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"I'm Rhoda May Biddle and I buy into the masculine hegemony ironically."

The Hipster Feminist is "a pro-feminism daily humor feed about a hipster doing it wrong." This feed is supposed to be the personal Twitter of a young woman named Rhoda May Biddle, whose desire to exist in contrary to the mainstream has led her to a misinformed and self-serving interpretation of feminism. Following her life and her thoughts, it takes the form of a series of short-form jokes, usually satirizing her flawed perspective and her lack of real understanding of social justice theory.


The feed usually posts an original tweet once a day, with the occasional relevant retweet in addition. It sticks usually to a joke-a-day format with the occasional Running Gag, and rarely, storylines with ongoing events. The feed is the work of playwright Phoebe Roberts.


  • Acceptable Targets: Obsessive Tumblr users are frequently invoked to portray a point of view as absurd or pathetic.
  • Hipster: Rhoda is one, both to mock people who automatically align themselves against something just because it's popular, and so as to synergize with one of Rhoda's particular feminist failings, an elitist myopia that leads her to only consider feminism as it relates to her.
  • Hypocritical Humor: A source of the feed's humor is from Rhoda unwittingly doing the same things she decries others for.
  • Rule of Funny: Whether Rhoda is actually a good feminist or a bad one varies depending on the needs of the joke. Additionally, her level of self-awareness.
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  • Ripped from the Headlines: Many of the jokes are commenting on current events in gender, sexuality, and social justice news.
  • Shout-Out: If someone else gave Roberts the idea for a joke, they are usually credited by a parenthetical containing a heart symbol ("<3") plus an at-mention of their Twitter handle.
  • Straw Feminist: Subverted in that Rhoda is intended to look ridiculous for being a terrible feminist and is not supposed to be a representative one. She is an intentional mockery of people who don't understand feminism, use its rhetoric to justify their own abuses, or who use it as a vehicle for their own self-aggrandizement rather than actually attempting to further the cause of gender equality.


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