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Awesome Music / Virtue's Last Reward

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Half of Virtue's Last Reward's OST is magical, as you would expect from the successor of Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors.

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  • Ambidexterity: The song that plays in the very first puzzle room of the game and during AB games. It's a remix of Unary Game from Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, which also plays in the 1st puzzle room.
  • Lounge: It's a relaxed club beat with shades of the Nonary Game's darkness. Very fitting for an abandoned bar.
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  • Cabin: The song that plays when exploring the Crew Quarters. Unlike you would think of a bunch of forsaken, dark cells, this track is upbeat and energetic, in contrast with the quiet confinement cells of 999.
  • Pantry: Who said a pantry couldn't have an awesome investigating theme?
  • Biotope: The weird sibling of the other puzzle room songs. It's a very relaxing, cute-sounding track that reminds of nature. It's very fitting for an artificial garden of awesome.
  • Monitor: Possibly one of the best exploration themes in Zero Escape. It's a techno/electronic song that goes along with a room filled with cameras, monitors and cutting-edge technology.
  • Q: As you would expect from the Final-Exam Boss puzzle room, awesomeness is guaranted while exploring this unorthodox place.
  • Strain: The song that plays most often when choosing Chromatic Doors. It also plays when Sigma goes to the Treatment Center to get the neostigmine antidote for K and Phi in K's ending.
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  • Confession: Doubles as Tear Jerker or heartwarming music, depending on the situation. It usually plays when a character tells you their backstory. And when you meet young Akane at the endgame.
  • Clarification plays along with the Mind Screwdriver fragment of the story. A very good song for explanations.
  • Divulgation plays when you are shown the passwords for the two-headed lion.
  • Demise: Despite its name, this song is kinda upbeat and energetic. It usually plays when someone escapes through the 9 door.
  • Blue Bird Lamentation: The iconic song of this game. It starts cute, continues emotional, breaks epic and bombastic, and then it goes back to cute. It's nearly impossible not to feel sad/warm when this plays in Luna's ending.
  • Virtue's Last Reward ~ Piano: A gorgeous piano rendition of Morphogenetic Sorrow followed by the energetic main theme of the game. It plays during the credits roll of everyone's ending except Phi's.

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