Kick, is a 4 hit BRV+HP attack followed by another BRV+HP attack that allows for 180% Max BRV overflow. With one stack of Greased Lightning, her EX becomes Tornado Kick+, which allows for 200% BRV overflow.
In Act 2, Chapter 6, Yda unveils her true identity, Lyse, after meeting a Dark Manikin that looks like her, which functions as a separate character unit.
Lyse is a physical attacker with some support capabilities. Her first ability, Elixir Field, is a 2-hit BRV+HP attack that does HP damage to other targets and provides the party with Max BRV and Attack buffs. Her second ability, Riddle of Fire, gives the party BRV and grants her the Fists of Fire buff, which transforms this ability into Fire Tackle and gives the party BRV Regen and an Initial BRV boost. Fire Tackle is a 2-hit melee BRV+HP attack that also does HP damage to other targets and raises Lyse's own Max BRV and Attack. Her EX ability, Forbidden Chakra & Brotherhood, grants her the [Brotherhood] buff (raised Max BRV and Attack, gives her a Chakra gauge that goes up one stack for every ability she or an ally uses) and then triggers the Forbidden Chakra attack afterward, which is a 5-hit melee area of effect attack that also extends her Fists of Fire buff. When at 5 stacks of the Chakra gauge, her BRV attack turns into Purification which allows her to use one free ability and removes all her Chakra; alternatively, she can use her 5 stacks of Chakra to use an empowered Forbidden Chakra attack.
  • Balance Buff: In Yda's case, she was plagued with an early awakening that gave her subpar passives (to the point where she too, as was considered a meme for low-tier); her overloaded rework and EX weapon on Alphinaud's event made her usable for COSMOS level fights before CHAOS overshadowed her.
  • Borrowed Catchphrase: She borrows "This is my story" from Tidus, explaining to him and the others that it was all she could think upon meeting her Dark Manikin. It helped her come to terms with revealing her true identity to the party even without all of her memories.
  • Heroic Self-Deprecation: She is prone to this throughout Act 2, Chapter 6, her Day In The Limelight. She wonders if the party would think any worse of her for hiding her identity, but a conversation with Cecil (himself prone to this) proves otherwise. She also admits that she's "too stupid" to understand much about the gods or the World of Respite, but Galuf calls attention to this and disagrees.
  • Open Secret: Yda reveals her true identity, Lyse, to the party after coming to terms with the fact that they wouldn't think anything less of her, and when the Warrior of Light asks if her friends from her world knew, Papalymo and Y'shtola respond that they knew all along. This surprises Lyse, since other than Papalymo they kept it from her... and this time, Alphinaud and Alisaie know, too, because they have more of their memories!
  • Poisonous Person: Touch of Death inflicts poison on enemies.
  • Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs: Her first ability, Snap Punch. Also can apply to her reworked normal BRV Attack which uses the same animation, but without the HP damage dump at the end.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Yda and Papalymo have a friendship like this, although the rest of the adventuring party actually finds their constant bickering both amusing and endearing.

    Thancred Waters 

A Hyuran Scion of the Seventh Dawn. While known for his charm and flirtatious nature, his remarkable skills in battle make it clear that he is no ordinary man. He has done some questionable work in the past, which he chooses to keep to himself.

Recruited in his event, "He Who Sings Of Love." Thancred had been tracking his friends and allies when he comes across the party, but when a few of the guys ask him to join he declines, saying it's because they don't have any women with them. When he meets Terra and Rem later, he changes his tune, and is shocked to see Y'shtola and Yda already with them - who both reprimand him for his lecherous ways.

Thancred can deal damage to enemies with Jugulating Wasp and Shadow Fang (which inflicts poison), dealing extra damage to poisoned enemies. His EX Ability, Bhavacakra, is a magic BRV+HP that inflicts heavy damage to one target and can be enhanced via the EX ability passive itself giving him a new mechanic to play with as a stylized icon above his head: Ninki, coming from the Ninja job in his game. His Ninki can be both stacked up and/or expended by his abilities, with Ninki stacks granting him enhanced properties on his BRV Attack and EX ability.
  • Army Scout: Though the party isn't (officially) an army, Thancred takes on the role of scouting ahead whenever they're on the ground to find the least dangerous routes for the party to traverse. On one such occasion, Hope, Vaan, Penelo, and Tifa didn't know he was doing this and get angry at him when he returns wounded, though he insists it's an important job and promises he'll be more careful next time.
  • Back Stab: One of his crystal passives, where he can deal more damage to enemies not targeting him.
  • Balance Buff: Thancred was literally the very first post-awakening character rework in the game in both versions, coming out sooner in the GL version. To solve his turn inefficiency and BRV leakage problems, he mainly had his ability and buff potency increase, an HP damage trigger on his skill 1 (albeit conditional), overflow on his skill 2, and higher skill counts.
  • Big Damn Heroes: In Alisaie's event, he rushes in to save her from some monsters, not even recognizing her at first.
  • Charge Meter: His unique mechanic that takes creative inspiration from his roots as a Final Fantasy character with the Ninja job. Whenever his EX Ability is equipped, a unique scroll icon indicating Ninki appears above his head with a counter that goes up from 0 to 5. BRV Attacks and HP Attack give 1 Ninki stack while either skill gives 2 each; then around 3 stacks or higher, both his BRV Attack and EX Ability are enhanced. The former when used can have a high poison chance with higher overall damage and grants his next skill use a free zero-cost for one turn, while the latter gains 200% Max BRV Overflow. However, when used, either Ninki-enhanced attack will consume 3 Ninki stacks (making Thancred have to build them up all over again).
  • Crippling Overspecialization: Due his poison forte, all it takes is just a single enemy/boss that is immune to the poison debuff (or can also counter against any debuffs at all for that matter) to completely ruin Thancred's day.
  • Dash Attack: His EX Ability, Bhavacakra, where he dashes forward at his foe before leaping back.
  • Fragile Speedster: A 3/5 in both his base Attack and Defense with a 1/5 in HP (meaning he can be one-shotted by high HP damage), but has 4/5 in both Initial BRV and Max BRV with a 5/5 in base Speed, along with very high BRV damage potencies on a poisoned target. The Attack Up from his Jugulating Wasp helps.
  • Full-Contact Magic: The fact that his EX does magic damage, which might hinder Thancred in any fights where a target is resistant to either melee or magic damage. Due to such a nature, this skill is one of the two of his that cannot inflict poison upon enemies, nor does it scale with the poison-enhanced potency of his kit.
  • Handsome Lech: While characters like Edge or Zidane are skirt-chasers, their positive aspects tend to make their behavior forgivable by the rest of the party. Thancred, on the other hand, is introduced as a rather creepy bard talking about singing whispers of love into women's ears, and ditching the party until he finds out they do, indeed, have female members in their ranks. What really solidifies this trope, however, is once his lecherous ways are revealed Terra and Rem quickly recoil away from him. Yda has to tell him to knock it off because he's making them uncomfortable. Funnily enough, this is also a case of Characterization Marches On, as in the FFXIV storylines concurrent to DFFOO's development, Thancred's lecherous tendencies have faded substantially after certain events.
  • In Name Only: His skill 1, Jugulating Wasp would be assumed to be a decapitation technique, but the way the models are animated when receiving damage shows no sign of this. Even then, despite Thancred prepping up a purple liquid on his knives before the attack, it is also the only poison damage based skill that cannot inflict poison to a target on its own.
  • Instant Runes: Runes can be seen during his EX ability's effects, especially since its name in both versions has a religious motif to it.
  • Poisonous Person: Focuses solely on this; his stats get buffed each time an enemy target is poisoned, which he can do with almost all of his abilities. This makes Thancred a good teammate for anyone who can inflict poison, especially since his awakened version has invisible buff passives activated when an enemy target has any debuffs on them.
  • Spectacular Spinning: His skill 2, Shadow Fang, where it involves spinning slashes and kicks (including somersaults) during the animation.

    Papalymo Totolymo 

While well-mannered in nature, he is possessed of a sharp tongue and often bumps heads with his impulsive partner Yda. While thoroughly versed in thaumaturgy and an expert of black magic, he only fights when he has to.
Voiced by: Eri Kitamura

Recruited in Chapter 8, Capta Est Tower. Papalymo is found researching the high levels of aether in the surrounding environment and its effects on the Torsion, trying to find the correlation between the two. As such, he resists joining the party at first, especially since he argues with Yda, but she later comes to his aid against a bunch of monsters.

Papalymo is a magic attacker, switching between casting Umbral Ice and Astral Fire to augment his high damage against foes on top of also granting him unique framed buffs per each ability. His EX ability is Fire IV, a 3 hit group fire magic BRV+HP attack delivered twice. With Umbral Ice active instead, it changes his EX to Blizzard IV, a 4 hit single target BRV+HP attack that batteries him before the attack and after the attack based on HP damage dealt. Both versions of his EX grant him Polyglot for one turn, which increases his Attack and changes his standard HP attack to Foul, an instant group 2 hit BRV+HP attack.
  • An Ice Person: Umbral Ice does ice elemental damage and gives him BRV regen, mimicking its ability to restore MP in his home game. When in his Umbral Ice stance, he also gains access to Blizzard IV as his EX ability.
  • Badass Bookworm: He is usually the first person to ask about how magic works in different worlds; when he questions Lulu about how she controls her dolls, he reacts with surprise when she doesn't know - she didn't have the luxury of studying magic for the sake of knowledge, and instead uses her magic for survival.
  • Birds of a Feather: He gets along with his fellow tiny Insufferable Genius Black Mage Shantotto, and even readily admits her magic is more powerful than his.
  • Enraged by Idiocy: Gets fed up with Palom trying to goad Vivi and Terra into a contest to see who can melt the ice walls in the Lifa Tree the fastest, and just ends up doing it himself when their backs are turned.
  • Older Than They Look: He gets annoyed with Palom and Eiko when they try treating him as a kid around their age. He is actually a Lalafell, meaning he is a diminutive race that looks like a child (similar to Shantotto who is a Tarutaru) even though he is a full grown adult.
  • Playing with Fire: Astral Fire does fire elemental damage and raises his max BRV and attack. He also has Fire IV as his default EX ability.
  • Stance System: Not only do Astral Fire and Umbral Ice change his attacks to that element as stated above, but they also function in different ways: Astral Fire focuses on dealing multiple BRV hits and dealing partial damage to non-targets, while Umbral Ice focuses on batterying Papalymo either via the attacks themselves or via his BRV regen.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Yda and Papalymo have a friendship like this, although the rest of the adventuring party actually finds their constant bickering both amusing and endearing.

    Alisaie Leveilleur 

Alisaie Leveilleur
An Elezen Scion of the Seventh Dawn, and granddaughter of Louisoix, the sage who gave his life to save the world. Together with her twin brother, Alphinaud, she seeks the truth behind her grandfather's death. Initially operating apart from the Scions, she later joins up with other adventurers as a red mage.
Voiced by: Rie Murakawa

Recruited in her event, "Another Realm." Alisaie is struggling with some monsters when the party finds her and comes to her rescue. She subsequently joins the party, intrigued by the Torsions and by the fact that her friends are not quite the same people she knows, since she was pulled from later in the XIV timeline than they were.

Alisaie is a magic attacker, using similar mechanics in her abilities than in her home game with Veraero and Verthunder, which turn into Verstone and Verfire upon use. Those spells combo in with her physical attacks with each ability granting her either white or black mana that enhances her HP Attack into different forms based on her current mana amount. Her EX Ability, Jolt II Combo, makes her inflict a 3-hit BRV+HP magic attack for notable damage on a single target, all while filling up her both her white and black mana and being able to give her a free turn after its execution.
  • Balance Buff: While Alisaie was considered a unique and fun addition to the roster, her lack of a frequent BRV+HP per turn greatly hindered her on top of her already complicated mechanics. Post-rework via her Lost Chapter, EX banner and Lv. 70 Awakening, Alisaie now gains BRV+HP damage on all versions of her spells, with Verholy, Verflare and Enchanted Redoublement gaining overflow for even better damage reward.
  • Elemental Powers: Of all the characters, Alisaie has access to the most elements in a single battle (the only other one who beats her is Relm, but hers depends on what summon is equipped). First wave of spells are both Veraero and Verthunder, with the former turning into Verstone and the latter turning into Verfire. These spells revert back and forth upon usage of each other (e.g. Veraero to Verstone to Veraero and so forth). Her second wave of spells are Verholy (which actually does not do holy damage), converted from Veraero/Verstone, and Verflare, converted from Verthunder/Verfire. Both these two are each accessed for one use only when Alisaie manages to perform an Enchanted Redoublement. Upon doing so, they revert back to their base Aero/Thunder versions. This also presents the usual problem of having her damage tank in fights where bosses will naturally resist any of her selection of elements, which may dampen the effectiveness of her ability rotations. Thus, Alisaie is always best in any fights where no elemental resistances exist and/or can linger for long periods of time (a good example of this is the boss in her own event/Lost Chapter).
  • Fish out of Temporal Water: Even moreso than many of the grand team, the shock of the disjointed time frames for being brought into the Opera Omnia world hits Alisaie hard. This is because, as anyone passingly familiar will note from her outfit, Alisaie here is from the timeframe of the Stormblood expansion. Most of the other Scions haven't even gone through A Realm Reborn yet. This means Alisaie knows who "Yda" really is, knows that the Scions will be betrayed in Ul'dah resulting in Y'shtola being blinded and Thancred losing all access to aetherial manipulation, and that Papalymo is going to die. And she can't mention a word of it because she's not yet sure if it might mess with time if and when everyone goes back. And her best friend and ally, FFXIV's Warrior of Light, is totally absent.
    • It gets a little easier for Alisaie once her brother joins the party, as his memories go up to the same point hers do. Even later, Yda meets her Dark Manikin and reveals her true identity as Lyse, and it leads to Y'shtola, Thancred, and Papalymo getting their memories back as well, allowing them to "catch up."
  • Hero Worship: Vivi can't help but admire her power and says he wants to be just like her some day. For her part, Alisaie thought his ability to wield black magic was even better.
  • Magic Knight: As a Red Mage, she is another good example of the trope.
  • Mana Meter: The counter above her head with 2 different numbers, which also plays the trope straight as per All in the Manual. Using a white mana ability grants her white mana while using a black mana ability gives her well, black mana. The main gimmick here is that once both mana amounts hit a certain threshold, her HP Attack is enhanced. Having at least one of each mana unlocks Enchanted Riposte, a 1-hit magic BRV+HP Attack that consumes one unit of both mana. When both of her mana amounts are above 4 however, it instead grants her Enchanted Redoublement, a 3-hit magic BRV+HP Attack that costs 5 of both mana (with overflow via her reworked Verthunder Extend passive) that not only hits harder, but also has a high turn rate and turns her spells into Verholy and Verflare regardless of their current states for one use.
  • Mechanically Unusual Fighter: Quite so, in that she is a very faithful attempt at replicating the mechanics of a FFXIV Red Mage in the game systems of Opera Omnia. This means that she has eight abilities, depending on the state of her unique resource gauge, and the player has to juggle their resources just like in FFXIV to get the most out of her. This makes her a bit fiddly to use, but her damage potential when played correctly is bonkers on top of being able to manipulate turns continuously and giving herself frequent free cost ability usages. Her rework fixes up her initial DPS/DPT issues via making any part of her abilities hit 3 times with HP damage dumps plus overflow as compensation, among other minor tweaks.
  • Multi-Ranged Master: Irvine and Edge note how well she fights from a distance with magic and up in close range with her sword, with Edge even admitting that he could learn a thing or two from her about smoothly transitioning between the two. In gameplay, Alisaie's spells all do magic damage while her enhanced HP attacks, Enchanted Riposte and Enchanted Redoublement, do melee damage.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Yda and Thancred are shocked to see how much stronger she is as a Red Mage, and Alisaie says it was because she couldn't bear to continue relying on others.
  • Tragic Keepsake: Yuffie observes that Alisaie always carries around a grimoire and wonders how valuable it is (so she can steal it), only for Alisaie to reveal that it was a precious gift from her grandfather.

    Alphinaud Leveilleur 

Alphinaud Leveilleur
An Elezen affiliated with the Scions of the Seventh Dawn and Alisaie's older twin brother. His genius earned him admission to the Sharlayan Studium at the tender age of eleven. Playing a central role in the Scions, he travels Eorzea in hopes of fulfilling his grandfather Louisoux's dying wish.

Recruited in his event, "Walk This Way." When first found wandering in the woods, the party recognizes that he must be Alisaie's brother and takes him to her, whereupon she explains the situation to him - particularly, that the other Scions are overly formal to them because they don't know the twins as well yet. Afterward, he joins the party and is happy to give them his wisdom and experience.

Alphinaud is a support mage, summoning his Moonstone Carbuncle to his side to augment his attacks. His first skill, Summon Moonstone, is unique in that it is active for 6 turns in the beginning of battle and only needs to be refreshed after it wears off, and does not spend a turn to use. On each of Alphinaud's turns, Moonstone provides BRV to the party and reduces damage taken, while also changing his standard BRV attack to Sic and Shining Moonstone, respectively. His second skill is Energy Drain, a 2 hit BRV+HP attack that restores HP to the party.
EX ability: Obsidian Combination
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: When displaying his skills to the party in a cutscene, he summons Obsidian Carbuncle, but in battle he can only do that with his EX ability which isn't available until his Lost Chapter.
  • Improbable Age: Lampshaded by Krile, who calls him a grown-up despite the fact that they're close to the same age. Despite being only sixteen, he says he will bring his wisdom and experience to help the party - of which he has plenty.
  • Innocently Insensitive: When he explains primals to summoners and compares to them to Espers/Aeons/etc of their worlds. He says they are not benevolent forces and instead antagonistic on his world....and Terra is nearby who happens to actually be half-esper herself. While he does try to explain that his world's incarnations are completely seperate and he isn't judging them together, she is still taken quite aback and seems lost for words.
  • Life Drain: Energy Drain damages enemies and restores HP to the party.
  • Ma'am Shock: Like Alisaie, he receives this when Y'shtola and Yda call him "Master" Alphinaud, which he hasn't heard them call him in quite some time.
  • Power Crystal: Summons Carbuncles through invocations through Moonstone or Obsidian.
  • Screw This, I'm Out of Here!: Should Alphinaud be broken in battle, Carbuncle will immediately de-summon and leave his side, requiring him to summon it again.
  • Simplified Spellcasting: Summon Moonstone calls Carbuncle to his side, not only does this action immediately allow Alphinaud to take another action, but it also doesn't take up a turn in the counter (although it will still use a Summon/Assist turn). His EX summoning Obsidian Carbuncle works the same way coupled with a powerful attack.
  • Spell Book: He wields grimoires in battle, which are considered Unique weapons that only he can equip.
  • Summon Magic: Alphinaud summons Moonstone Carbuncle to fight at his side in battle to improve his offensive power and buff the party. Later, he gets his EX ability which allows him to summon Obsidian Carbuncle.
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: He seems unfazed by the fact that Krile shares the same name as his terrifying teacher, although perhaps he's just refusing to think of it as anything but coincidence.

Introduced in Final Fantasy XV

    Noctis Lucis Caelum 

Noctis Lucis Caelum
Crown prince of Lucis, a kingdom under the divine protection of the Crystal. To prepare himself for his upcoming wedding, he takes a road trip with his friends Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto, earning a wealth of experience along the way. Uncomfortable with special treatment, his personality is not particularly princely.
Voiced by: Tatsuhisa Suzuki

Recruited in his event. Noctis finds himself in the world of Opera Omnia totally bewildered about the situation and helps Vivi, Yuri, and Chelinka deal with some monsters. Confused about meeting three children capable of fighting as they are, the others are able to explain the situation to him.

Noctis is a ranged physical attacker who can also manipulate turn order, attacking enemies with Shooting Star and Death Drop (or Warp-Strike with his 35CP weapon passive), along with filling up stacks of his unique framed Royal Arms buff that increases his Max BRV per stack with the Death Drop Extend passive. His EX ability, Conjure Armiger, is a 12-hit BRV+HP attack that also grants Noctis extra Royal Arms stacks.
LD: Steel Pirouette
Burst: Legacy of the Lucii
  • Back-to-Back Badasses: With Locke and Noel in Act 2, Chapter 5's cover art.
  • Bequeathed Power: Uses the Power of the King in his Armiger buff, which gives him access to all the weapons of the royals of the past.
  • Big Eater: Noctis bonds with Prishe over how they both want to eat behemoth steak.
  • Birds of a Feather: Strikes up a quick friendship with Noel when they both bring up the fact that they enjoy hunting and gathering recipes for food, though Noct admits that he doesn't do the cooking.
  • Death from Above Launcher Move: His first ability, Shooting Star.
  • Disappeared Dad: Noctis witnesses a discussion that comes up about whether the trope Daddy Had a Good Reason for Abandoning You is ever valid, since both Yuri and Krile were left behind by their father figures to protect them. Laguna and Galuf argue that sometimes they have to, because otherwise they'd be worried too much about keeping their children safe, and they would have something to look forward to when they get back home. This resonates with Noctis and Edge, who both lost family to their enemies.
  • Evolving Attack: Whenever he hits an already-broken target or BRV-breaks a target with his skills, they turn into + versions for one use, having increased potencies. In the case of his Death Drop/Warp-Strike+ (via the Extend passive), it grants him a Royal Arms buff stack outside of using his EX ability. Another way to access his + skills is to use his Lv. 65 Additional Ability, Set Warp, just in case he's against a target that he cannot inflict a BRV break upon on his own, or needs a clutch successive use of a + version ability. Even then, having 5 max stacks of Royal Arms post-rework now grants Noctis extra benefits on not just his skills, but also his BRV and HP Attacks being enhanced to + and ++ versions where they do more hits, and for the latter, also triggers the second Warp-Strike animation.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: With all that in mind, Noctis is 3/5 in base Attack, Initial BRV and HP along with having a 4/5 in Max BRV base with a poor 2/5 Defense. His Speed being 5/5, along with his turn manipulation gimmicks easily rocket him into being a solid all-around attacker with great turn rate (especially post-rework). However, due to Noctis' own average attack stat, he needs a lot of attack power if he needs to break enemies as often as possible on his own just to access his + skills, especially if the target(s) in question can reach high BRV thresholds.
  • Picky Eater: Noel, Prishe, and Steiner pick on Noctis for this because of his dislike of vegetables.
  • Princely Young Man: Setzer assumes he is one of these due to his regal bearing and calls him "Prince" as an affectionate nickname, prompting Noct to react with surprise since he never actually told the party of his royal heritage. Setzer apologizes after being corrected.
  • Socially Awkward Hero: He admits several times that he gets uncomfortable talking to people and usually lets Ignis do it for him, but at one point when Lightning is testing his resolve she says she wants to hear it straight from Noctis instead. After getting his memories back of being ten years older, he gives a speech to the others about how he sacrificed himself and that he's ready to do it again if he must - not for the gods, but to keep his world and the people he cares about safe. After everything, though, he still admits that saying all that tired him out.
  • Spam Attack: Conjure Armiger attacks an enemy with the entirety of his armiger.
  • Walking Armory: While Armiger is active, Noctis has about a dozen extra weapons floating around him, which he can summon to grant him a single bonus hit on both his Warp-Strike and EX ability while increasing his Max BRV per stack (a total of five) for the duration. Post-rework, an extra weapon flies in to add in one more hit for both his skills and enhanced HP Attack, but so far, not for his outdated EX.
  • The Wise Prince: He takes on this personality again after regaining his memories, walking to defeat Ardyn without any hesitation despite knowing that it'll lead to his death again in his world.

    Prompto Argentum 

Prompto Argentum
A close friend of Noct's since high school. Though he has no affiliation with the royal family of Lucis, he proves an irreplaceable companion to the prince on his journey. Understanding the heavy burden placed on his comrades, he tries to keep everyone's spirits up while on the road.
Voiced by: Tetsuya Kakihara

Recruited in his event "On the Road", Prompto stumbles into the world of Opera Omnia after being separated from his Chocobo mount. Being found by the party, he is convinced to meet the others in case someone from his own world may also be here, and thus finds his best friend Noctis, whom strongarms Prompto into joining the party since he can't just go back home anyway.

Prompto is a ranged attacker and tank, his Starshell ability shoots a flare that provokes the entire enemy party and grants Prompto total evasion against the next attack while also boosting the party BRV, while Piercer a Ranged BRV + HP Attack that grants Prompto the special buff [Life of the Party], which boosts his basic BRV and HP Attacks normally, and then further boosts them into Overkill and Crackshot if the target was Broken or hit while under the effects of Break the previous ally turn. Prompto's EX Ability Trigger Happy fires a total of 10 single BRV + HP Attacks against the enemy party while granting the buff [King's Buddy].

  • Birds of a Feather:
    • Quickly bonds with Bartz and Ace due to their affection for Chocobos, the three becoming fast friends mere seconds after they first find Prompto.
    • Also bonds with Irvine over their shared love of cameras, Prompto and his photo camera, and Irvine and his video camera.
  • Camera Fiend: Prompto is distressed to realize he lost his camera somewhere between arriving in the world of Opera Omnia, and states his sadness at not being able to take pictures of the party in action like he used to do back home. Eventually, he uses the power of his will to make it work again just like Ignis did with his cell phone and takes a picture of Bartz, Noctis, Noel, and Locke together, as a Call-Back to the final picture Noctis took with his friends before going to face Ardyn.
  • Death of a Thousand Cuts: His Trigger Happy EX Ability only hits for minimal BRV + HP Damage, but does so ten times in a row in fast succession. The moment it is realized, the BRV hits are group-based, meaning that 2-3 wave foes will now receive more damage because it is no longer distributed.
  • Fish out of Temporal Water: Invoked when Prompto talks about his love of using a camera in battle to take pictures, confusing members of the party from more primitive and medieval settings such as Cyan and Maria. Eventually Prompto (as well as Irvine) describe it to them like painting a portrait but instantaneously. Even then Cyan doesn't quite get it as he suggests Prompto take a picture of his deceased family so he can better remember them.
  • Flare Gun: Starshell has Prompto firing a flare into the air to provoke the entire enemy team. May also qualify as a Flash Bomb since it guarantees Prompto will dodge the next attack, but it only affects Prompto and not the rest of the party (in the case of an enemy All-Attack).
  • Kick Them While They Are Down: The effects of his Life of the Party Buff, it transforms his HP+ and BRV+ Attacks into the more powerful Overkill and Crackshot if Prompto uses them on a target that has just been broken, or hit by an ally while they were broken.
  • Older Than They Look: After he gets his memories back, he reveals that he's thirty - and is shocked to learn that it makes him older than Vayne once Vaan points it out.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Prompto's chocobo mount is quickly forgotten about. To be fair the party does suggest that Prompto may have left the mount back in his home world, but that is only because they don't want to waste time searching for a Chocobo mount who may not even be in the same world anymore. Ultimately the fate of the poor bird is unknown.

     Ignis Scientia 

Ignis Scientia
A cool and collected young man born into a line of retainers to the royal family, raised to ever be by Noctis's side. Endeavors to improve himself all the while supporting the prince. Thanks to his keen wisdom and intellect, he fulfills his duties admirably during the party's travels.
Voiced by: Mamoru Miyano

Recruited in Act 2, Chapter 7 of the main story. Summoned by Materia with all his memories intact, he chose his current appearance to be more in line with his friends, content with journeying alongside them and determined to protect Noctis. Though Noct's lack of memories proves to be a bit of a problem, he nonetheless devotes himself to the party as a whole.

Ignis is primarily a support character, providing unique buffs and auras to the party. His first ability, Regroup, restores BRV and HP to the party and provides the First Aid buff. His second ability, Quick Recipeh, grants the party BRV and gives him the buff Ambrosia, which transforms his BRV attack into Dishes (Memory Lane Pastry) and his HP attack into Dishes (Papa Bird & Baby Bowl). The changed BRV and HP attacks function as a Stance System. His EX ability, Overwhelm, provides BRV to the party and uses the party's BRV values for Ignis' HP attacks, and allows his party members to act next in battle.
  • Cultured Badass: Is able to have a polite, friendly, and informative conversation with Vayne upon meeting him, since Vayne is the first person Ignis runs into upon getting to the World of Respite. He is able to recognize the same trope in Vayne, but it isn't until meeting Vaan and the others that he realizes Vayne is more Wicked Cultured - even then, the two of them are still able to exchange information together privately, recognizing that it is mutually beneficial to them both.
  • Knife Nut: His primary weapons are daggers, but he does summon his Blade on a Stick for use in Overwhelm, his EX ability.
  • Mundane Utility: He is informed by Materia that the warriors can create things in the world should they bend their will to it. Ignis promptly uses it to restore his party's cellphones to functionality and calls Noctis.
  • Secret Keeper: Noct and Prompto quickly realize that Ignis is hiding something from them, since they can't remember as much as he does. Ignis doesn't tell them even when confronted - not because they aren't ready, but because he isn't, and it makes him happy to see them happy and unburdened.
  • Stance System: Dishes (Memory Lane Pastry) is Ignis' defensive stance, which grants BRV and gives the party HP Regen as well as complete debuff evasion. Dishes (Papa Bird & Baby Bowl) is his offensive stance, which raises the party's attack and Max BRV overflow limit.
  • The Strategist: He is noted for being Noct's tactician and adviser more than once, and is the first to figure out how to deal with the Dark Manikin clones that Sephiroth sent after the party. He figures out how to Spot the Impostor almost as soon as the Noct and Prompto copies open their mouths, noting that his real friends aren't so perceptive.
  • Team Chef: As soon as he joins the party, Ignis becomes the team's primary cook and wants to make sure everyone has a nutritious diet. He even uses it as his battle mechanic!
  • Team Mom: Aside from cooking for the team, he also tries to make sure everyone is getting plenty of rest and that they're all properly cared for.

     Gladiolus Amicitia 

Gladiolus Amicitia
Voiced by: Kenta Miyake

     Aranea Highwind 

Aranea Highwind
Commodore of a Niflheim airborne division who pilots a red assault craft. Her subordinates, whom she takes good care of, trust in her implicitly. Her speed and skill in the air with a magitek lance has deservedly earned her the moniker "the Dragoon."
Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro

Recruited in her event, "Commodore of the Skies." Another warrior summoned by Spiritus, he informs her that she can do whatever she likes as long as she fights. Afterward, she runs into none other than Gilgamesh who eagerly indulges in a clash, after which he lets her go on her way and tells her where to go. Subsequently, she runs into Noct and the party, joining up with them after another brief fight.

Aranea is a ranged physical attacker whose abilities get enhanced as long as she has her Overclock buff. Her first ability, Dragoon Dive, is a 3 hit BRV+HP attack that grants her Magitek Armament and Overclock upon inflicting a break, which changes her standard BRV and HP attacks to Boost Lance and High-Boost Lance which deal multiple BRV hits and multiple AoE BRV hits followed by a HP hit that deals partial damage to non-targets, respectively. Her second ability is Highwind, a 3 hit group BRV attack + a single target HP attack, which deals splash damage to non-targets and inflicts Vitalcrusher (changes all BRV attacks to critical hits and increases their damage by 50%). Her EX ability, Air Superiority, is a 8 hit group BRV + group HP attack that grants her High Speed Maneuver; inflicting a break with this active gives Aranea a free turn.
  • Cool Big Sis: To Prompto, as usual, but she gives this vibe to the rest of the party as well.
  • Critical Hit Class: Aranea specializes in these, and allows her party to also inflict automatic critical hits with their attacks and increases their damage as long as the Vitalcrusher debuff is active on enemies.
  • Helmets Are Hardly Heroic: Averted... sometimes. Whenever she is in battle, she dons her helmet, but in cutscenes when she's not in a battle stance she keeps it off. This leads to some awkward cutscenes where she switches in and out of her battle stance and her helmet keeps appearing and disappearing.
  • Lightning Bruiser: When fully powered up, she's capable of dealing massive amounts of damage extremely quickly: she has high base speed and multiple passive abilities that increase her speed from various actions, both of her abilities now deal 6 hits before the HP attack, Dragoon Dive delays the target for 2 turns with Overclock active, Highwind cancels the enemy's break before dealing damage and High-Speed Maneuver gives her an extra turn when she breaks an enemy, and as stated, Vitalcrusher forces critical hits on unbroken enemies as well and increases their damage by 50%, making it an especially powerful debuff. Her main problems are that she can't refresh her Overclock duration once it's active with anything but Air Superiority's + version which extends it by 2 turns and her high speed can end up working against her by consuming buff turns at a higher rate than other characters, but thankfully she can user her enhanced BRV and HP attacks to deal nearly as much damage as she can with her abilities and save them for triggering Magitek Armament and Overclock.
  • Poor Communication Kills: Spiritus told her she could do whatever she liked as long as she kept fighting. She took this to mean she always had to fight, especially after meeting Gilgamesh, so she fights Noctis and co. immediately upon meeting them. This being Aranea, she didn't mind too much either way, and said she was too excited at seeing him to hold back.
  • Power Glows: When she has Overclock active, the middle of the blade of her spear glows red.
  • Resigned to the Call: She accepts the fact that she's in a different world pretty easily, and when Machina asks if she's okay with it, she says there's not much she can do about it so she might as well come along and crying about it won't change anything.
  • Spectacular Spinning: Both Highwind and Air Superiority involve her cradling the shaft of her spear and twirling around it in midair before driving it into the enemy.

     Ardyn Izunia 

Ardyn Izunia
Chancellor of Niflheim. Rose to power through introducing magitek to Niflheim's military. His nonchalance puts others at ease, allowing him to guide them as he sees fit. Elusive, his cunning is reminiscent of political leaders of the past.
Voiced by: Keiji Fujiwara

First mentioned by name in Act 2, Chapter 10, it is revealed that he has been behind many of the problems throughout Act 2 involving the crystal core of darkness. He finally begins to influence things directly at the end of Chapter 10, though he is not yet seen by the party. He later joins the party on their airship at the end of Act 2, Final Chapter (Part 1) after Noctis extends a truce in order to defeat Shinryu.

First ability: Warp-strike
Second ability: Aura of Darkness
EX ability: Rising Phantom
LD: Dark Tornado
Burst: Royal Retribution
  • Complete Immortality: The area he's taken over in the world of respite is stated as being able to keep people from dying regardless of how much damage they sustain while inside of it. This is also how his unique gameplay mechanic works: his LD skill reduces him to 0 HP, increases his BRV based on the amount of HP lost and grants him a framed buff that makes him unable to be killed by any means for as long as it's active.
  • Enemy Mine: He ends up joining the party and even teleports to hang out in the airship's hold with Vayne and Gabranth in order to get a chance to defy the gods and defeat Shinryu.
  • Field of Blades: His Burst ability, Royal Retribution, creates one in the wake of his Storm of Blades.
  • Finger Framing: He poses this way prior to using his LD skill, Dark Tornado.
  • Hidden Villain: Through most, if not all, of Act 2. There aren't even any suspicions of his presence until Chapter 9, and Chapter 10 finally confirms it, but he still isn't seen until after that.
  • Kill the God: Essentially his goal, just like in FFXV. But this time, he wants to take the crystal core of darkness's power to kill the gods in every world.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: Seymour suggests that Ardyn is one of these, since he wants to remove the Power Limiter that Spiritus placed on all of the villains, giving them all the ability to let loose and destroy all of the worlds. Seymour fully supports him in this.
  • Palette Swap: A minor example: his first skill is basically identical to Noctis' Warp Strike and shares its name, as is the followup that's triggered off any attack that deals HP damage and he also specializes in gaining extra turns like Noctis does, but the method he does so and the rest of his moves are quite different.
  • Psychological Torment Zone: The recreation of the Pharos at Ridorana is one of these, which he fills with "negative will" that the party thinks is the Mist at first. He does it to stall the party and make them get lost in the maze in an attempt to break their will.


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